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Compare Garmin nuvi models

Garmin nuvi reviewYou can compare Garmin nuvi models using the chart below, which is designed to help make sense of their myriad models. For a quick overview of the different series, you can also check out my dissecting the Garmin nuvi series post.

The links in the far left column below go to each Garmin nuvi review on our site. All listed models speak street names and include speed limit and trip log display. Discontinued nuvis are now listed in their own chart. You can also click here for descriptions and more information about various features. NEW: Click on column headers to sort chart. 

Compare Garmin nuvi models

Garmin nuvi review Maps Screen size Traffic Blue- tooth Powered mount Multi- point routing Lifetime maps Lane assist Voice command More Info
nuvi 30 48 states & US + Canada versions 3.5″ No No No No No Yes No More info
nuvi 40 48 states & US + Canada versions 4.3″ No No No No No Yes No More info
nuvi 40LM 48 states & US + Canada versions 4.3″ No No No No Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 42 49 states 4.3″ No No No No No Yes No More info
nuvi 42LM 49 states 4.3″ No No No No Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 44LM U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ No No No No Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 50 48 states & US + Canada versions 5.0″ No No No No No Yes No More info
nuvi 50LM 48 states & US + Canada versions 5.0″ No No No No Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 52 49 states 5.0″ No No No No No Yes No More info
nuvi 52LM 49 states 5.0″ No No No No Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 54LM U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ No No No No Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 465LMT U.S. Canada 4.3″ Lifetime Yes No Yes Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 1450T U.S. Canada 5.0″ Lifetime No No Yes No Yes No More info
nuvi 2350 U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Option No Yes Yes No Yes No More info
nuvi 2360LT U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Lifetime Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes More info
nuvi 2455LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Lifetime No No Yes Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 2455LT U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Lifetime No No Yes No Yes No More info
nuvi 2460LT U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ Lifetime Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes More info
nuvi 2475LT U.S. Canada Mexico Europe 4.3″ Lifetime Yes No Yes No Yes No More info
nuvi 2495LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Lifetime Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes More info
nuvi 2497LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Lifetime Yes No Yes Yes Active Yes More info
nuvi 2555LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ Lifetime No No Yes Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 2555LT U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ Lifetime No No Yes No Yes No More info
nuvi 2557LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ Lifetime No No Yes Yes Active No More info
nuvi 2595LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ Lifetime Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes More info
nuvi 2597LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ Lifetime Yes No Yes Yes Active Yes More info
nuvi 2757LM U.S. Canada Mexico 7.0″ No No Yes Yes Yes Active No More info
nuvi 2797LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 7.0″ Lifetime Yes Yes Yes Yes Active Yes More info
nuvi 3450 U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Option No Yes Yes No Yes No More info
nuvi 3450LM U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Option No Yes Yes Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 3490LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Lifetime HD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes More info
nuvi 3550LM U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No More info
nuvi 3590LMT U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ Lifetime HD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes More info
nuvi 3597LMTHD U.S. Canada Mexico 5.0″ Lifetime HD Yes Yes Yes Yes Active Yes More info
nuvi 3750 U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Option No Yes Yes No Yes No More info
nuvi 3790T U.S. Canada Mexico 4.3″ Lifetime Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes More info

Garmin nuvi feature descriptions

  • Live traffic – It may not be quite ready for prime time, but it is improving, especially for models with HD traffic. Even so, you can expect lots of inaccurate reports as well as incidents that aren’t reported. Most pre-2013 Garmin nuvis with a T following the model number have ad-supported traffic (see reviews for screenshots). HD models and 2013 T models are ad-free.
  • Bluetooth for hands-free cell phone use – Generally speaking, the sound quality has gotten much better on recent models, but check the reviews (the first column links to these) as it does vary.
  • Powered mount – The power cord plugs into the mount, rather than the GPS. That’s one less connection to fuss with when you want to use your navigator. I’m a big fan of these, especially when combined with a friction mount.
  • Multi-point (multi-destination) routing – A very nice feature, but not a critical one. If the chart says “no,” you can only enter one destination and one or two via points. This isn’t a big problem since you can easily find locations under Favorites or Recently Found.
  • Lifetime map updates – Garmin has started selling units bundled with lifetime map updates, which you can typically download quarterly. Newer models with these have an LM or LMT (the latter includes lifetime traffic) tacked onto the end of the model number.
  • Lane assist – Shows which lane you need to be in for Interstate exits and some surface streets in larger metros. An improved version, active lane guidance, was introduced on the 2013 Advanced and Prestige series.
  • Voice commands – A killer feature and it actually works pretty well on most models.

