Sunday, March 18, 2012

One of Industry’s Smallest Bike Trackers Coming Soon

French company Nigiloc has been developing one of the world’s smallest GPS tracker to use on your bike or scooter. Utilizing SigFox connectivity, these low-cost, low-power GPS trackers will run for two years on a single battery and won’t mess up the sleek look of your ride.

The devices, Nigibike and Nigiscoot, connect to your phone via Bluetooth and every time the device moves, it will search for the paired device. If it finds your phone via Bluetooth, the device will go back to sleep. If, however, the paired device is not found, a SMS and email notification with GPS location will be sent to your phone and email, allowing you to find your potentially stolen property.

The device is set to be released in France in September 2014 and costs less than 100€, according to a GPS Business article. The device will require a monthly subscription of around 6€ a month. Nigiloc said they hope to be shipping internationally within a few months, and continue to spread as the SigFox network expands.

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