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Garmin nuvi 3590LMT review

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT review

Hands on review

The Garmin nüvi 3590LMT is the company’s new top of the line auto navigation unit. As part of their Prestige series, this model basically offers the same feature set as the nuvi 3490LMT, but with a larger 5″ screen. Which means you get a bevy of customization options, the new Exit Services feature, HD traffic and a large glass capacitive touchscreen.

Not so thin

Unfortunately, the 3590LMT doesn’t feature the same super-thin form factor as the 3490LMT. So instead of that model’s svelte 0.35″ thickness, the oversize 3590LMT comes in at 0.5″.  Probably not a deal breaker for most folks, but if you’re looking for something thin to slip into your minimalist purse, this probably isn’t the nuvi for you. Jeff Carpenter has some comparison photos on his blog. Note though, this model is slightly slimmer than the 0.6″ thick nuvi 2595, which also features a 5″ screen. So yes, this is indeed the thinnest 5″ nuvi on the market.

Related units

  • Drop down to the nuvi 3550LM and you’ll give up live traffic, Bluetooth and voice command
  • Or (as noted above) keep all those features and get a smaller 4.3″ screen and super-thin form factor with the nuvi 3490LMT
  • Keep the 5″ screen with the nuvi 2595LMT, but you’ll be giving up the 3590LMT’s powered mount, HD traffic, high-resolution capacitive multi-touch screen, 3D terrain and buildings, automatic screen orientation, and MyTrends (which anticipates your destination based on your driving habits)
  • To see how the 3590LMT compares to other models, check out my Garmin nuvi comparison chart

Hardware notes

Just like other 3xxx models, the 3590LMT sports a multi-touch capacitive glass display. Capacitive screens repsond to the slightest touch, unlike resistive screens which require a bit of pressure. One difference between the 3590LMT and thinner 34xx and 37xx series – I don’t think the 3590LMT runs as hot as those models.

Also like the rest of the 3xxx line, the 3590LMT features a powered mount. In the picture below, with the suction cup removed, you can see the additional speaker that is part of the mount.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT powered mount

Powering on and off

The nuvi 3590LMT powers off and on automatically when connected to the charger in your car. When you press the power button to turn it off, it actually goes into sleep mode. According to the manual, “a battery charge lasts for weeks” in this mode. The advantage here is an almost instantaneous power on from sleep mode. To fully shut down the device, hold the power button down for several seconds.

Tri-axial compass

It’s also worth noting that the nuvi 3590LMT features a tri-axial compass, which allows the screen to rotate automatically. But it also makes this a good device for pedestrian navigation.


The features listed below are new to the 2012 nuvi lineup.


There are nine different dashboards available on the 3590LMT. Basically, these are data field layouts. They are accessed via Settings > Map & Vehicle > Dashboards. You can see one in the image below.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT dashboard buttons


Map changes – Buttons, layers, and more, oh my

The icons on the right side of the map screen are termed map buttons. You can have up to three of the following: Traffic, Mute, Stop, Phone, Detour, Exit services, Where am I?, Trip computer, Map layers, Brightness, Where to? and Audible. This is a nice feature. BTW, see the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the lower right portion of the nuvi screen above? You can tap that to bring up all twelve of the items available for the map buttons, so it’s easy enough to reach the other nine.

Map Layers offers additional customization options. You can choose to layer/display any or all of the following on the map: Traffic, Trip log, Places along the road, 3D buildings and 3D terrain. Enabling Places along the road will display points of interest (POIs). In the screenshot below, you can see that more information appears on the screen if you tap a POI icon. Which POIs feature corporate logos seems to be solely related to which ones are available to Garmin; it has nothing to do with zoom levels.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT POI tapped

While you cannot customize which POIs to display on the 3D moving map, it’s a different story when you go into browse map mode. There you can drill down through many categories, as you can see below.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT browse POIs

One other thing. I’m beginning to notice that POI display may vary on the moving map, depending upon time of day. At lunch time you might see more restaurants. Driving late at night? Hotels seem to show up more.

Selecting a destination

Tap Where To? and you’ll see something like the following screen (the one shown below has been customized)…

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT where to search

There are a few things to note here:

  • You can add a shortcut to a favorite search (e.g., Starbucks), a category or subcategory, a saved place, etc.; this is one of the more helpful new features, IMHO
  • Note that you can remove any of the pre-existing shortcuts
  • You can have up to six screens, for a total of 36 shortcuts
  • The Categories icon gives you access to the full range of choices, in addition to any shortcuts showing
  • You can do a universal search, entering an address or a POI name
  • Tap the Searching Near field in the upper right hand portion of the screen to access options such as My active route, My destination, etc.
  • Of course, you can also use voice command, just like on several other recent models; I’ll discuss that in more detail shortly

Your choice of routes

Once you enter a search and tap a result, you’ll see a drop down box like the one below.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT POI routes info go

While not a new feature per se (the presentation is a bit different here), tap Routes and you’ll get your choice of faster time, shorter distance and less fuel routes (according to the manual; they aren’t labeled).

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT route choices

Exit services

First seen on the dezl trucker series, and similar to Magellan’s Exit POIs, this is another new feature that I think people will find very helpful indeed. So much so that it will undoubtedly end up as one of the buttons on my map screen. It shows you POIs for upcoming exits…

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT exit services

Menu improvements

Recent nuvis had deep menu options that were painful to access. Improved nesting and better use of check boxes have reduced many steps. For example, on some previous models, you had the following sequence to set avoidances: Tools > Settings > Navigation > nuRoute > Avoidances. On the 35×0 series, it’s Settings > Navigation > Avoidances.

Bird’s Eye lane guidance

Also new to the nuvi 34xx and 35xx models is Bird’s Eye lane guidance (shown below).

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT Birds Eye lane guidance

Returning features

Voice command

Voice command functioned well during my testing, probably better than on the 3490LMT and as good as the on the 2×95 series. In addition to the options shown below, there are also commands for Detour, Volume, Phone and Brightness.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT voice command
As with other recent models, you can use a customizable wakeup phrase (“voice command” is the default).

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT speak a place

You can do one shot address or POI entry on the 3590LMT. Just say Find Address and then rattle off the entire address. Another improvement is that Find Place seems to work with nearly any POI in the database now.