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  1. Rich,

    Could I suggest that in your comparison chart you include a spot for ” MicroSD Card “. It seems with each map update Garmin does you are not able to install the whole updated map due to the files being larger. An SD card then almost becomes a necessity. It would be helpful in a comparison when shopping for a new unit.

    Thanks in advance

  2. One thing I don’t see is how many destinations can be saved on these models. I’m getting ready to replace my old Nuvi 205 and I need a very large number of saved destinations when deciding on a new model.

  3. Cliff Meier says:

    How much internal memory does the Nuvi 2557LMT have?


  4. Not sure. Either 4GB or 8GB.

  5. P de Graaf says:

    I have had a Garmin 2450 for 2 years that I loved but it just died. One of the things I like best is that it will remember my favorite route after a few times of going an alternate way from what it originally suggested. It was pretty irritating to have the GPS constantly “recalculating” when I went the same way to work every day but it just didn’t like it. Are there any out there that still have this feature? It seems they all have different ones but I can’t find this on my searching. Any help is appreciated!! I need to order one quick, I’m lost without mine. lol

    • This is the myTrends feature. Garmin pulled it from the Advanced series in 2012, but returned it to them in 2013, so you may want to look at the 2457LMT or 2557LMT. You may have it enable it in the settings.

      • D R Biellier says:

        I want to compare 2457 but I can’t find it in your chart. Why? I am looking at one on ebay that says “in dash”. What does that mean? Can I still use it on my dash or console with a mount I already have? Why is category no longer used: Speak Street Names???


        • Because I haven;t reviewed it, but it’s the same as the 2557LMT except for its 4.3″ screen. I don’t know why someone is calling it in dash unless they modified it for their own car. Assuming it has not been modified and it has the original mount, it will work with all standard nuvi dash mounts. All current nuvis speak street names so there is no longer any need to display that information.

  6. Pam de Graaf says:

    I’m looking at the 3580LMT and I can’t find a review on it by you. I used your recommendations when I bought my last unit. Is the 3580 similar to another unit? And does it have the capacitive touch screen? My 2450 let me tap the screen with just my fingernail and my daughter’s newer one has to be pressed for anything to happen. Thanks for your guidance!

  7. My Mark VIII ATE my Garmin.

    I had a 50 for a year and 6 days. Parked in a questionable area, I slipped it under the drivers seat to be out of view. I returned with the grand daughter, and her being required to ride in the rear car seat, I tilted the driver seat forward. The Continental coupe has an automatic feature that moves the seat forward when tilted for more clearance when the door is open. The seat crushed the Garmin, broke the faceplate. It will turn on, but will not operate, and most of the screen stays black. Thats how my Mark VIII ate my GPS.

    • Ouch!

    • Depending upon the size of the unit, they can be carried in a shirt or coat pocket, for short trips away from the car, even a few hours. This is where a case comes in handy, and I think they are about 17 dollars U.S. depending upon where you purchase one, price could be less.

    • Lowndes says:

      John, the screen can be replaced very easily. If you aren’t interested in doing it yourself, wanna sell it to me??

      • Lowndes – I have a 52LM with a cracked screen. It looks as though screens for the 50LM are widely available but I don’t find anything that says it will work on a 52LM. Do you know whether they are the same?


        • Lowndes says:

          Dick – Not familiar with that model, but try this guy goodsupply0889, he was very helpful. Google it, he has a webstore out of Minnesota. What I did was remove the cracked screen from the unit. There are youtubes on disassembling nuvis. Once you have the screen out, you can compare it to pics of other model screens. That’s how I found one for my 2797. NO ONE showed a replacement for it, but it works!!
          The size and shape of the ribbon cable(s) that connect the screen (digitizer) to the mother board, the dimensions of the screen, plus the related units that Rich Owings has in in the “Related Units” under the Review of that unit, will be the key to finding a screen that will work if you can’t find one specifically for that nuvi. Looks like the 50, 52, 54 are very similar. That’s where to start.
          Check Craigslist and Ebay, too. Sometimes you will find a used unit, the same model or better for less than a screen.
          If you are intimidated by opening a GPS, just watch some of the videos. They are really simple. Screen, MB, battery, speaker, all connected by plug-in wires/cables, held in place by screws or tape. EZPZ.

  8. A. Mulllins says:

    Is there really any difference between a 42LM and a 52LM other than the screen size. Is it worth the price difference just for a little larger screen?
    I am trying to decide which one to buy. Thanks

  9. Rich-

    Looking for a 5″ with pinch-to-zoom. Hard to find this feature, if I am describing it right, identified on any model as such.
    Also, any difference between 3D Traffic and HD Traffic?


