Sunday, March 18, 2012

50 GPS message boards

Call them message boards, discussion groups, online forums, or some other combination of those terms — Connecting with other folks on the web, who are using your particular brand of GPS can be one of the quickest ways to get an answer on anything from basic noobie queries to perplexing technical questions. Especially helpful are groups that focus on particular brands and models of GPS.

A few caveats before the list of message boards…I’ve tried to screen out those groups dominated by spam. Also, some of these groups overlap, and they vary greatly in posting volume. Speaking of which, I have one tip for the many Yahoo groups below — you may want to choose to view messages on the web only, rather than by email, lest your inbox quickly become clogged. Finally, be sure to drill up and down through these websites. There were just too many forums to list them all, and there are other great message boards out there.

Garmin message boards for specific models and series

Broader Garmin message boards

Garmin software message boards

Lowrance message boards

Magellan message boards

Broader Magellan message boards

Magellan software message boards

Mio message boards

  • Mio – (GpsPasSion)
  • Mio – (
  • Mio – (

TomTom message boards


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