Sunday, March 18, 2012

How widespread is GPS jamming?

The BBC is reporting on a UK study that estimates 50 to 450 instances of GPS jamming each day, and recorded 60 incidents in one location over a six month period. The researchers attributed most of these to people driving vehicles with tracking devices who, well – don’t want to be tracked.

While the article doesn’t explicitly state that GPS jamming is illegal in the UK, it is implied:

Mr Curry said the research had also resulted in the detection and confiscation by the police of one jammer.

“We detected a pattern and they [the police] were able to go and sit and wait,” he said.

It would be interesting to see a similar study in the US.

Via BBC (Thanks Chas!)

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  1. The article must have been updated; “illegal” is now in the opening sentence.

  2. Or I may have just missed it!

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