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Upgrade your Magellan 2200T to a CrossoverGPS

Magellan has announced a $49 upgrade option to convert your RoadMate 2200T to a CrossoverGPS. From the press release (additional commentary below):

The CrossoverGPS upgrade creates an outdoor navigation mode in the Magellan RoadMate 2200T to help users find their way through land areas without streets by using the latitude and longitude for geographical locations. The upgrade equips the Magellan RoadMate with topographic contour maps and easy-to-use functions including the ability to create and go to waypoints and routes or backtrack. The upgrade also provides a compass screen and the ability to save a base camp location. The integrated battery lasts up to eight hours for extended cord-free operation during outdoor activities.

The CrossoverGPS upgrade also gives users the flexibility of loading additional mapping software for boating and land activities to the Magellan RoadMate 2200T through optional memory cards. Users can load marine charts, lakes data with fishing hot spots and additional topographic detail, currently available at

That last part concerns me. When the Magellan RoadMate 2200T was originally announced, Magellan said you could add topo and marine maps through the SD slot. Now it sounds like you have to buy the upgrade! They didn’t say you could just add a MapSend topo or marine card, but it sure was easy to read it that way.

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  1. Costco is usually great about returns. I’d give it a try.

  2. Well, so far I have not seen anything on Magellan’s website at 7/20/07, 7:03AM Pacific time. No Crossover upgrade posted, no announcement from Magellan, no notice, nothing. Anyone has any immediate contact with Magellan? On the other hand, Magellan’s in Santa Clara, California, isn’t it? So they are on Pacific time too! It’s still early. But my bet is on the side that it will not be available today.

  3. Randy Horner says:

    ok, here is the update….now on the Magellan website under Maps & Software for the 2200T, there is an active link titled: Magellan RoadMate2200T/Crossover upgrade.
    Previously, this was not a link(in blue) but just was black text.
    Click on the link and it just takes you back to the beginning of the website…THE LINK DOESN’T GO ANYWHERE. There is one other mention on the website of: Magellan RoadMate2200T/Crossover Upgrade, but that is still in black text, they haven’t turned it into a fictious link yet.
    This is very fishy, the rest of their website is well desgined, they have 9 different high-res views of the products, I find it hard to believe that it is an accident that they can’t program a link properly….
    … just called custormer service, remember it is in THEIR log that they called me and told me the upgrade was available today….well now they are apologizing for giving me wrong information….after 20 minutes on hold and a transfer to a supervisor, it seems the 20th that they were telling me about was an upgrade for another crossover, and that the 2200t crossover upgrade will be released ‘soon’. I asked, again, what was the definition of ‘soon’, they couldn’t answer. I told them I saw PR from their company from back in January that this was to be realeased soon.
    COSTCO is great about returns. They want to do everything they can to keep their customers happy. I am returning my unit today and printing up this web log so I can show COSTCO how Magellan is dragging their feet about this upgrade yet claiming the unit is upgradeable in advertising and on the box.
    COSTCO is the nations #2 retailer, if enough people return them and then THEY complain to Magellan…..
    I will go buy a Garmin or something, I rather pay an extra $100 or $200 to a company that isn’t so blatantly stalling and being insincere.
    It is a shame because I drove around with this unit for 2 weeks and I don’t have any complaints about it. Occasional wrong direction but that was easily fixed and the long battery life was nice. The reason I bought this unit was to upgrade it and who knows if/when that will happen.
    I am mad about the time I wasted on this issue, I don’t think I will buy Magellan again, even a product with good reviews and a cheap price.
    Randy Horner
    [email protected]

  4. I just got off the phone with a tech supervisor at Magellan GPS.
    It is again the same old story…the crossover update is undergoing an update and testing within itself. He said it will be released in the next 2 to 3 days, Wednesday by the latest…..blah blah, blah blah…
    I am debating weather to return the 2200t after wednesday if the upgrade is not released. The unit itself is great, easy to use and easy to read and hear..tough one.
    Well, I guess it is a waiting game…have a great day…

  5. Steve and Randy. Thanks for keeping us posted. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they actually come through.

