Sunday, March 18, 2012

Creating a geocaching itinerary

Geocache route planning

So have you ever gone out to do a series of geocaches only to find that you went straight past one that wasn’t part of the series?  Or have constantly reminded yourself that  there’s a quick ‘cache and grab’ a quarter of a mile down a side road by number 20 of the main series only to then forget once you are out in the field?  When I am out caching with my friends, sometimes ensuring we do the right geocaches in the right order can be something akin to herding cats.  We waste a lot of time working out which geocache we should be using next and ensuring everyone is on the same page. read more

Logging Caches With GSAK’s ‘ Access’ Feature

GSAK and GeocachingBack at the end of last year, you may remember that I wrote an article on Using Field Notes When Geocaching. In this article I want to build on that and show how you can use your field notes together with GSAK to speed up the time it takes to log your caches. read more

5 Reasons Every Geocacher Could Benefit From GSAK

If you’ve been geocaching for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard experienced cachers talk enthusiastically about the PC software application GSAK. And no doubt, if you’ve asked them what’s so special about it, and what it can do that your GPS cannot, you’ve received some vague answer that hasn’t had you completely convinced.

GSAK stands for Geocaching Swiss Army Knife and it’s a very apt name, because GSAK can do a lot of those fiddly things manipulating your Pocket Queries and ‘found caches’ data in a way that you wish your GPS could.

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