Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin announces nav app for Sony SmartWatch 2

Garmin pedestrian navigation app on Sony SmartWatch 2Garmin has announced a dedicated navigation app for Sony Xperia smartphones that will also provide pedestrian navigation on Sony’s SmartWatch 2.  read more

Magellan Echo sports watch review


Hands on with the Magellan Echo

I was really curious to try out the Magellan Echo sports watch since it relies on a smartphone (in my case an iPhone 5s) and app to capture running workouts. After two months of usage during December and January, it’s time to look at how it performed. read more

Garmin HUD+ Android and Windows apps use Navigon interface

Garmin Navigon HUD Plus app

Garmin Navigon HUD+ app

Well, I sure got that wrong. What’s that they say about assumptions? Turns out that the free Garmin companion app for the HUD+ is basically the Navigon app, at last when it comes to the Android and Windows platforms. At least all you iPhone users get the familiar nuvi-like interface. Color me disappointed. read more

UPDATED: Garmin HUD+ and mystery smartphone app

Garmin HUD+ and companion smartphone app

The Garmin HUD+ and companion smartphone app

UPDATE: Here’s the HUD+ product page and more info on the app.

UPDATE 2: The Android and Windows apps do not have a nuvi-like interface.

This is probably the strangest Garmin announcement of the day, so I’m just going to quote the entire HUD+ section of the news release before I delve into what it means… read more

Magellan Echo to get hiking, golf, skiing and Android support

Magellan Echo sportswatch smartwatch Magellan has unveiled some coming attractions for it’s Echo sportssmartwatch. For one thing, they will be adding hiking, golf, skiing and other activities to the device which initially focused on the fitness crowd. Also welcome is the announcement that Android support is coming early this year.  read more

Garmin universal smartphone mount review

I’ve tried numerous smartphone mounts but most have had one fatal flaw — they rely on a windshield suction attachment point. And no matter how well you secure it, sooner or later a suction mount will fail and pop off the windshield, sending your pricey smartphone crashing to the floor. Which is why I’m quite smitten with Garmin’s new universal smartphone mount. read more

Garmin’s mobile fragmentation problem

Garmin mobile app fragmentationGarmin makes mobile apps for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone devices, but not all apps have made it to all markets. The table below summarizes what’s available where. read more

Thoughts on smartwatches and smart GPS

Smart GPS and smartwatches

Notifications on the Garmin Monterra and Approach S4

Smartwatches and wearable computers are all the rage, although no one has nailed them yet, leaving the tech to languish in the (very) early-adopter phase. And while the manufacturers (and rumored manufacturers) include the usual suspects — Google, Apple, Samsung and others  – it seems that the GPS industry may make a significant push too. read more

New Garmin smartphone mounts

Garmin universal smartphone mount

Garmin has announced two new smartphone mounts, one for the iPhone 5 and a universal mount targeted to Android users.

read more

Can smartphone GPS tracks endanger your life?

Smartphone GPS track errorsRobert Bennett of thinks so. In a post titled “Smartphone Trail Apps and Cartographic Spam on the Web” he lays out the case. read more