  6. Thanks for the updates guys. I too have filed a complaint with the BBB. I’ve also sent an email to (where I purchased the unit back in 12/06) suggesting they look into the false and misleading advertising practices of the manufacturers that they represent. I am also very tempted to file a fraud complaint with the California Attorney General with regard to Magellan’s false advertising. I think we might have grounds for a class action suit. I purchased the unit based on the expectation it could be upgraded. Back in December, I didn’t have the option of buying the Crossover 2500, so I made my purchase based solely on their false promises. At this point the 2200T won’t do what I wanted it for in the first place (to use it both for on-road navigation and to use it offroad on my ATV). If I wanted an on-road only unit, I would have purchased a Garmin.

  7. Randy Horner says:

    Tech support called me on Saturday. Someone new apologized to me and told me that the upgrade would be released in 7-10 days. I replied “on July 10th someone told me that it would be released on July 20th and from the web logs I’ve read this has been going on for 9 months now, why should I believe you?”
    “I’m very sorry sir.” He promised to email me when it was released.
    I already returned the unit, showed COSTCO the web logs and announcement from the company in January about this release, and I filed a BBB complaint.
    It was nice that they called me back twice…but still swarmy with all this mis-information.
    Oh, and I asked about the fictious link that suddenly appeared. His reply was that they were ‘testing the link getting ready for the release.’ I told him you test a link in the back room and not out on the web where it frustrates everyone.
    I’m with you Steve, I really liked the unit, but I hate that they can’t get their story straight.
    -Randy Horner

  8. Curt,
    If you know how to file a fraud complaint with the California Attorney General, please go ahead and do that. If his office needs more names, direct him to this website or There should be 20-30 people who might want to add their names to the complaint. I know I am.

  9. Jeff Mabry says:

    I havent had any HELP from NO one I bought mine one HSN and all they would do is give me $80.00 off the price !! I told them I just wanted what they said they would give ME !!!!

  10. Kent Klein says:

    I filed my complaint with the BBB today regarding the CrossOver upgrade. Like others, I purchased mine when no other model with the feature was available. I like the model and require the upgrade for fishing trips.



  13. Magellan missed 7/23//07 deadline to respond to my complaint with the Santa Clara BBB. So they sent Magellan the 2nd notice. I also updated my complaint of about how Magellan promised other people as when the upgrade would be available, but so far they are all empty promises.

  14. I called today to Magellan’s support number for the first time and promptly asked about the software upgrade for the crossover product Roadmate 2200T and had no luck…they told me it would have a cost between $50 and $150 and would be available soon. When i asked “how soon”? They told me in a month or two.
    So now I see what all this is about, like you guys I bought this product because of the flexibility I would gain by having two instruments in one, but now I’m short handed on the most important feature I looked forward on having. How can this happen??? Keep me in touch please, I’d like to help in whatever it is needed to have this situation resolved.

  15. AGAIN, Just got off the phone with Magellan Tech Supervisor, Kevin Petersen, IN INDIA, and it is the same old reteric…
    “I understand your frustration, and I appologize…The Update should be out in about a week or 10 days!”…they will not put that in writing, but they will email everyone when it is available, nice try on my part, nor would they tell me the regulatory Agency that governs Magellan. He said he was not allowed to give out that info….but it is public knowledge, just have to go through the hassle of looking now….dont know if i will wait or return….ah heck, whats a little frustration in life.

