Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magellan Echo sports watch review


Hands on with the Magellan Echo

I was really curious to try out the Magellan Echo sports watch since it relies on a smartphone (in my case an iPhone 5s) and app to capture running workouts. After two months of usage during December and January, it’s time to look at how it performed. read more

Magellan Echo to get hiking, golf, skiing and Android support

Magellan Echo sportswatch smartwatch Magellan has unveiled some coming attractions for it’s Echo sportssmartwatch. For one thing, they will be adding hiking, golf, skiing and other activities to the device which initially focused on the fitness crowd. Also welcome is the announcement that Android support is coming early this year.  read more

Magellan Echo smartwatch for runners announced

Magellan Echo smartwatch for runnersMagellan has announced the Echo smartwatch for runners this morning. What’s unique about the device is that it has a user-replaceable battery, uses Bluetooth Smart technology, can control smartphone fitness apps and has no onboard GPS, relying on the phone’s GPS instead. read more