Junction View and Lane Assist

There has been a huge increase in the number of exits showing Junction View imagery (pictured below on the right side of the screen). It seems to pop up at almost every exit in cities where I’ve never even seen it before. I’ll also note that this series includes what Garmin terms photoReal Junction View, where the background scenery should generally match reality.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT lane assist jct view

Lane Assist is displayed in the upper left portion of the screen above, letting you know which lane you need to be in for an upcoming turn. This feature shows up not only on freeways, but on some urban surface streets as well.

3D terrain

This is a nice feature, especially for those of us fortunate enough to live in mountainous regions.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT 3D terrain

3D buildings

I can see how 3D buildings could be helpful, but I’m not sure how well that really works out. I’m still a bit inclined to categorize this feature as eye candy.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT 3D buildings

Trip Planner

The Trip Planner, used for planning multi-destination routes, is now found under Apps. It seems that Garmin is continuing to make improvements here. While I didn’t do extensive testing of this feature, I did note a couple of things. For one, Time to Via and final destination arrival times seem to be accurately reflected on the dashboard (although it still doesn’t take into account duration of stop, if you’ve entered that info). Also, just like on the 2xx5 series and 3490LMT, I was able to successfully transfer a multi-destination route from BaseCamp, using City Navigator POIs converted to waypoints.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT trip details

Other returning features

Some other important features introduced on previous generation nuvis, which are also found on the 3590LMT:

  • Orientation (portrait style screenshots shown below) – Unlike the 2xx5 series, the orientation of the 3590LMT changes automatically
  • Custom avoidances – Allows you to exclude a road or area from routing
  • Advanced detours – Lets you exclude roads from the active route on the fly (disabled by default; enable it by going to Settings > Navigation > Advanced Detours)
  • Trip log – Now part of “Where I’ve Been,” you can clear it from within the app and enable/disable and clear it from Settings > Device; unfortunately the only option is to clear all travel history including myTrends

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT portrait



The nuvi paired with my Galaxy Nexus on the first try. Sound quality was average compared to recent models. On the other end of the call, you could clearly understand the person using the nuvi, but there was some background hiss. The nuvi was also slow to fully connect with my phone at times.

The 3590LMT offers a SafeText feature, which allows texts to be read aloud to you. This requires a phone with Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Protocol) support. At this point, there appears to be only a few Android and Blackberry phones with this capability, my Galaxy Nexus not among them.

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT Bluetooth

HD traffic

The 3590LMT comes with the GTM 60 traffic receiver. Unlike most other lifetime traffic models from Garmin, this one is not ad-supported. It uses an HD-radio delivered traffic network, which Garmin is referring to as Digital 3D Traffic. This should mean faster updates (every 30 seconds) and additional coverage of smaller roadways.

I’m happy to say that I did not have the reception problems I did when the 3490LMT came out. I got reception in fringe areas at about the point where I’ve received standard RDS traffic before. NAVTEQ (the traffic provider) HD coverage maps have recently been posted, so you can check out coverage areas for yourself. Some traffic screenshots…

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT traffic incident list

Garmin nuvi 3590LMT slow trafficGarmin nuvi 3590LMT constructionPerformance

During the several weeks I tested the nuvi 3590LMT, I noticed no glitches, routing errors, slow map redraws, etc. The only problem I had with it was when trying to geocache, something this unit isn’t really designed for. A couple of times when trying that, it failed to update the distance to the cache. As with the 3490LMT, the unit responded to taps without noticeable delays. Menu responsiveness was fast. POI searches were reasonably fast, certainly better than on previous generation nuvis. Routing speed has also been improved.


  • 5″ capacitive multi-touch screen
  • Strong customization options
  • Powered mount
  • Exit services
  • Lifetime map updates included
  • Lifetime traffic (ad free)
  • HD traffic reception seems to have improved since initially released on the 3490LMT
  • POIs can be displayed on the map
  • Offers several choices of routes
  • Excellent voice command performance
  • Extensive junction view and lane assist coverage
  • Advanced detours allow you to exclude roads from active route
  • Custom avoidances allow you to exclude roads or areas from all routes


  • Not as thin as the nuvi 3490LMT
  • Bluetooth sound quality not as good as on the nuvi 2×95 series; slow to connect

Conclusion and recommendation

Recommended. HD traffic reception seems to have been improved since it was initially released on the nuvi 3490LMT. Voice command performance seems better than on the 3490LMT as well.  The only downside is that the 3590LMT is a little disappointing in terms of Bluetooth functionality, but hopefully that will be fixed with a future firmware update. Otherwise, this is the current king of the hill as far as nuvis are concerned. If you can afford it, I say go for it.

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  1. Bill Arnett says:

    I’m in the market for a replacement for a five year old Garmin 750 think W. Need the lane assist and VC. From my prospective I have settled on the 3590LMT or the 2595LMT. Think the main differences are the screen and the feed for traffic update. Currently the 3590LMT has had some comments relative to rebooting and lockups, but I suspect that has or will be cured through upd ates. Is the 3590LMT worth the additional $s just for the nicer screen and the traffic sans adds? Realize I can by the add free cord for around $60.

    • Possibly. The other thing that the 3590LMT has over the 2495LMT is a powered mount. I suspect you are right and that any remaining bugs will get worked out. Both are nice units though.

      • Bill Arnett says:

        Thanks Rich That was the way I was leaning and you confirmed my analysis. Regarding the powered mount that was also my choice. My problem was that the 2595LMT is on sale, refurbished, at Garmin for $180. Just needed to convince myself that the 3590 was the better device. Appreciate your indepth analysis and impartial ratings. Previously I found it difficult to assess the value of the multitude of features.

      • LateNightBRi says:

        While we are probably referring to dfferent things, I am NOT confident that the items I consider “bugs” and that are important to me, and I’m sure many others since they have been core Garmin features for years up until 2012 (see my previous post for details), Garmin has said these will NOT be addressed in an update.

        Speaking of which, is there a way to sign up to receive Garmin emails letting you know when there aare SOFTWARE and MAP updates?

        I get various emails from Garmin, but none like that.

        So far, I just try to update the GPS from time to time.