  16. This is crazy… I never knew this has been going on for so long. I guess I don’t feel as bad knowing that some of you have been waiting far longer than I have. I’ve only been waiting 2 months… Still 2 months is a long time to wait for a upgrade which appeared to be ready when we all purchased this product. No where on the box I bought did it mention the upgrade was not ready. Anyway, this we know…
    I think if they want to have any chance at keeping some of us as returning customers, we should all recieve that upgrade for 50% off, or free for that matter.
    I know as it stands now… I will NEVER buy from Magellan again… If you think about it, the 2200T is not even that good of a GPS unit. Its VERY basic, and while it does have the MP3 player, its not like you can listen to music while navigating, like many new ones… The only reason ANY of us had purchased this unit was the price, and it offered this upgrade, which MONTHS later, is still a no show…

  17. Just got off the phone again with them, no exact ETA on the crossover upgrade, but I was told that this would be a free download not $49. As usual, it is due out within a month or 2…they are still woking on it. I also asked them about replacing my 2200t with a crossover and it would be $299. I also bought mine a while ago and don’t have the option to return it, so I guess I’m stuck waiting for the FREE upgrade. What are the odds that it will not be a free upgrade when…no, if it is ever released.

  18. Top Ten Magellan Crossover Upgrade Not Available Comments
    10.Upgrade is still under going last minute testing.
    9.Update might be available soon as possible. However, we are currently unable to promise for the update.
    8.Not available right now but should be available before the summer (2007) hiking season.
    7.We never claimed that the upgrade would be available, we only stated that it “may” be available “sometime” in the future.
    6.It just finished up testing and will be available in 2 to 3 weeks.
    5.It will not be available until the first quarter of 2008…sorry.
    4.The upgrade will be available “soon”.
    3.The upgrade will be released in the “near” future.
    2.We are upgrading our computer systems and will release it when we are done.
    1.Our programmer’s dog ate the upgrade.

  19. Hilarious!
    Hey, the Crossover upgrade link on the Magellan site is live now, but it redirects to the support FAQ page. FYI.

  20. Wiley One says:

    The cost for the 2200T at Costco has now dropped twice, from $299 to $249 a couple of months ago, and now to $229 a few weeks ago. I encourage everybody who has one of these units to return it along with a log of this discussion. On your way out of the store, you can buy it back for less and get a brand new warranty. Just don’t forget to reset your address book.

  21. I spoke with two customer service reps today about the crossover upgrade link on their webpage. They both said that the release will be Aug. 15. Of course they didn’t say what year!!!!!!!!!!. They also said that if I was registered with them I would receive an e-mail notification. There was no mention of cost associated with the download but I didn’t ask about it. This is outragious. I have had mine since Nov. 06.

  22. I bought the 2200t in March 07 – specifically because of the Crossover upgrade so I could use it in my boat. Boating season will be over soon.. So much for their empty promises. Hope that August 15 of 2007 is the real date this time. I don’t remember the 2500T being available in the store I was in. It certainly looks like the same machine as the 2200T with a slightly different paint scheme. I too am tired of waiting.

  23. Kent Klein says:

    I received the following update from the BBB regarding my complaint. No surprise that they haven’t responded to the BBB.
    Business Name: Magellan
    You recently requested our help concerning a problem with the company named above.
    The company has not responded to the Bureau to date.
    Online the complaint states they have till August 19th. I have no clue what will happen then. With Magellan involved probably nothing….

  24. BBB does nothing. I called last week and magellan said it will take atleast one month. They are still testing the software. BBB respose to my case is below.
    Business Name: Magellan
    The Better Business Bureau has made several attempts to contact the business regarding the above referenced complaint. We regret to inform you that we have not received a response from the company.
    The Better Business Bureau develops and maintains Reliability Reports on companies in our service area. This information is available to the public and is frequently used by potential customers. In the case of your complaint, the company’s failure to promptly give attention to the matter will be reflected in the report we give to consumers about them.
    If the company has contacted you in the interim, please notify the BBB immediately.

  25. Well,
    Obviously its not going to be 15 August 2007. I called yesterday to inquire. I spoke to “Rachel” who informed me that it would most definitely be out in 1 to 2 months. So much for being able to load maps for my trip to Mexico….

