Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin and Strava sued over fatalities

There are a couple of GPS-related lawsuits in the news today:

  • Strava, the maker of a GPS cycling app, has been sued by the family of a cyclist who was killed while trying to regain his downhill speed record and “King of the Mountain” title
  • Meanwhile Garmin has been sued over a 2010 plane crash in the Congo; the suit claims the GPSMAP 496 was defective…

    At the time the GPS unit left the custody and control of defendant Garmin, it was defective and unreasonably dangerous in one or more of the following respects, among other defects:
a. The GPS unit installed on the accident aircraft failed to provide relevant and/or accurate information regarding the aircraft’s position,
b. The terrain avoidance functionality of the GPS unit failed to provide timely alerts of approaching and hazardous terrain, and
c. The GPS unit did not contain any warning of these or other defects.

BTW, the newspaper headline above is totally fake. I just couldn’t find an appropriate image!

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