      • Lowndes Whatley says:

        The powered mount on the 3590 is the worst one Garmin ever made. It will pop out with the least effort. Sometimes it will eject itself when you hit a pothole, and then there is no wire to act as a leash. It will free fall to whatever is below. I broke the screen on a 2350LMT when I dropped it from the mount on to the plastic console below. A new hi def screen for a 3590 will be much more expensive. I ended up using some double sided carpet tape to fix the 3590 to the power mount and just remove the unit using the ball swivel and power cord plug. The BEST powered mount was the 765, very secure but also very easy to remove.

    • Re: 3590LMT
      FWIW … So far the 3590LMT has been a very solid performer for my use (auto). No lockups, no freezes, no hiccups! I added a 8GB microSD (Sandisk – Class4) and downloaded the full N. America mapset … it took a while but there were no problems at all (2-hr for the full N. America mapset over DSL ‘middle’ download speed w/Class4 microSD). My former consternation with the “poking” screen of the previous generations of Garmin, is now gone! I love the sensitivity and exquisite scrolling of the 3590LMT. The sattelite aquisition is really unbelievably rapid (3-secs on average) … and, once I became familiar with the software and menu layout and configurability, I really like the straightforward layout in this new version – no tunneling down to find things. I still am in the process of learining the full functionablity … but, In my circumstance the plusses have far outweighed staying with the older screen and older guidance version. The battery life and rapid charging are again a delight (3590LMT = 4HR vs older units 2-hr bat life) … and I’ve found that my older USB/wall charger is a perfect fit for the powered mount and so far has worked perfectly.

  2. What a great review. You have provided a great deal of relevant and informative detail. Many thanks

  3. Dario Ivanisevic says:

    3590 LMT speed limit + sign never disappearing

    I bought 3590LMT few days ago, and I had City Navigator Europe 2013.10 NTU map on it. Speed limit works as it should.

    Then, new firmware came out, and I update device with it. Also I update my device with new map, City Navigator Europe 2013.20 NTU.

    Then I went to my short trip and I notice, that there is no speed limit circle with auto-updating speed in it, only red circle with + sign in it. Situation is the same on highways or city streets. If I press + sign, there is written speed limit for that road which I have to correct. But when I press cancel, + sign remain. If I press some value for correction, it stays till another street, when + sign pop up again.

    Is there a way to manage this? Any help, please!

    Best regards

  4. Rich
    I have received the 3590LMT and find it as advertised. Works great so far. I’ll be using BaseCamp to setup an extensive trip (aka route). One thing I would like to do is track fuel and milage. I realize the trip computer will give me the milage traveled, but how do I enter the fuel used? Think this may be an ecoRoute item that would require a subscription and connection to a smart phone. If so I’ll forget about the issue. My car has OnStar and a phone. If course the Garmin will not connect to the in car phone. If it is not doable then that is life and I’ll survive

  5. Evidently I got an incorect App. It requires ecoRoute HD and I’ll not pony up that much for the milage info. Thanks for your help.

  6. Just purchased a Garmin 3590 and invoked maps update for North America via Garmin Map Updater v3.1.19. It has been running for over 2 hours – How long does this process take. I’m connected to the Internet via cable.

    • Arnold, it takes forever. Continue to wait. I have had it take over four hours. I have always suspected the problem was with the Server on Garmin’s end. Therefore, you have no control over it. (Having said that, I had it take less than two hours once.)

      • Arnold Dick says:

        Thanks for your advice Ron. The load has been in progress for 6 hours now – I will continue to wait. I agree with you that the slowness could be attributed to Garmin’s server.
        Thanks once again for you reply.

  7. Have just completed a 2400 + mile trip to the east coast and back to the Midwest. I treated the trip as individual destinations rather than a trip with way points. The 3590LMT worked great and was a joy to use. Primary advantage when driving was the lane assist and the junction view. Along with that was the ability to search for POIs at the destination and get basic chores such as laundry, car wash done.
    The large screen mounted on a friction mount was exceptional for viewing and navigation. Although there were times glare made the screen difficult to see a minor position adjustment corrected the issue. Not a problem.
    Used the Voice Command and found it responsive and vey useful. For the most part it understood my southern accent and responded correctly. There were times I had to mute the radio, but rarely.
    I have noticed comments relative to the car MPH verses the GPS MPH. My car is a Cadillac and I found the car and 3590lmt were dead on relative to the speed. I did not check relative to mile markers, but it seemed very close.
    I have toyed with the idea of getting the Mechanic with ecoRoute HD. My car has most of the data; however, you need to toggle thru to get it and it is not well presented. I may buy the HD just to play with. Along that line I also have an older pickup and would like to see the HD info for it. Just a thought is it possible to use the same HD module on different vehicles?
    My last stop was several hours out and the ETA provided was dead wrong. It was forecast 8:58 central time and I made it at 8:57 central time. ;).
    The unit provided an alternate route to save 22 minutes; however, I was in heavy Washington DC traffic and could not review so I did not accept. I would have liked to do over. Think it may have provided a better route and less traffic.
    I did receive some traffic warnings, but thought there should have been more since there were innumerable construction sites and at times heavy traffic.
    Very good unit. Could not be more satisfied

  8. Thanks to both Ron and Rich for your comments regarding Garmin Map Updater. Just to fill you in – I started the update at about 6:30 PM and when I checked the process at 7:30 AM the following morning the application indicated that the update was still in progress. So I ended up cancelling the process. Started the update a second time and the Updater indicated that the latest map versions were current. So it seems that the update worked OK with no indication that process was complete – not good. Also no progress bar displayed during the update to inform of how the update was proceeding. Inspite all this I’m set to go. Thanks again for you help.

    Also, thank you Bill for a run down on your experiences – sounds positive. I am starting a long road trip tomorrow – so the GPS should get a good workout.

  9. One additional item I forgot to mention. On my previous GPS the ETA was the time based upon the GPS time settings. For clarification my GPS was set to central USA time. My destination was in the eastern time zone, but the ETA provided was central time zone time. Not a big problem; however, you had to mentally change the time.

    The 3590lmt correctly states the ETA as the time in the destination time zone. A big plus from my view. Possibly on my first GPS there was a setting that would have allowed me to change the readout, but I never found it.