  10. does the nuvi2797 have a jack for backup canara> or what ones do. thank you

  11. what models are backup camara ready

  12. Rich

    Got any comments on the so called Garmin manuracturer refurbishing? Should I take a chance, or avoid them as a bad bet? Also listings for refurb 3580 LMT are showing up on ebay. I can not find this model on Garmin site, or the listings published here. What gives on this model? Listings claim android compatable and blue tooth.

    Another question. I do not want to use a smart phone, but want to use my standard cell phone instead. Is this android thing a problem for use with the old flip phones?

    And here is yet another question. I see there are low cost adapters to plug into your modern car computer slot, that will output the diagnostic codes and readings via bluetooth. So will these work with the bluetooth Garmin units? Any models not compatable?

    • I bought a Factory refurbished Garmin Nuvi 255 from Amazon in the USA. It came with the same 1 year warranty as a brand new one costing more than double the price. It also had Maps upgrade the same as a new one (not that newer Maps of USA and Canada are any use to me in the Philippines).

      The battery started to only have about 50% the capacity, after it was nearly 2 years old (but that could happen in a brand new one, as as it well past the warranty expiry!). I just bought a new one from China and fitted it myself, and it back to full capacity again.

      Some of my fellow ‘Green Trail Rides Cebu’ members, also bought larger 5″ Nuvi GPS as refurbished and they have not had problems either. The older models seem to be more solid and reliable than some of the newer ones perhaps. It is these older, discontinued, models that tend to be sold as factory refurbished it seems.


      Not sure what you mean by “Is this android thing a problem for use with the old flip phones?”

      Non-Garmin brand diagnostic devices won’t work with a nuvi via Bluetooth.

      • I will rephrase my question. Since the 3580 is designed for android operating system, and my flip phones are not, will there be a compatability problem in getting the 3580 to receive and send voice calls via bluetooth? Thanks for your reply.

        • It is not designed solely for Android. Most phones are compatible but there are exceptions. I would buy from someone with a good return policy in case it doesn’t work.

  13. Work app related question…I have a group of sales reps that I would like to download routes for their territory daily. I am using a software app called Route4me which will allow me to download to a GPX file. There will be anywhere from 20 to 30 stops in their routes daily. Which of the Nuvi model would you recommend and why for this type of application? Thanks in advance for your time.

  14. Tracy Hall Jr says:

    Thanks for your great site. It would be nice if on your comparison page you could insert the column header once or twice in the body so that one does not need to keep scrolling up to see the single header.

    • Thanks Tracy. The columns can be sorted by clicking on a header item. I agree with you that it would be nice to repeat the column header but I don’t know of any way to do that and keep it sortable.

      • Rich – if you “paint” and copy the entire comparison chart to your version of EXCEL, you can split or freeze, sort, etc. to your heart’s content.

  15. Which Garmin Nuvis create track logs that can then be downloaded and applied to maps (such as openstreetmap)? Thanks in advance for your advice!

  16. Tracy Hall Jr says:

    Over the last 5 or 6 years I’ve had 2 different Garmin Etrex and 2 Nuvis, and all had this great feature.

  17. I love this site Rich, it has been an immense help to me while I’m looking to buy a/my first trail and road gps.
    When do you plan to update this comparison chart with the new models being released?
    Also I’ve seen the 2597 drop recently in price ($160 in AUS) , presumable to make way for the newer models.
    Is generally much difference between the older models and their newer counterparts?

  18. I just returned a 3590 to Costco because it was malfunctioning in more ways than I could handle, within the first few weeks. (Failing to take a charge from the car charger, inserting random wrong instructions into otherwise good directions, the mount kept sproinging off the dash, it wouldn’t turn off (to conserve battery), then would only turn ALL the way off (versus it’s power-down feature), etc. I intended to replace it, in hopes it was just a lemon, but they were all out of the 3590, so I bought a 2598 instead.
    – Don’t see that reviewed here, can I assume it’s basically the same as the 2597?
    – If so, other than the powered mount for the 3570 (which I never got to use anyway), is there any real difference between the 3590 and the 2598?
    – (Why does Garmin have so many nearly identical models, anyway?)

    • Yes, it is basically the same as the 2597.

      The 2598 has some new features not found in the 3590 but lacks 3D terrain and buildings, the capacitive touch screen and HD traffic (unless your 2598 came with an HD traffic receiver).

      Because their marketing folks thinks it makes sense to. 🙂

  19. I’m thinking of buying a Garmin 42LM or 50LM model to replace my Street Pilot 2720. Do these models talk to you when approaching a turn, etc.? and is this a suitable replacement for the 2720, with all the features being the same or better?

