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This week in GPS — March 8th, 2014

TomTom GO 600 US

Looks like the TomTom GO 600 may hit the US market at the end of March

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Our lead image this week is of the TomTom GO 600; looks like it and the GO 500 may be available in the US by the end of this month

From GPS Tracklog

Our posts from the past week:



  • I linked to this in yesterday’s drone article, but in case you missed it: Busting the FAA’s “Myth Busting” Document
  • Move over taser, here comes a stun drone
  • Drone Journalist Suing Hartford, CT Police
  • NC study group recommends using drones for ag research, rescue missions

Satellites and such


A couple of inReach stories I hadn’t seen before:

Apple CarPlay, et al.

There’s not going to be a single automaker just choosing CarPlay. It’s short-sighted to do that.

Going mobile

Car tech

hereO GPS child tracker

hereO GPS child tracker

GPS tracking

GPS in the news

  • Cop’s GPS Data Conflicts With Justin Bieber Drag Racing Story

Indoor location

  • TomTom integrates indoor mapping with Micello partnership

Just geo

All the news that doesn’t fit

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