  10. On my new Garmin 3590LMT I can not figure out the trip planer for some reason.
    What am i doing wrong?

  11. What are you doing?

    • Trying to set up towns only as I travel, to make sure I go the way i what.The olg GPS I had I could do this, but it gave up,Quick working.

      • Are you using Apps > Trip Planner? If so, we’ll need to no more about what part isn’t working for you.

        • Thanks Rich, do have it working OK. But I have one thing I would like to know, is why do I have to have a smart phone to get gas prices. Why can’t garmin sell it to you like my old GPS did? Paid so much for the year or so.

          • The only other way to get gas prices into a GPS is to either download it manually by connecting it via a cable to your computer (in which case the data freshness is limited by how often you do it) or buy a GPS with a cellular receiver so the info can be delivered over the air. Examples include the nuvi 1690/1695 and TomTom LIVE models. Did you have one of these?

  12. adnan a m alshtail says:

    in nuvi 3590 you can play music & video
    put in nuvi 3590 LMT you cant ! ! Whats difrant?
    thank you

  13. That is interesting. I don’t use my 3590LMT for MP3 or Video so I am quite surprised to learn of this… shocked even. It seems to be true, however, because Apps>Media Player is not available on my unit as Page 47 of the User Guide suggests. (Yes, there is the qualifier — “On some models…” but who would have thunk the higher priced unit would not have it available.

  14. Was thinking about getting the 3590lmt, but was concerned about the ads. I see here, and a few other places, that this unit no longer has ads built into the traffic. Is that correct. I heard that it originally did but was stopped earlier this year.

  15. I’ve had this 3590LMT since July 21 this year. Previous units are 2350LMT and 765T, plus several of the lesser units starting with the original 200 years ago. I paid $400 (the going rate at the time) and am pleased with the unit EXCEPT for one serious problem: the POWERED MOUNT – it WILL release the unit very easily. Just carefully picking it up with the Portable Friction Dash Mount, looking at it sideways, or a loud sneeze will send it shooting out of the mount. The design of this mount is NOT up to “Garmin standards”. The unit frame is very slick, the capture/release indent is very shallow and on a “negative slope”, and the keeper spring is very weak. I put a screen saver film from a Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone on it new and that alone has saved the screen several times. My 2350 had a somewhat better release mechanism, but it took a tumble from the dash to the plastic console and broke the digitizer/screen (I was able to find a cheap replacement screen and repaired it myself – another story). The old 765T had by far the best powered mount of any unit – unless you pressed the button, it was NOT coming off. SO, BE CAREFUL. And, GARMIN, please make a better mount for $400.

  16. I would like to find out if anyone in a major metropolitan with RDS-TMC with NAVTEQ Traffic HD Coverage – (Here are coverage maps: – has had enough experiences with the HDTraffic receiver and can give some updated, informed feedback please.

    Ideally, if anyone has had a prior unit such as 1450LMT/1490LMT and can please describe the difference in driving with the 1490LMT, in a major city, for example – versus driving in that city with the 3590LMT. I would really appreciate hearing if you believe the HD Traffic to be superior, more timely, more accurate, faster, and better alternate routes; great at helping you to avoid accidents scenes/ road construction/ slow traffic, etc.

    Since the 3590LMT is so much more money and gave up the audible ‘recalculating feature’ which I liked – the decision would be made if the HD Traffic is definitely a huge improvement (It was actually rather decent with the 1450/1490LMT), but any improvement on advanced warning/ accuracy/ timeliness of notification/ great alternate routes/ ability to know about and avoid road work, closed roads, traffic jams, etc. – may be worth the extra $.

    I won’t really know without someone’s hands-on feedback, so I sure appreciate any input someone can lend, please.


  17. Hi Rich,

    I’m confused about the powered mount for the 3590 above. Is it suction cup on the windshield only? Or does it attach to the dash? If I want to use it on the dash does it include a cord that plugs directly into the car’s power outlet?

    The friction mount for the dash looks like what I’d prefer, but in your video demo I can’t tell if the connection you plugged onto the friction mount is stand alone or something that would detach from the powered mount from the 3590. Then do I lose the speaker in the base?

    Never had a GPS before and it looks like the 3590 above is what I want, mounted on the dash friction mount. Would that work? If not what’s the best solution to avoid windshield mounting? You see, I’m too ignorant to even ask the right question! Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Stan, it is all the same thing — suction cup on windshield or friction mount on dash. The only difference is location. All of the hardware is the same. Yes, the device connects to your power outlet (in both mounting styles). The 3590 itself, BTW, detaches from whatever mounting mechanism you select. Therefore, the speaker is internal — so no matter how you mount it (including in your pocket on a hike away from the vehicle) the 3590 performs (in all respects) in the same way as when mounted in a vehicle.

      Nothing wrong with ignorance — without it one is very boring to be around.

  18. adnan a m alshtail says:

    How to stop rotation of the screen Garmin 3590 ?
    thank you

    • Adnan, I am not sure what you are asking. Do you want the image on the screen to stay in a horizontal position if turned 90 degrees? Or upside down if turned 180 degrees? If so, why? (Not a facetious question, I am curious.)

      In any event, I don’t know how to do that. I am pretty sure it is a basic function and is a question only the folks at Garmin can answer.

  19. just got a 3590 lmt, im in canada and the routing the garmin suggest (set on faster time) takes me through( unnumber) route through back country, in winter some are icy and snow covered. My old model nuvi360 was taking through main road all the time. are there other setting on navigation that could correct my routing for something like preferred highway?

  20. Dear Sir

    Marry chrismas and Happy new year 2013
    i took the decision to purchase Garmin 3590 without LM or LMT with covering Maps of Eurpe and Midle East.i have download full Maps of Europe amd Midles East.
    1- Still i can not find on the apps file the voice command whaw can i active the voice command. 2- Bird’s Eye Juction View and lane assistant on the juction can not work in Muscat, Oman.
    when can i use those facility in Midle East. Kindly help me to solve those problems enable me to Enjoiy my Garmin as i paid extra amount to choice this model
    Thank you

    • 1. Just say “voice command” and it should come up.

