Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free hi-res topo maps of CO and WY (and Utah soon)


UPDATE: I’ve posted a more comprehensive set of resources for free topo maps for Garmin GPS receivers.

One of the great things about Garmin units is the wide range of free maps that are out there for them. I recently became aware of another source, this one offering 40-foot contour interval maps of Colorado and Wyoming. The not quite accurately named site, Miscjunk, will soon add Utah to the mix too.

The screen shot at right shows a sample map loaded onto the new Garmin Colorado series. If you load a custom (U.S.) map onto the unit and have Topo U.S. 2008 (which has DEM data) loaded too, you’ll get the nice shading effects seen here.

The site also features Minnesota ORV trails and Colorado 4WD trails.
Many thanks to the mysterious "dfg" for the great maps! Oh, and while
the maps are free, there is a donate button on the website’s map pages, giving you an opportunity to say thank you and support the effort to produce more maps.

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  1. They are free maps for garmin gps receivers of Argentina and Uruguay (Chile will also be aivalable soon)at
    They are very complete with lots of pois and turn by turn directions.

  2. NicoSt,
    Thanks. I added a link to this post…

  3. Does any one know where to find free garmin topo maps of Canada ?

  4. Thanks. I needed a map of Colorado.

  5. The Tactical Pilot Charts, or TPCs, are map charts available at the 1:500,000 scale and elevation values are in English units (feet). They are useful for investigating the overall terrain of a region. Emphasized feature on these maps are airport information. Correct heading of runways and other flight relevant information is included. As these maps are made for pilots flying relatively quickly over large areas, the built-up area information and the road network information is more basic on this series.

  6. juan jesus says:

    weare can find map abaut argentina full for garmin maosource

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