Sunday, March 18, 2012

New nuvis in stock, Oregon delayed

2013 Garmin nuvi and Oregon 600 series

The Garmin Oregon 600 and 2013 nuvi Advanced series

Most of the 2013 Garmin nuvi Advanced series models are now shipping from GPS City (which offers free priority mail shipping) and direct from Garmin. It appears that Amazon should have them in another week or so. Meanwhile the Oregon 600 series is now expected to ship March 25 (April 2 for the 650 series).

Garmin product page Screen size GPS City
Garmin nuvi 2457LMT  4.3″ In stock
Garmin nuvi 2497LMT  4.3″ In stock
Garmin nuvi 2557LMT  5″ March 8
Garmin nuvi 2577LT  5″ April 5 (est.)
Garmin nuvi 2597LMT  5″ Ltd. quantities
Garmin nuvi 2757LM  7″ Ltd. quantities
Garmin nuvi 2797LMT  7″ March 11
Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD  5″ March 30 (est.)

Here are links to our previous posts on the 2013 nuvis and the new Oregon models. I’m expecting a nuvi 2597LMT and 2797LMT shortly and hope to have a first looks post up next week.

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  1. I ordered a 2757 LMT from GPS centr Ca and they shipped it this afternoon. I’ll receive it the 11 or 12. Hope it’ll works fine…

  2. Atlas Cached says:

    I received an evaluation unit Oregon 650 this week, and I am very impressed with the features and functions added. I am running firmware 2.00. Many, Many of the requests made for the Montana (and still not implemented) are available on the Oregon 6×0. Unfortunately, the Oregon 6×0 has a smaller screen, and no external power options.

    I guess Garmin still can’t build one GPSr with all the features, and I will continue to add to my collection!

  3. Benazeer Abbas says:

    Hi Rich,

    Got my 2597LMT today, turned on but acquiring signal. I am trying from last three hours don’t know how to do this. Please help. Thanks

  4. Benazeer Abbas says:

    charged it with AC power. Yes I m indoor but yesterday I was in parking lot for 15 min but didn’t connect it with vehicle.

    • 15-30 minutes on your dash or perhaps even in a window of your home should be enough for it to lock satellites. Once it does lock, leave it on for five minutes or so to download the satellite almanac data.

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