    For those of you done with Magellan’s lies, checkout this link
    It’s time we did something about this…

  27. Yeah, time to crank things up a notch. They’ve had plenty of time to come through. Other than having the codes to make the outdoor functions work it looks like some people have been able to upgrade the 2200T using the Crosssover updater so that tells me that it’s likely a marketing versus a technical decision.
    Great marketing Magellan – Take what’s likely an intro product to Magellan for most and rather than showing that you’re a stand-up company with innovative, flexible products, p*ss them all off instead. I actually think that the 2200T is a pretty decent little unit, but based on the experience with the upgrade and how the company has responded and seems to operate, I likely won’t be buying another Magellan product.

  28. Kent Klein says:

    Well, Magellan was due to respond to the BBB by August 19th, which they obviously didn’t. Guess the BBB didn’t waste any time “closing” my complaint. Current status shows as “No Response – Closed”. I’ve added the following comment to my complaint with the BBB. Not that I’m expecting much of a response and I don’t even feel better about getting ripped off by Magellan, but here’s my comment to the BBB.
    Closed! How can this just get closed when there is nothing resolved? When does this lack of fulfilling a promise become a SCAM? What purpose does the BBB serve that shows support of customer complaints? There have been numerous people contacting both the BBB and Magellan with zero resolution. If this isn’t a SCAM I’m not sure what the word to descibe it would be.

  29. It looks like Magellan must be getting a number of the 2200T units sent back to them because has them on sale for $179 on their website. I guess if you are only looking for an on road GPS, that price is pretty decent for this unit. I woulnd’t hold my breath about getting the crossover upgrade anytime soon though.

  30. I forgot to mention that those units are Refurbished and not Brand New.

  31. Well, I just called up as a potential customer, and I was told 4 to 5 months, or was it 45 months.
    You would think that if the upgrade would make them lose money, the would just increase the price of the upgrade ($100 instead of $50).
    I’ll probably get it for the car anyway though.

  32. I called today and was told it would be out the first week of September. Yeah, right.

  33. they have removed the upgrade option from their website

  34. Yeah, I saw that this a.m. I’ve been doing a daily check.

  35. Bob Kirby says:

    I recently got one of the refurb units from, and I am very happy with it. I thought you might be interested in the response to my email query about the Crossover upgrade. They request that I wait for the update. As if I have a choice.
    Dear Bob Kirby,
    Your Email case 715899 has been Updated.
    CaseID: 715899
    Thank you for contacting Magellan. This email is in response to your query
    about the Road Mate 2200T.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue.
    I understand that you would like to know when there would be a crossover
    update release for RM 2200T.
    For your information, currently we do not have any update for RM 2200T. We
    are unable to promise the date for crossover Update. Therefore, we request
    that you wait for the crossover update.
    If you have registered your unit with our website, you will receive a
    notification about the crossover update release in future. In addition, you
    can check our website periodically to check for the crossover update.
    If you have further queries, please get back to us.
    Kindly forward your request using the Support Request form using the link
    You can also contact our Technical Support at 1-800-707-9971 for further
    Magellan Email Support.

  36. I called earlier, and the customer service told me that there is no upgrade available now as the server is down. I asked when he thinks that the upgrade is available, he said he did not know and did not want to give me fault information. He finally ask me to wait for a week or two.
    I’m thinking returning it and re-buy it when the upgrade actually available.

  37. I was considering purchasing a refurbished 2200t, but I decided to call about the crossover upgrade first. FYI, the indian dude that answered the phone said it would be last week of September. 🙁 What a huge foul up this is, they could at least remove the mention of the crossover upgrade from the packaging. Since they seem to know it isn’t ever going to happen. This thing will be totally out dated in another 6 months anyway…

  38. Upgrade is now on their site. $49

  39. Has anyone downloaded the upgrade? Are you happy with it? Any reviews are appreciated.

  40. Sean Ahern says:

    Do not buy!!!! I tried last night along with several other people and no download shows up. you get an unlock code and the promise of a 120MB download (or CDs in 4-6 weeks)but no link or email telling you how to do it. We must fill every GPS comment site on the web with the story of Magellan’s perfidy.
    5 time Magellan owner

  41. I too bought the upgrade and got a nice copy of my order but no download link. WTF?
    There’s a fair chance I’ll try calling them on Monday if nothing changes. And I won’t be pleased that I shelled out money before a download was even available (which would be fine if they’d specified it as a pre-order).

