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Garmin dezl 760LMT

Garmin dezl 760LMT reviewsThe seven-inch Garmin Dezl 760LMT updates the 5″ dezl 560LMT, and is Garmin’s largest truck GPS. In addition to the larger screen, the 760LMT also adds voice command, a headphone jack/audio line out, and display of the elevation grade for the road you’re driving.

Like the 560LMT, this new model offers lifetime traffic and map updates, preloaded maps of the US and Canada, an external video input for a backup camera, specialized truck routing, IFTA fuel logging capability and HOS violation warnings.

Garmin dezl 760LMT logging For much more detailed information, see our hands on review of the dezl 560LMT. Garmin dezl 760LMT 

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  1. Darian Hofer says:

    Love your web site. So much great information.
    Looking at your review of the Garmin Dezl 760LMT. I know it is the truck version of the Nuvi 7″ and the Nuvi has add free traffic. Does the Garmin Dezl 760LMT also have add free traffic?
    Thank you for any help.

  2. Darian Hofer says:

    Thank you for your time. My question was does the Dezl 760LMT have “add free” traffic, like it’s Nuvi 7″ version?

    • Sorry for misunderstanding your question. I believe so. Traffic went ad-free starting with the 2013 nuvis and I haven’t even seen it on a 2012 model in a long-time.

  3. Hi. I have a dezl 760LMT for rv and thinking about taking it on a house boat at lake Powell. Any ideas how well it will work? Any software I could get to make it work better?

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