      2. Did you buy Garmin maps for the Middle East?…

      I’d be very surprised if it has BirdsEye Junction View. That’s rare even in the US. Lane Assist coverage varies by region. I’m not sure if it’s included in MENA or not.

      • Hi,

        As per Garmin shop following your above mention link (City Navigator® Middle East & Northern Africa NT)
        as per my garmin device before update the map ( City Navigator® Middle East & Northern Africa NT 2013 and City Navigator® Europe NT 2013)

        This is after the up date the above mentioned maps it change to the following maps (City Navigator Middle East & Northern Africa NT 2013.10-Map+3D+JV(Navteq), Feb 12 and City Navigator Middle East & Northern Africa NT 2013.30,Map+3D+JV(G),Oct 12 and City Navigator Europe NTU 2013.30 – Map+3D, Sept 12 )
        i hope the information above will aid you to help me.
        thank you


      • h
        for item 1 your advice is . Just say “voice command” and it should come up may you explaim me more from when to star and say Voice Command

        • There may not be lane assist / junction view coverage for that map, or perhaps just not in any cities you have travelled with it yet.

          You can say “voce command” or a customized wakeup phrase anytime the device is on, from any screen. To verify or change the wakeup phrase, from the main menu tap Apps> Voice Command.

          • HI
            I have taken a wrong decision to buy this Garmin 3590 which was very expensive but reasonable by the availability of very important options described on the advertisement of this device.
            I was surprised and disappointed to found out that the following facilities are not operational in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area: Lane Assist, Junction View, Bird’s Eye Junction, Voice Command, smart phone link and other we may find in future. Those were the main reason I took on deciding to purchase this expensive device.
            Note:- Garmin sending and selling those devices in MENA area without clear warning to the Customers about the facilities which are not operational on the area.
            What left on 3590 without all those mentioned facilities? a normal Garmin GPS
            Why I expend all this maney for a normal GPS? I was cheated with all those the advertisement and manual of this device.
            Garmin product should be investigated by the MENA customer’s protection on those irregularities as explained above.
            I hope somebody may help on this matter.
            Thank you

  21. adnan a m alshtail says:

    No problem, you can install the map of the Middle East with a road exits and three-dimensional

  22. larry bird says:

    I have a motorhome and was wandering if the 3590lmt gave the heights of overpasses on and off the interstates?

  23. You are correct Adel, Garmin should let know customers about the many missing features on the units sold in the middle east. I too bought the 3590 mainly because of the Voice Coman feature but it was not the case when I bought the unit home and downloaded the manual. We are paying much much higher price for a unit whithout voice comand and other features !! I returned the unit from where I purchased , the salesman was still insisting that the feature was there !!! but he could not activate or show it to me.

  24. Hi ,

    As Adel mentioned its not there in the Apps too. However I purchased a 3590LMT from the US thru one of my friend and I have the voice command and have the freedom to load other maps via micro SD cards , price still less compared to what available in here minus many good features!. I would like to know if there is a method to back up nuvi 3590 LMT and store just in case. Appreciate assistance in this.


  25. Hello

    May we share information about the voice command why Garmin has removed from the device from Middle east? If we compare the compare the solware we may found the diference? Haw can we program the voice comand back to the device? I beleave that this can be done with the help of sofware program
    thank you very much

  26. I’m on my way to buy one of these for an upcoming trip. I’m upgrading from a Nuvi 750 Thanks for the informative review. It helped me decide.

    One question: What is the purpose of the SD card? What gets stored on it? What size card would I need? Will it function without a card? Is there a downside to using a card that’s too small (capacity)?

    Okay…two questions: Can I make a route on MapSource, like I can on the 750, then download it to the device?


    • The microSD slot is mainly used for when you need additional maps, or a map update won’t fit. I think the officially recognized size limit is 8GB.

      The new nuvis don’t support MapSource. You’ll need to use the newer Garmin BaseCamp program for sending routes.

      • Thanks for your reply, Rich.

        I’ll have to investigate BaseCamp as I’ve never heard of it. I hope I don’t have to pay for it. I just finished sorting through all my Favorites from my Nuvi 750, thinking I would just plug in the 3590 and transfer them. Looks like that’s not going to be so simple.

        As I said, I bought one of these on Saturday and I took it on a 100+ mile trip. It took a bit of getting used to but so far I like it.

        The only problem I have with it is something that didn’t come out in your review: glare! The 750 has a glare free screen and this one does not. I was always repositioning it so I could read it. Now, I’m in the market for an anti-glare stick-on. IMO, that is a disappointing step back in the user friendliness of the Nuvi on Garmin’s part. What a shame….

        • Mux,

          I found that a screen protector for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (cell phone) covers the screen with only a little trimming on one end, and is a very good “insurance policy” for the glass screen. It has already saved mine a time or two. These protectors have to be compatible with the touch screen on the cell phone, so they work well in that aspect, too.

          I agree with you about the “step back” on several areas with this unit. The catch on the powered mount is NOT very secure. It will pop out VERY easily. “Updates” won’t fix that one!! I had to resort to double sided tape to keep it in the mount.

          • Followup to this: After some on line research, I bought “Lexerd – Garmin Nuvi 3590LMT 3550LM TrueVue Anti-Glare GPS Screen Protector Dual Pack Bundle” from Amazon. It works pretty good but I still had glare problems. I found that increasing the screen intensity did as much as adding the Lexerd…not much individually but, together, a somewhat suitable solution.

        • BaseCamp is free.

          Transferring favorites is easy…

          Hope this helps.

  27. hello

    i would like to know if i can use the Photo navigation using panoramio pictures into my Garmin 3590 this option was helpfull because you can see where you wnat to go by loking into picture of the place. haw can i transfer from my old mode 205W into 3590?
    thank you

  28. Hello

    i have transfer the favorite with the Photo navigation with Geotagged unfortuinatly i can not find the file into my 3590 Garmin. iwould like to konw where the file and haw to open those photo with Geotagged?
    thank you

    • I’m traveling right now and will need to check it out at home early next week, but I will try to do so.