  42. i found the download link for the crossover upgrade.
    it is
    the issue with the whole purchase was bad html coding. if you login and look in your order summary page, then view source there was a herf line that was improperly formatted that would refernce you to the link and installation instructions. the link is“Your unlock code here”
    just replace the quotes with you unlock code.
    hope this helps.

  43. Thanks for the help! The upgrade took forever, but so far appears to have been worth it. I look forward to testing it out more thoroughly (i.e. actually going somewhere (grin)).
    Boo on Magellan for that kind of poor coding, but yay for finally getting the upgrade out there.

  44. Well I am happy to report that I have finally got the Crossover upgrade onto my 2200T. This afternoon, a technical support person responded to my complaint and gave me the link to download the upgrade, and to follow instruction at the link to install it.
    It looks like that the upgrade basically totally changed the look and feel of the car navigation part. The advertisement says that it includes the improved version of the text to speech. I will check it out tomorrow.
    The Outdoor part has the track also seems to be well featured. At first I only see the topo map without the street map. But then I found the option to select the regional map, then the street map appears with the topo map. So far I think it is a great product. Too bad that it took a lot of time, effort and frustration to finally get it.
    But the way it is now, if someone to buy a re-furbished one for about $170.00, add in the Crossover upgrade, it would be a real bargain.

  45. Helmer Johnson says:

    Should you upgrade to the latest version (1.72?) before installing the crossover software? Also, how long using a DSL does the download take?
    Thanks, Helmer

  46. The text to speech with the Crossover upgrade is definitely better than the previous version. Overall I think the upgrade is well worth the price. But like I said Magellan could have made a lot of happy and loyal customers by having this upgrade out sooner and/or have a more definite schedule.
    My 2200T was already at 1.72. You probably need to check with Magellan technical support for that information. I had cable, and and old laptop (USB 1.0). So it me took much longer to apply the upgrade than to download it – 6 minutes. I would not think it takes much longer with DSL.

  47. AAA discount 15%
    Use coupon code “tourbook”
    then go and buy the upgrade. Should save $7.50 🙂

  48. O.K., I downloaded and installed the 2200T crossover. wish I had known you can download firmware version 2.14, which gives you the new Vehicle Nav update free. Then later if you so desired you could pay the $49.99 for the unlock code for the Marine and Outdoor additions. The Marine and so called new features for the Vehicle Nav or useless without spending hundreds more. The first thing I noticed was their is no map option to change the map colors. The default light gray blacks out when wearing sun glasses. I suspect that option is there but my install some how skipped over it. Can I re-install without messing things up? I guess my dislike is my fault. I was trying to read into the new software that the 2200T would be more like the Sportrak handhelds, which is far more superior, except of course, size, color and audio. I doubt if the Crossover is compatible with Mapsend Streets that is used with the Sportrak to place and connect waypoints to create your own custom route and upload. The Sportrak also tells you the names of creeks you are approaching. I like that. Anyway, I’d like to know if the map color option is a bug in my download or not. Also, when does the topo feature kick in. A lot of memory was used for that but I see nothing. Thanks, Helmer

  49. I also didn’t see any way to adjust the map colors, which seems odd.
    I’m pretty sure I have topo lines, though there’s no actual indication of altitude…of course, for that you could always just pop up the compass.

  50. Helmer Johnson says:

    More problems, after the crossover upgrade, the Magellan PC Tools will no longer detect the unit. I did all of the obvious with no results. The device manager says this device is working properly. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks, Helmer

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