Sunday, March 18, 2012

RSPCA’S Trakapet Helps Keep Tabs on Furry Adventurers


The RSPCA has launched the new Trakapet GPS device to help pet owners keep track of their wandering furry friends. Pioneered by this Australian-based organization, the Trakapet sends updates to the owner and allows tracking through both computer and smartphone. The unit is small, merely 2 inches long, waterproof and only weighs 40 grams, which makes it good for smaller size dogs as well as large breeds.

Trakapet can be programed with boundaries and will notify pet owners whenever those boundaries are crossed by wayward pets. It has several diferent modes including Find mode, where the unit’s location is reported every 180 seconds and the LED light is illuminated, and Chase Mode, where owners can get constant updates to location.

“This is just another added tool in being able to reunite lost pets and their owners in a highly efficient way,” RSPCA spokesman Michael ­Beatty said in an article by Courier Mail. “Unfortunately, so many dogs end up getting lost and we’ve always realised that there was a need for this.”

The unit itself costs about $176 and requires a 24 month subscription. So, depending on how often Fido escapes the backyard, the bill may or may not be a welcome relief from the worry of a lost pet.


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