    • Yes, they call out turns and street names. But no, it’s not comparable to the 2720. The nuvi series is dumbed down. If you want a more robust feature set, go for the 54LM or the 2xx5 series.

  20. Ellen Sauerbrey says:

    I have a Magellen that just died after 27 months. I am thinking about a Garmin replacement but wonder what you can tell me about anticipated battery life?

  21. One review of the new 2798LMT mentions it does not give the distance to the destination in miles/kilometers only in time. Will be interesting to see if this is correct when you have time to test this new model. Do other Garmins give the distance in miles? would this be something Garmin could include in a software update or would it be impossible to add it later. No much of a computer nerd here.

  22. dave crews says:

    I have a Garmin Nuvi 2557 LMT . How can I get it to show longitude and latitude

  23. Rich after kicking tires for several years, with your help, I finally purchased the 2798LMT from They have a long list of training videos for the 2798LMT to help get a newbe up to speed on how it operates. Guess I should have looked at them before asking you so many basic questions on GPS operations.
    I never would have figured out what unit to get without your excellent web site.

    Anyway thanks again for all your help

  24. gerald murphy says:

    I am going to Italy.What gps would you recommend for ease of use etc,How is Garmin 2370lt

  25. The 2370LT is a discontinued model. The only current model with U.S. and European maps is 2577LT. Rich does not seem to have it in his comparison chart. It is also hard to find on the Garmin site but if you search google, you will see that Garmin does have it hidden away somewhere on their site.

    Kind of strange that in the “Search by Feature” menu, Garmin has “Includes Canada Maps (15)” and “Includes Mexico Maps (11)” but no entry for “Includes Europe Maps (1)”. Almost as though they don’t want anyone to find it.

    Both amazon and gpscity have the 2577LT.

  26. Thank you for the comparison chart. It has helped me narrow down options. I need some more help for the specific application I am looking for. Which of the Garmins with Bluetooth can connect to a bluetooth headset, and not just a smart phone? Other features I need are Life time Maps, Multi point routing and Spoken street names or directions. Also is there a Garmin with an audio out jack which had Life time Maps, Multi point routing and Spoken street names or directions.?

  27. RBaillie says:

    Do any of these have the following feature?
    I’d like to drive west across multiple states on, say Route US 36. Google Maps shows a complicated series of turns to stay on Route 36. So, do any of these units allow me to specify such a route and tell where/how to turn to stay on the Route? (In theory, road signs would tell me this, but they’re easy to miss).

  28. Philosopher says:

    I have an old Nuvi, maybe 260or something. I paid to update maps but when attempting to do so years ago, I received an error message that the Nuvi did not have enough memory. so I bought and installed a micro SD (2 MG) and got the same failure message. I’ve used it (the old Nuvi) where I have a sense of the geography but rented one in parts of the country I’ve never been to (and abroad, since I cannot download foreign maps). I’m wondering whether, if I buy a new Garmin, whether it will become quickly obsolete because on the “not enough memory problem” even with anSD. thanks for any advice.

  29. Rich,
    Looking to upgrade from my 4-5yr old nuvi 1350LMT. First ones to catch my eye yet still fairly inexpensive are a manufacturer refurb nuvi 2595LMT and the new 55LM. Or even the 2597LMT? Any lean in your opinion?

  30. CHARLES FIELD says:

    Why is it that Garmin does not tell us that Microsoft versions 7 or 8 are needed to update life time maps!

  31. I have an older Garmin 265WT and I just purchased a 2595LMT, the older unit speaks clearly and in the new model it speaks with a bit garbled voice. Do I have a defective unit or have the sacrificed voice quality in the new model?

    • Is Rich Owings out there? Is anyone responding on this thread?

      • Lowndes says:

        Hey, George, call Garmin Customer Service (919-397-8200), ask them about the audio quality. If it is malfunctioning, they can do something about it. They have always been very helpful to me.

        • I did return one unit and exchanged it for anther of the same model, same voice quality. I think the prosser in the newer unit is doing more work and woice quality has suffered. I would like to heae from other users who have goner from older to newer units.

          • Lowndes says:

            George, are you referring to the audible directions “voice” quality or the bluetooth cellphone voice quality??

          • The voice directions coming directly out of the unit. When it announces street names and some of other directions it sounds a bit garbled compared to the older unit. The older unit, for an automated voice, is amazingly clear in comparison.

  32. The “keypad” on my Nuvi 42 is not very sensitive. I generally have to hit a key very solidly several times before the system responds. By then I’m likely to have “fat fingered” it. Is this normal or is the device defective?

