Sunday, March 18, 2012

DeLorme to offer monthly plans for inReach satellite communicator

DeLorme inReach SEThis is good news. As of March 10, DeLorme will be offering monthly plans for it’s popular inReach SE two-way satellite communicator.  read more

DeLorme inReach SE review

DeLorme inReach SE review

Hands on with the best satellite communicator yet

The DeLorme inReach SE two-way satellite communicator updates the first-generation inReach with a screen, virtual keyboard and the ability to fully utilize its communication capabilities without a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. read more

SPOT Gen3 satellite messenger vs DeLorme inReach SE

SPOT Gen 3 vs DeLorme inReach

Which satellite messenger is right for you?

There’s a little more info trickling out on the SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messenger, including its ability to send your position at 30 minute intervals for up to 45 days on a single charge. The SPOT Gen3 lists for $169.99 and is expected to be available later this month. read more

It’s official — DeLorme inReach SE

DeLorme inReach SEDeLorme has quietly acknowledged the forthcoming inReach SE two-way satellite communicator. The big improvement over the previous inReach is that you don’t have to pair it with a smartphone to send and receive text messages. Also of note, the virtual keyboard uses predictive text. And while the unit is a bit taller than the original, thankfully it’s slimmed down quite a bit in the other two dimensions. read more

DeLorme inReach SE coming soon

DeLorme inReach SE

The forthcoming DeLorme inReach SE

As previously noted, DeLorme is working on a new product, and now GPS City has spilled the beans on the DeLorme inReach SE, which is expected to hit their shelves around April 1. Unfortunately, it’s not the all-in-one GPS + satellite communicator we were hoping for, but it does update the current inReach with a color screen and virtual keyboard. read more