Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Workforce GPS Tracking App Announced

Electric Compass Tracker Edited

A new GPS tracker app designed to help businesses track their workforce and assets in the field has been released this week. The Electric Compass Tracker will allow employers to see the location of all their workers in the field in real-time, allowing managers and dispatchers to more effectively address field business issues and increase productivity. The app can be used on any Android, Blackberry, iPhone, or iOS device and works with installed vehicle trackers and asset tracking devices also.

This app allows managers to find the closest worker to a location to respond to service calls or sales opportunities; receive alerts for workers speeding, entering or leaving undesignated areas or unauthorized travel; view full GPS history of workers movements and time elapsed; or access worker locations anywhere from a smartphone or tablet.

According to a press release from Electric Compass, GPS satellite tracking has been  proven to dramatically increase field worker productivity and decrease costs. Deploying GPS tracking will typically increase field workforce productivity by up to 12%.

“There are a bunch of consumer-grade iPhone tracker apps out there, but only Electric Compass Tracker offers full enterprise-grade iPhone GPS tracking,” said Michael Forbes, Managing Director of Electric Compass. “Businesses that want to gain more control over their field workforce, add more tasks per worker per day or cut unnecessary mileage using iPhones need to consider Electric Compass Tracker for its powerful tracking, alerting, history and reporting capabilities.”

The app requires a subscription which starts at $24 a month and increases depending on services purchased. The App can only be purchased through Electric Compass’ website, and then downloaded for whatever platform necessary. Multiple devices can run the program with different levels of permission to protect worker’s privacy. For more information, check out their website.




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