Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tinitell new GPS for kids

bef4b4cc880b8ae69a2e7dd56803700f_largeHaving 4 kids I find their safety is very important, especially in places like sporting events, theme parks, etc. Currently, I just write my phone number on their shoulder and teach them to go to a police officer or security officer if they get lost. But Tinitell is having a kickstarter campaign for a GPS for kids that is like a watch they wear. You can even call it and talk to your child, it has an option where they can call people as well (although at my kids’ age I would turn that off), then with an app you can track them at anytime.

Sounds like a great idea for parents. Learn more at kickstarter. See video below for more. What do you think, would you buy one?


  1. ‘on there shoulder’ ?

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