      • Dear Rich

        are you back please may you help me about my earlier question about transfer the favorite with the Photo navigation with Geotagged from my 205W to 3590 Garmin

        • It appears that the photos need to be associated with a favorite. You may be able to do this by importing photos into Garmin BaseCamp (I believe it will create a waypoint for them) and then transfer that waypoint to the nuvi.

  29. Hi Rich, I have a dumb question. Suddenly the other day a red dot with a white dash inside appeared on my map near the exit that I take every day coming home from work. It has floated to an area further down that street and I have no idea what it means, tapping it does nothing. I can’t find a legend of all possible symbols that are on a Nuvi (which would be great) so I wonder if you know what this means.
    Thank you very much,

    • No idea. Can you take a screenshot (there is a setting under Display) and email it to me at richowings at gmail dot com?

      • Thanks for your response Rich, I found a list of traffic symbols by poking around the menu’s and it turns out the red dot with white dash is a sign for “road closure” (even though that road wasn’t). Thanks again for all your help.


  30. I just returned from my first long trip with this unit, where I was dependent on it to get me places. Before I left home, I went to a lot of trouble to plan routes to take me via places I wanted to go and around roads I didn’t want to travel on. For example, I was traveling from the mid-Atlantic states to New England and I knew I didn’t want to go over the George Washington Bridge in NYC (even though that’s the way GPS wanted me to go), so I made a route that forced traveling around it, over the Tappan Zee Bridge.

    Coming up the NJ Turnpike, I inserted an upcoming rest area into the route so I could take over the driving from my wife. As we approached it, she decided to continue driving until the next rest area.

    When we passed rest area #1, the GPS recalculated and insisted we get off at the next exit, make a U-turn, drive past it, make another U-turn and go to the rest area. I looked for the “never mind” button but didn’t find it.

    After we passed the exit where it wanted us to turn around, again it recalculated and again it insisted we make a U-turn, adding many miles and minutes to our ETA. Eventually, I gave up and tried to reload the preplanned route but it wanted me to go back to the start.

    Even my old eTrex unit is smart enough to give up and assumes I don’t want to return to a skipped waypoint.

    To make a long story short, all the time I spent preplanning the route was wasted. I now had to force it around the GW Bridge while driving.

    Question: Is there any way to remove a waypoint from either a preplanned route or even from a route that is made on the fly, without having to reenter everything again?

  31. Dear Mux
    the easy way is to go to your active trip plan and choise your next place you want to go and continuit your plant trip.

  32. LateNightBRi says:

    Well, since June 5th, 2012, I have told you of my frustrations with the Nuvi 3590, after being so happy for so many years with the Nuvi 360.

    For the Nuvi 3590 owners who are happy with it, this post is not for you. No offense intended.

    For those, like me, who are really frustrated with it, this post is for you.

    I know that, as an individual, I can not have any effect on Garmin to fix what frustrates me about the 3590, but all of us frustrated owners, might be able to.

    If enough (however many that may be), express the same frustrations to Garmin’s “Ideas” website, Garmin phone tech support told me, that Garmin’s “power’s that be” might be moved to address those issues.

    Why should we be stuck with an expensive supposedly high-end GPS from what is supposed to be world’s leading GPS company, that frustrates that heck out of us, when all it would take is some software updates to fix it, and make us, oh, so much happier?

    Here is the website to go to

    If you have some spare time, please consider it, naturally adding your issues as well.

    Here are mine, in priority order:

    1. Turn by turn view (aka List View):
    Miles until next turn do NOT update as they did in models prior to 2012

    This view either NEVER re-calculates or takes forever to do so.

    To both of above, Garmin phone tech support says drivers are NOT expected to drive in these views for more than a few seconds

    To that, I ask:
    > How is anyone supposed to know that?
    > If that is the case, why don’t they program it to revert to map view automatically after just a few seconds?
    > Why did they suddenly take away miles updating on Turn by Turn view for 2012?

    While I’m sure many people found it a little off-putting when their Nuvi said “re-calculating”, it was helpful to hear.

    It meant either you took a different route on purpose, or you missed a turn or something.

    This unit does not say it, and does not give you the option of saying it.

    > How hard would it be for them to issue an update to offer you the OPTION of having your Nuvi say “re-calculating” if you wanted it to?


    While software updates have managed to make the unit more stable, nothing has seemed to fix the unit’s screen going completely black for a few seconds every time I go over the George Washington Bridge towards NJ, on the UPPER Level.

    I mention the upper level, because it’s completely open, so there should be NO signal issues.

    It’s just a glitch.

    Separately, American Jill thinks “County” is pronounced “Ounty” (apparently, with a silent “C”).

    Another glitch.


    Finally, believe it or not, but the the 3590’s navigation is worse than my Nuvi 360, despite the fact all the same preferences are chosen.

    The 3590 has me going some of the worst ways possible to places.

    I ran both at the same time one day, as a test and Nuvi 360 directions were much better

  33. R Schneider says:


    Great website! Question, can the dashboard display (such as “Elevation”, Time of Arrival”, “MPH”, etc.) on the 3590LMT be stacked up on the right side like they can on a 1450LMT ?



    What is the maximum microSD™ and microSDHC memory cards I can use in my Nuvi 3590

  35. When I bought my MicroSD card I never thought about a restriction on size. I ran across a 32GB card for a low cost at Newegg and bought it. The GPS has not complained and I have not had a problem.

  36. Lowndes Whatley says:

    On Mar 18, 2013, I sent an email to Garmin saying that the Advanced Weather App SmartPhone Link (a paid subscription weather radar display on my 3590) was not working, could I get some detailed instructions on the operation of this app. Today, Sep 5, 2013, I got a reply, “Sorry for the delay…if you are still having issues please reply….”. SIX MONTHS to just get an acknowledgment ??? BEWARE. Just thought everyone should know.

