Sunday, March 18, 2012

DeLorme inReach SE coming soon

DeLorme inReach SE

The forthcoming DeLorme inReach SE

As previously noted, DeLorme is working on a new product, and now GPS City has spilled the beans on the DeLorme inReach SE, which is expected to hit their shelves around April 1. Unfortunately, it’s not the all-in-one GPS + satellite communicator we were hoping for, but it does update the current inReach with a color screen and virtual keyboard.

Like the existing model, you’ll need to use your smartphone to get a navigation experience closer to that of a dedicated handheld GPS:

When used in conjunction with DeLorme’s free Earthmate app and Explore website, the seamless inReach experience provides worry-free navigation and journey tracking with unlimited downloadable topographic maps, NOAA charts, and GPS position updates. Unlike streaming maps on most cell phone apps, downloaded DeLorme maps remain available in the Earthmate app even when you’re outside of cellular coverage and are perfect for planning a long hunting trip, hike, remote camping trip or fishing excursion.

Even so, this is an improvement on a device that already offers two-way satellite communication from the backcountry, outside of cell phone range. And with the new on-screen keyboard, you’re no longer at the mercy of your smartphone to send off a custom message. Will you be getting one?

DeLorme inReach SE screen

DeLorme inReach SE screen detail

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  1. I’m curious about the size, if it’s a tad smaller then I would definitely want to upgrade.

    • Proportions are somewhat different and it might be a little easier to carry or hold, but weight and overall volume seem to be about the same.

  2. It looks like it might not take AA batteries from what I can see.

    • Good catch, I didn’t notice that. GPScity spec sheet lists lithium ion battery with a runtime of up to 100 hrs tracking.

  3. April 1 is Monday. I haven’t spotted FCC authorization yet – Rich, have you?

    DeLorme hasn’t even mentioned this product on their own online store front. Methinks GPS Coty and others really jumped the gun on leaking this.

    • GPS City is showing April 15 now. I mentioned it in today’s link roundup. Nothing on the FCC site yet, and FWIW, DeLorme is among the worst for missing ship dates.

  4. But wait! Finally there is a sales blurb from Delorme!

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