Sunday, March 18, 2012

MapSource for Macs!

Garmin announced today that it will begin making all of its hardware and software compatible with Mac OS X. Beginning this spring, Garmin will offer a Mac version of their Training Center software. Also this spring, MotionBased will be OS X compatible. But the big news in my mind is this tidbit:

"By the end of 2006, Garmin intends to have made all its popular hardware and software applications Mac OS X compatible. This includes the ability to load MapSource map data to Garmin units via a Mac, as well as waypoint and trip planning applications."

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  1. Mitch Wayne says:

    Two years later this is still not reality

  2. Well.. make that four years and 4 months later. Still no OS X mapsource. Odd.

  3. No, but MapSource appears to be on the way out. Maybe this will help…

  4. Mary Boltz says:

    I have had Garmin handhelds for 10+ years, used for backpacking. I have always been a PC user and recently converted to a Mac Powerbook so I need to be able to download my trips onto the Mac. Problem is the software I have used until now was TOPO 2008 and Trip & Waypoint Manager which of course are not Mac compatible. I have gone onto the Garmin webstore and cannot seem to find what I need to get back on the trail, or maybe I am just not looking in the right place?
    Anyone have any ideas? Yep I know I need to update the TOPO to a current year.

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