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GPS Maps for Mexico


The holidays are over, winter is here, and many of us are dreaming of vacations in warmer climes. I’ve been asked a few times about maps for Mexico, and I was reminded recently of a website that offers a great deal of resources for the GPS enthusiast headed south of the border. So it seemed an appropriate time to call your attention to BiciMapas.

Although the stated focus is maps for mountain biking, there’s a lot more to the site than that. They have highway maps and digital raster graphics (DRG’s) that can be used in programs like OziExplorer. It seems like the most common format for their GPS maps is Garmin, but some maps are also available for Magellan receivers. And if Alberto Najera, the man behind BiciMapas, has his way, I’ll bet that you’ll see Lowrance maps from him before long.

Other than BiciMapas, your choices are limited. You could get the Garmin World Map or the Magellan Worldwide Basemap. But even Garmin says that such a low-level of detail product "is generally recommended only if no other coverage is available for the area."

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  1. Louis Hollingsworth says:

    I am looking for a Garmin GPS navigation unit which would include coverage for D.F., Guadalajara, Guanajuato, and Queretaro. In short, which unit includes the greatest number of Mexican cities?
    Thank you for your courtesy.
    Louis Hollingsworth

  2. Louis,
    I know of no unit that comes with pre-loaded, detailed maps of Mexico. If you want any significant level of detail, you’ll need to buy some add-on maps, like City Select Mexico (
    More info here…

  3. Roberto Moncada says:

    I´m Looking for a Map of Mexico for a TomTom GPS system
    or if anyone knows a software that could use to make a map. and then upload to my device.
    Thank you

  4. Gail Lawton says:

    I have a TomTom One, 3rd Edition GPS and am looking for a comprehensive map of Mexico to download. Everything I see is for other
    GPS models.

  5. Gail,
    TomTom doesn’t offer them, not according to this…

  6. Cor Streutjens says:

    I travel to Mexico quite often, I plan to move to Mexico for life. The traffic situation in Mexico City is such that I would be very happy with Mexico City coverage for my TomTom. I know that there is a great demand for a suitable navigation system in the city and to my opinion it will be rewarding to spend time on Mexico maps.
    Cor The Netherlands

  7. joel mora says:

    hi i bought a magellan maestro 3100 and looking for maps for mexico city, also hear about topo maps for mexico but im not sure if this will work with my gps ….tks

  8. Joel,
    I think the maps on this post are your best bet. I don’t think the Magellan topo maps will work with your unit.

  9. i from mexico and i use a gps from the company of telmex you can go to their website or click to this link you can contact them to se if you can buy thier maps

  10. Has anyone found good accurate downloadable maps of Mexico for Tomtom GPS systems?

  11. Bryan,
    It doesn’t look like TomTom offers Mexican maps.

  12. I know TOMTOM and TeleAtlas doesn’t have maps of Mexico for TOMTOM One GPS systems. Are there anyother companies that have them to download into a TOMTOM One? CNET has one for a TOMTOM pocket PC.

  13. Bryan,
    I don’t believe you can load custom maps to a TomTom. You might want to ask on some TomTom forums though.

  14. robert escamilla says:


  15. Daniela says:

    hello, i juts brought a tomtom and i really need maps of mexico, where can i download them?

  16. Daniela,
    Sorry, but there are no TomTom-compatible maps for Mexico.

  17. Wondering what happens when you drive with your TomTom in Mexico? Does it still tell you where you are even if there are no details on the map?

  18. You probably see your position on the base map. You may be able to pan there to see what limited detail they have.

  19. TomTom website says that there is a MEXICO MAP (Map of Mexico v8.15) at
    Does anyone knows where to download it?

  20. It looks like you download it right there, but you probably have to install it through TomTom HOME.

  21. Robert Buchanan says:

    The Tom Tom Mexico map is useless for Puerto Penasco.
    Maybe fine for Mexico City and some other areas, buy if you are in Southern AZ or CA looking for guidance to common Mexican tourist areas, save your money. Only the main highway shows, and that even peters out half way though town.
    And you can only use the Mexico map once you have physically reached Mexico. Trying to navigate US <-> MX does not work.

  22. Robert,
    Thanks for taking the time to share that. Hopefully it will keep some people from making a mistake.

  23. PicturShot says:

    Hello I am planning to travel to South Mexico from San Diego. Do you recommend any good GPS system to travel from US and also GPS for Mexico cities.


  24. Rich Owings says:

    Garmin now makes several nuvis with pre-loaded maps of Mexico. Here’s a post that may help…

  25. I purchases a cheap $150 Magellan last year. I took it to several cities in GTO and it had excellent detail. It was surprised that most dirt roads were on it.

  26. Rich Owings says:

    That’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Guys, i live in Playa del Carmen in south mexico and my tomtom one 140s just shows the hwy here, if i go to cancun it shows somewhat a little more, some pdis (none here) like a couple of malls and hotels, but it is not as comprehensive as it is in the us. If u need one for mexico buy one here cos the tomtom map for mexico sucks. I haven’t tried monterrey, guadalajara or mexico city though. But Cancun is very basic.

  28. Thanks for sharing Daniel.


    Well, Let’s say that I got the Bicimapas GPS maps of Mexico… The thing is filled with errors… I personally went through the effort of contacting these people repeatedly to send them feedback about tons of errors I continue to find (I live in Mexico City)… without a single email back from them acknowledging or saying hello at the least…

    After four years my Zumo got broken and replaced by Garmin (nice service BTW)… and these people did not recognize the replacement of the unit even when I upgraded the maps just 4 months back…

    They DO NOT support their products whatsoever and force you to keep buying their upgrades… Even if a problem in your equipment forces you to reinstall or something they WILL NOT provide fresh copies OF YOUR ALREADY PAID IN FULL product…

    A BUNCH OF CROOKS, IMO… don’t support them… go with responsible companies with true client support policies…

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