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Write for GPS Tracklog

GPS Tracklog is a labor of love, but it takes a great deal of time, and at the end of the day I often feel like I haven’t covered the subject in enough breadth or depth. So I’m asking for help. Specifically I’m looking for folks who have experience in and can write about the following subjects:

GPS reviews

I’m interested in owners who can write reviews of models I haven’t gotten to yet, like the Garmin 62s(t)c, Approach G6 & S3, Forerunner 910XT, as well as folks who can cover Magellan and TomTom thoroughly. If you have a current model that isn’t listed in our review index, I’d like to hear from you. There is also the possibility that I can obtain loaners for you to review, but that would come later, after we’ve had some experience working with each other.


Here I’m interested in both apps and hardware, and hope to offer additional coverage of both in the future. I’d love to see some good tests of GPS reception with the more popular phones out there right now, like the iPhone 4S (I’m hoping to review the Galaxy Nexus myself, but perhaps one of you can get to it faster than me). And since I’m an Android guy, I definitely need help on the iOS side.

More GPS market segments

While I don’t anticipate going into all these areas to the degree I do with auto and handheld units, I am interested in offering increased coverage of:

  • Aviation GPS
  • Fitness GPS
  • Geocaching
  • Golf GPS
  • GPS accessories
  • GPS cameras
  • GPS tracking
  • In-dash GPS (OEM and after-market)
  • Marine GPS
  • Traffic services

News, tips and tricks

I mentioned reviews, but as the tagline says I also offer news, tips and tricks, so I’m looking for people with good tips to offer, and folks who can cover newsworthy stories in a timely manner. Tutorials and videos are great possibilities.

Quality and qualifications

As a writer, I’ll note that those two words share a common etymology. But I don’t expect all contributors to be previously published, excellent writers. I am looking for GPS enthusiasts who can communicate their thoughts in a coherent manner though, and while I’m prepared to act as editor, I don’t want submissions riddled with misspellings and other problems. I also want to avoid the whole anonymity of the Web thing – I’d expect you to post under your real name.

Pay, or lack thereof

I’ve been thinking about guest authors for awhile now, and had hoped to be able to offer a modest fee, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards yet. If having more content translates into significant increases in revenue, I’ll certainly revisit this. And I do hope to come up with some goodies to toss your way – maybe a t-shirt, trade show passes, or a review unit at some point. But really, the reward needs to be more intrinsic – to just share your love and knowledge of the subject.

Other ways to help

Not up for writing a full review or article? I could also use help with comment responses. I try to ensure that every question posted in the comments gets answered, which eats up a fair amount of time each day. So feel free to chime in – you can follow the comments RSS feed or just look at the bottom of the sidebar on the homepage for the most recent comments.

Your move

Use the form below and let me know what you have in mind, what you’re comfortable with, etc. Got a question about all this? Fire away. I’ll respond and we’ll see where it goes.

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