  37. Kevin Franken says:

    I purchased my first GPS unit – Garmin nuvi 3590 – in April from a Fry’s store in Sacramento, California. I had read good reviews about this unit, and it was on sale for $370 or so ($412 with tax). 5 months later after minimal use, the device was not charging even though it was plugged into the car via the power cable and powered mount. I kept seeing “low battery” and “external power lost” error messages, then the unit would shut down/turn off. I didn’t understand how it was not getting power even though it was plugged in. I unplugged the power cable from one car plug-in and tried the other: same problem. All the cables were securely and tightly plugged in; nothing was loose. I then discovered that it was the powered mount that was the problem: when I held the unit in my hand and pressed very firmly and very hard on the back and top and bottom of the mount, the device would get a charge. But, of course, I can’t apply this pressure with my hands while I am driving, so I called and emailed Garmin Product Support. The technical support guy said that he has seen this same problem with other 3590s in that the leads on the powered mount aren’t connected with the inside of the device itself; this, no power is transferred. Because my device was still under the 1 year warranty, he sent me a new powered mount. I had my doubts that it would work, but because it was free, thought I’d try it. Of course, the new unit came and the very same problem happened: no power transfers from the mount to the device! Maddening! How can Garmin make such bad products that have the same defects!? And why would Garmin develop a product that has an extra unnecessary part (powered mount) that transfers the power charge, instead of having a simple power cable that plugs into the unit itself!?

    I asked Garmin for a refund, but they said they only give refunds for units purchased directly from and that are less than 60 days old. Of course, this info. is NOT on the website at

    Misleadingly, that site states “To obtain warranty service, contact your local Garmin authorized dealer”, so when I called Product Support and asked where my nearest local Garmin authorized dealer was, they said they only have 1 store, an that’s in Chicago! Very misleading for the website to imply there are multiple local Garmin authorized dealers when in fact there is only 1.

    So, I called Garmin again and asked how I can exchange the unit, and they said because my product is more than 60 days old, they would send me a refurbished unit, not a new one. What! I paid over $400 for a new unit that didn’t last 5 months, and Garmin will only send me a refurbished unit.

    More legalese from the website:
    Garmin retains the exclusive right to repair or replace (with a new or newly-overhauled replacement product) the device or software or offer a full refund of the purchase price at its sole discretion. SUCH REMEDY SHALL BE YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR ANY BREACH OF WARRANTY.”

    As you can see, no mention of 60-day rule or only purchases from qualify for a refund. I will be contacting my state (California) consumer product agency to complain about Garmin’s defective product and breach of warranty.

    If anyone else has any suggestions, I’m all ears!

  38. Bill Arnett says:

    I have a minor, no major problem with my 3590LMT. I developed a trip in Base Camp for a trip and sent to the device. I used the trip with no problems; however, I have had the need to use the trip again and found it had changed.

    The trip was in Missouri and used selected highways that bypassed the interstate. Rationale is the interstate (I70) is a major east-west corridor and has very heavy truck traffic along with heavy four wheeler traffic. I have seen packs of 8-10 trucks running together at 70 plus MPH. Just not a pleasant drive especially in bad weather. I set up my trip to go north to Hannibal MO on US 61 then US 36 to Cameron MO. The trip is just a little longer, but much more restful and safer. For every truck you see on my selected route you will see 100 plus on the interstate. The same goes for four wheel traffic.

    When I used the trip developed in Base Camp this time I found it now wants to use the interstate route not my designed route. Evidently the software (coders) decided they know best what is good for me. Infinite or infant wisdom. I’m sure you know where I lean.

    My question is can the trip be reverted to the designed trip, or if not how do I prevent changes to my trip in the future. Note I was not asked for agreement to the change or advised of it occurrence.


    • That’s interesting. (the behavior of the device not the editorializing.) Anyway, I don’t know htat I have an answer since I have never used BaseCamp for that purpose. I do, however, wonder what your settings are in Settings>Navigation<Avoidances. In there is a selection called "Highways" which in some parts of the country is a colloquialism for "Interstate Highway." What happens if you check that?

      • Bill Arnett says:

        A fast check with highways checked and saved did not change the route the trip took.

        • Did the trip change in BaseCamp or only once you imported it into the nuvi? If the latter, how did you access the trip on your nuvi? Using the trip planner?

          • Bill Arnett says:

            It did not change in BaseCamp. It changed only in the nuvi; however it was correct a year ago. When it changed I have no idea. Access was through the trip planner.

            Be advised I may have created the trip initially using the route planned; however, when it was exported to the device it was placed in the trip planner app.

    • Bill Arnett says:

      I posted the problem on GPS Auto Forum (Garmin Nuvi Forum) and received the following:

      [quote=”sussamb”]I can’t understand why the trip would have been recalculated unless you forced a recalculate or (more likely) you’ve updated your maps. Always worth checking routes/trips after a map update to ensure they still do what you want.

      I have updated several times and apparently that caused the recalculation. Now that I know should be able to handle in the future.

  39. Hmmmm. Well, now I, also, want to know the solution.

  40. Jimmy Pope says:

    I have the 2595lmt and using voice command and say “saved places” it then will say “Speak a Saved place” and under that it gives me an option to say “View List” I have ordered the 3590lmt and after watching a video the “Speak a saved Place” is absent and it seems to go to the the list and you have to say “Down until you find the one you’re looking for. Can anyone verify that this is the case or does it have the same option that my 2595lmt has.

    • You can just say the name of a saved place. You don’t have to view the list.

      • Well, kinda sorta. If I ask for “Walmart” it asks if I want to go there (the specific address). However, If I ask for “I Care Vision Center” or “I” or “Care” or “Vision,” nothing happens. If I ask for “Mile-hi Primary Care” or “Mile” or “Primary” or “Care,” again nothing happens.

        • Is all your firmware up to date? I would use Garmin WebUpdater and run it a couple of times, looking for additional updates.

          • I updated the software (and got caught in my favorite 3 hour exercise… a new map update). I then ran the WebUpDater four times (each time it said my software was up-to-date). The voice feature continues to behave as I stated before. Well, this time when asked for WalMart, I was asked if I wanted to go to an address in Baltimore MD — an address that was, in fact, in my “Saved Places” but nothing in the Name or the Address could have even remotely sounded like WalMart. (I tried it three times with the same exact result.) Hmmmmm. This is probably why I very rarely use this feature.

          • The only other thing I could suggest would be to back up your favorites and then do a hard reset.

  41. Hi Friends

    I would like to purchase the map update of Middle East. Haw can I check the new update include also the new road of Oman and UAE before purchase the update
    Thank you

  42. I do not ever plan to travel outside the United States and is there a way to just update my maps with US only. To me it just don’t make sense to have all of that data stored on my unit (Nuvi3590lmt) and taking up space when I will never use it.

