Sunday, March 18, 2012

Globalstar GPS Has its 3000th Rescue


Globalstar emergency GPS devices have now been used to help locate and rescue over 3000 people! This latest rescue involved a couple of ATV riders in Colorado out of cell phone range that had a problem. They used the SOS button and the SPOT GPS was able to contact help and provide the location to law enforcement.

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Using DNA to GPS Your Ancestors


Late last week news broke from the University of Sheffield about new research where by uploading your DNA they can tell you where your ancestor’s lived within about 30 miles even if they later moved.

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Bass Pro GPS Rebates


Bass Pro has added some cash rebates on marine GPS units.

Rebates range from $100-200. Offers end June 15, 2014.

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Tinitell new GPS for kids

bef4b4cc880b8ae69a2e7dd56803700f_largeHaving 4 kids I find their safety is very important, especially in places like sporting events, theme parks, etc. Currently, I just write my phone number on their shoulder and teach them to go to a police officer or security officer if they get lost. But Tinitell is having a kickstarter campaign for a GPS for kids that is like a watch they wear. You can even call it and talk to your child, it has an option where they can call people as well (although at my kids’ age I would turn that off), then with an app you can track them at anytime.

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Hello GPS Tracklog Readers


If you haven’t had the chance go take a look at Rich’s post from earlier today about changes. I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce myself, and get a chance to get some feedback from everyone.

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