Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin friction mount review


UPDATE: Here’s my video review of the newest Garmin friction mount.

After years of illegally using a windshield mount, I finally plopped down $28 for a Garmin friction mount. My nuvi and I now walk ride the straight and narrow.

While suction mounts are only illegal in California and Minnesota, there are other reasons to choose a friction, AKA beanbag or dashboard mount — one being theft deterrence. No suction cup, no tell-tale marks on the windshield.

This dashboard mount has a weighted, grabby bottom surface to keep it in place. I have not been able to get it to even budge in jackrabbit starts or slamming on the brakes.  It comes apart easily for stowing in the glove compartment and is fully adjustable. I like it so much that it is now the primary mount that I use.

This particular mount is designed for the Garmin nuvi, and for the StreetPilot c530, c550 and i-series.

I can’t see people not being happy with this setup. But don’t take my word for it; as of this posting, there are 433 reviews of it on Amazon, with an average five-star rating!



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  1. I know several people that use these and they are all are happy with them. I expect that they are not, however, such a good option for driving offroad in those situations where everything that isn’t held down gets flung around. Of course, that’s never an issue for most people.

  2. David,
    Hehe, good point. Though I have to wonder if it wouldn’t be better than a suction cup mount.

  3. Just wanted to chime in to say I took my nuvi 200 and the beanbag mount for their first ride this morning, and it works as good as everyone says. You can believe the positive reviews on Amazon. The mount even stayed put on my center console. I was nervous during the first 15 minutes of my drive and ready to catch the nuvi if it slid. After rounding numerous corners, going up and downhill, and crossing railroad tracks without any movement, I was able to relax.

  4. Thanks for seconding that. I just got back from ten days of holiday travel with the mount. It never budged.

  5. I will have to agree with Mr. Owings. I was very nervous using the friction mount(beanbag mount) I drive a Subaru with a more contoured dash board, and I knew without a doubt the friction mount would not work for our Nuvi 360. Yet it surprised me completely, made a believer out of me even on those curvy mountain roads. We now use a friction mount in both our vehicles. No more advertising to those few thieves out there that we have a GPS for them.

  6. I see that this mount is listed to be used with the c530, c550 and i series. Can it be used with a 250 or a 750? I am buying one for my son for Christmas and he has a big Dodge Diesel pickup, I want to get something he can easily remove but will stay put and is made for the model of Nuvi that I buy. I only saw a “vent mount” for these models.

  7. Yes, this mount will work for any nuvi, including the 250 and 750. They are great mounts. I think he will love it.

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