Sunday, March 18, 2012

Telenav introduces Scout for Android

Telenav Scout for Android

Telenav has announced Scout for Android this morning, a free navigation app that offers turn by turn routing, local search, traffic, voice recognition, and automatic rerouting for free.  read more

Use TeleNav on your phone without an app

TeleNav HTML5 navigationThis is interesting. TeleNav has announced the world’s first HTML5 navigation service. What this means is that a developer can let you click on an address, in an app or on a website, to launch a free browser-based, turn-by-turn navigation service with voice directions. You won’t need to have the TeleNav app on your phone and it won’t rely on other maps your phone may have access to, such as Google Maps. The public launch is slated for early next year, but they’re already letting developers test the service. Pretty cool, huh?

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GPS beats market research at own game

TeleNav top US businesses TeleNav is releasing some data this morning that isn’t too startling in its own right, but it speaks to a revolution in market share analysis. Companies like Nielsen and Arbitron estimate media market share, but GPS-enabled phones can do them one two better, delivering location market share data, and not just estimates either. This strikes me as something of a game changer for marketing professionals, and the data may provide another badly-needed revenue stream for navigation providers. On to the specifics being released today…

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