Sunday, March 18, 2012

TomTom rolls out GO 2435 and 2535 models


UPDATE: Read my hands on review of the TomTom GO 2535M LIVE.

Without a bit of fanfare, TomTom has posted a bevy of new models to their website, giving us a sneak peek at the GO 2435 and 2535 series. It appears that all of the models share the thin form factor and capacitive touchscreen we first saw on the GO 2505TM, along with a new (and much needed) intuitive voice recognition feature. Here’s how they describe it:

Keep your eyes on the road with intuitive Voice Recognition. With access to voice commands, you can speak you destination address naturally, in one simple step. TomTom Voice Recognition will even recognize many variations of the same command. For example, you can say “Drive to an address”, “Navigate to an address” or “Go to an address”.

The 2435 series will sport a 4.3" screen, while the 2535 models will get you the 5" screens we’re seeing more and more of these days. You’ll see all the variations you’ve come to expect, with an M appended to the model number for units with lifetime map updates, a T for ones with lifetime traffic and a TM for those with both.

There will also be a 2535TM World Traveler Edition (WTE) with maps of North America and Europe, and at the top of the heap, a GO 2535M LIVE, with a year of connected LIVE services. The latter comes with HD Traffic, supplanting the 2505M LIVE announced at CES. That unit was anticipated to be available by late spring, but one source is saying we’ll see some of these (perhaps all but the LIVE model) as early as March 10. I’m expecting a full news release from TomTom with more info the first week of March.

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  1. So Rich; how does the Go 2535TM stack up against the Garmin 3790LMT in your opinion? Which would you pick amongst the two??

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