Sunday, March 18, 2012

CES 2013 news briefs

Garmin K2 infotainment

The Garmin K2 infotainment platform could bring their glass cockpit tech to your car

Ah, new years. It can only mean one thing – the Consumer Electronics Show deluging us with shiny shiny. Here’s a roundup of items that didn’t get their own post, but are GPS/location related:



Going mobile

GPS tracking

GPS drones

All the rest

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  1. The Garmin thing looks nice, but appears to only be for car manufacturers to build into new cars. No one really seems to care about existing cars and we do keep them for longer so this is a big market as whatever cars came with new will be rapidly outdated even a few years later.

    Parrot is one company that has tried to address the installed base – eg the Asteroid – but reviews for the products are somewhat negative complaining about poor software.

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