Sunday, March 18, 2012

Goodbye, hello to GPS deals

Goodbye hello GPS deals

Bidding a fond farewell to our GPS deals site

Several years ago I started a site for posting GPS deals, allowing me to show as many bargains as I came across, without flooding GPS Tracklog readers with posts. This worked especially well during the holiday season when I would post up to half a dozen deals a day.

Well it turns out that Google doesn’t like this sort of thing anymore. Because both sites are owned by me, they apparently consider it a link network and a source of “unnatural links,” which ultimately means lower search rankings and less traffic.

As a result, I’m merging the two sites. GPS deals will now be posted to GPS Tracklog and the deals site will go away. Well, eventually it will just redirect here. There is a new deals section going live this morning on the front page, just to the left of the Mobile section.

How does this affect you? For one thing, you’ll see more deals posted here, but I am going to try to keep it to a reasonable number. This means that I’ll likely only post deals from our top partners – folks like Amazon, GPS City, and REI. I’ll still keep the GPS Deals Twitter feed going for the time being, and use it to post deals that don’t make it here. I often come across great bargains at EMS, Cabelas, etc., but few people seem to take advantage of them, so there’s no point cluttering things up here. I’ll also use it for more ephemeral deals.

So please bear with me and chime in if you have feedback. Last but not least, a special thanks to John Robb at Cache At Night for helping me sort through the myriad issues associated with the site merger.

I’ll add that there are still a few deals live on the old site:

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  1. Rich, Good luck with the transition.

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