Sunday, March 18, 2012

The amazing flying 60CSx


Why do I have a picture of my wife’s foot at the start of this post? What you see to the left is the re-enactment of a GPS accident this afternoon. We had come to a locked gate, lifted our bikes over, and then we proceeded to climb over ourselves. Except my dear wife’s foot grazed the antennae, which sort of acted like a lever. Yes, the 60CSx flipped out of the mount, went tumbling through the air, and plop — on the pavement.

Oh, see the railing behind her foot? A couple more feet and it would have gone into the river (see photo at right below). Now I’m just having bad luck with my 60CSx. My old unit, a 60CS, never took a tumble out of my mount, yet this is the second such impact for this unit.

The first one, a crash, actually did more damage than this time. But it was a bad hit on pavement today, with some force behind it. I think the receiver must have turned a few flips and developed some momentum, so I was really pleased to see that it still worked and had no new screen scratches. I guess this is one Garmin that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

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  1. i am brand new to the portable gps thing, and just purchased the PN-40 with topo8…. i think what you do here is an indispenable service. you provide the most truthful, incitive and perspective views, evaluations, and first hand expierences that money could not buy, although i think that someone should be paying someone something for there time, it is well deserved!
    thank you

    • Rich Owings says:

      Thanks Andrew. I’m glad you found it helpful. We do make some money from ads, etc. Otherwise, it would be hard to justify the time required for this site! 🙂

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