  43. Rich, On the Garmin Nuvi 2595 the Garmin Express allowed me to transfer files from one GPS to a newer one… but I gave the 2595lmt to my Son now I have the Garmin Nuvi 3590lmt and it forced me to download the newer Express software and took away the transfer file options what can I do about getting back the older version of Garmin Express.

    • What platform are you on, Windows or Mac? Is there no Backup/Restore tab?

      • Windows 7…. and yes it gives me Backup/Restore but no “Transfer” When I had the 2495 and the 2595 I backup the files from the 2495 and then gave it to my Son, when I received the 2595 It showed “Transfer” so I was able to transfer all the files that I saved from the backup I did on the 2495 there is no such option on the 3500 series I just don’t understand why it’s not there

  44. Hey Rich will the 3590 power mount connecters that gives power on the bottom of the unit also fit the 3490

  45. I have had problems with the 3950 since May 2012. I did all the updates for it. When I put in an address, when all the text lines are showing, the miles never changed. I put my 1390 side by side with the 3950 and took pictures to show Costco the miles on the 3950 never changed. I went to LA and if I would have gotten on the toll road which was 10 miles, after 6 miles it still said 10 miles. Then a voice said in .8 of a mile exit to ( street ).
    I returned to Costco bought same one again. Same problem with second one. Called and emailed Garmin many times. Returned to Garmin, had same problem. Returned that one to. Now I just use the 1390, even though the speaker is going out.
    Is there any reason why when all the lines of text are showing, as I drove the miles never went down ?

  46. mint 3590, not 3950


  47. I just purchased a nuvi 2797LMT. Do not see an audio output. Is there one? And if not, can one be added? Any idea how? Thanks!

    • You could install an audio jack in the back of the case on the speaker wires. There are a variety of these jacks available from retail DIY electronic stores. Get the right size (female)for your preferred device (usually male, two pole). Get a disconnecting jack to cut the circuit to the speaker, otherwise the volume will be greatly reduced for both when you plug it in. Simple to do; one cut, two solders, drill one hole (make sure you have clearance for the jack inside the case) and you are fixed.

      • Forgot to mention, I had my 2797 apart to install a screen protector and there is PLENTY of room inside for an audio jack (ear bud type) in there.

  48. What to buy???

    Refurb 3590LMT for $150 or New 2597LMT for $165

    Thanks for the advice!!

  49. Having the same power mount issue as the other gentleman who wrote in Sept. 3590 keeps saying external power lost, especially if I’m on a bumpy road. Just keeps happening over and over. The red light is on for the cord but the unit doesn’t charge at all & I keep getting the error message. It is past the 60 days so is there hope if I purchase a new power mount or do I bag the Garmin for something else? Thanks for the help!

    • Kevin Franken says:

      I’m the guy who posted about the power mount issue. I doubt another power mount will help you, as Garmin sent me not 1, not 2, but 3 replacements, and all 3 failed to resolve the issue. I believe the issue has to do with the power receptors or other hardware inside the device itself…causing the power mount not to connect/transfer power to the unit properly. I had to really pressure Garmin to send me a new (not refurbished) unit, but they did, and it has worked fine for several months now. I think the device is very sensitive to vibrations, so if it ever experiences a bump or fall, the internal mechanics may experience bending or breaking such that the power mount cannot connect to the device or transfer power to the device. I also bought a carrying case for my new Garmin to absorb normal road bumps. Maybe that helps preserve and protect the unit.

  50. I’ve owned my 3590 for about two years and it has served me well…BUT, one issue drives me nuts. I use it for geocaching so I delete and reload caches every week. When I reload, I have to hold the power button for at least ten cycles before it will get past the “loading maps” screen. This used to happen once in a while, but now it’s every time. I’ve tried the soft reset but that does nothing. Sometimes it take way more than ten cycles and it makes me crazy, I don’t usually have a lot of time to be dealing with this. Any thoughts?

    • RonBoyd says:

      I don’t understand what you mean by “cycles.” Are you saying that it shuts on and off ten times before the main “Where To?” screen appears. I have had my 3590 for over four years and never had that happen. If I plug it into my computer (to update maps/software, etc. it will take about 30 seconds to fully load the next time I start it. After that it opens to a screen with a “padlock” icon that requires a double tap and then everything loads (opens?) immediately.

      • The first time I hit the power button after loading my caches, it boots to the logo screen then freezes at the “loading maps” screen. If I hold the button down, the nuvi will flash on and off and after it does that ten or so times, I let go of the power button and MAYBE it will boot all the way…very trying!

        • RonBoyd says:

          Oh. I see what you are saying. That doesn’t seem normal. I timed how long it takes mine to go from “Button Push” to “Where To?” screen (includes “Loading Maps” procedure); it was exactly 30 seconds. In any event, it does that only after I connect/disconnect it to my computer. All other times, it goes to that “Padlock” screen after pushing the start button. Now this is during handhold operation. When I plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet in a vehicle it goes directly and instantly to the “Where To?” screen.

    • Dave B, have you tried connecting to Garmin Express and updating?? Have you called Garmin CS?? They have helped me several times get glitches resolved/corrected. Mine never behaved that way. It “ain’t right”, as we say.

      • Yes, I’ve updated several times with Express. No, I haven’t called Garmin CS on it because I’ve been working 7:00AM to 7:00 PM, but that will slow down soon and I will call. I figured that this forum would be a good place in the meantime.

        • Lowndes says:

          Well, if you are working that much, you haven’t had time to drive around or use a gps!!
          Send them an email about it. It only took them 6 (six) freakin months to reply to mine a while back. Maybe you’ll have better results.
          Never encountered a problem with mine like the one you are having, had mine about the same length of time. Sounds like a software glitch to me, maybe an obscure one that only shows when you “delete and reload caches every week.” ??

          IF/when you do find a fix, please post it here for the rest of us.

          • After the initial hassle, everything works perfectly…until the next reload. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the way I’m disconnecting from my PC. I use the win7 disconnect function (the USB icon on the task bar). Maybe I’ll try ejecting from “my computer”.

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