    • Lowndes says:

      Harry, I’m not Rich, but I can tell you that I had the same experience with a number of units starting with the 200 to the 2350, some a little better that others, almost a safety hazard but “not very responsive”, not like we are used to on a touchscreen phone. Then I got the high-deff screen on the 3590 and IT WAS GREAT!! Very clear, sharp, responsive and bright. I never regretted paying the price for that unit!! Now it is obsolete.


  34. Lowndes says:

    Angelo, I have the 2797 mounted on the newer, flat, flexible friction mount and it works well. Garmin doesn’t have a name or model number for it that I can find. Sometimes Garmin does stuff that just makes you wonder. I do not have the “bean-bag” mount, can’t tell you about it. The”bean-bag” unit had a flat spot for the suction cup (windshield) mount, while the “flat” mount has the hinged goose-neck with ball as part of the mount. Tom-Tom has a much larger “bean-bag” mount that might work, too.

  35. Lowndes says:

    I have not had that poor quality audio experience from any of my units, knock on wood, but none of them are exactly “hi-fi”. Have you tried any other “voices” that are available?? (I like the “British” accent, helps separate the Garmin info from the radio/passenger/cellphone input.) Sometimes a lower/higher tonal range (male/female voice) will be clearer, more distinct to one’s ear. I believe there are other “voices” available from Garmin as a download.

    • Thanks, I believe I have selected the same voice in both units, American English. I guess they could be different voice data basses or voice engines software Next time I power them up I will look. If that doesn’t prove out, I will try another voice to see if the diction is more clear. I am not much for downloading other voices, don’t want to screw it up. At least it works as it is just a bit annoying, and you need to listen closely when it barks out instructions as you drive.
      If I can’t find a voice ant it gets to me I will follow your suggestion and call the customer service number.
      Thanks again.

  36. I need a new Garmin as my old one got too beat up and doesn’t charge any more. This will be my third Garmin, my last one was thanks to your review. I want one that will offer written directions, not just maps. Which model–2595? 1390? 1490? are in my price range. If I could enter the directions online and then transfer them, I would love that. And I like Bluetooth for my phone. The copilots have iPhones, but their batteies always die and they use too much data, so I am sticking by my Garmin. Thank you!

    • You don’t say what your old Garmin(s) were, but I gave my Garmin Nuvi 255, a new lease of life, simply by replacing the battery.
      Code: GarminCS-IQN200SL
      Item: Battery for Garmin Nuvi 200 200w 205 205T 205W 250 205WT 255 255T 255W 255WT 252w 260 260w 270
      Price: $13.79 (Free Shipping)

      My only regrets with my Garmin Nuvi 255 being:-
      i) H/W Version does not support/provide Diagnostic 1Hz Tracklog,
      ii) Not able to import ‘Routes’
      iii) Does not allow selection of Maps on SD Card

      • This is my 3rd time looking for Rich Owings advice on a garmin. Where is he? Hope he is ok.

        • The GPS Tracklog actually has switched hands and Rich is no longer directly involved. The link above his is last post, and I believe he included a link if readers wanted to follow up with his next project.

          What did you need help with? I might be able to answer some of your questions although I am not as knowledgeable about some of the units, I’ll give it my best.

  37. Charlie Field says:

    I have a Garmin Nuvi 1450T. It has been working just fine until recently when I decided to change the voice from Jill to a males voice, big mistake! I changed it back to Jill but now the volume is to low and now I can hardly hear her. I sure hope you can help me.

  38. Anita Perry says:

    I want to purchase a new GPS unit today. I would like a 5,6, or 7 inch screen. I also would like preloaded maps as I do not have the updated operating syste needed to download the maps. I want an easy to follow navigational map (yep, dumbed down) speaks the street names, voice commands which exit to take and if possible shows which lane to be in. This will be my 3rd Garmin in the last 4 years. Thank you for your help.


  39. This is my first venture into GPS. I want something simple; to get me from point A to B. I have a cellphone I only use for emergencies; just a plain cell phone. Are there any that speak and talk thru the directions; do not want to be distracted by try to follow on a screen. Which Garmin?

    • Tilly – I’m not a “Rich Owings” GPS Guru Extrodinare, but I’ll add my two cents, try to help you. Most of the GPS units on the market today use a visual representation, either a map or “3D” view for “navigation”, WITH a “text” instruction for an upcoming turn, along with “audible” or voice instructions. The better units give street names for turns, ie “Turn left in 300 ft on Elm Street.” vs “Turn left in 300 ft.” They will give you multiple notices, 1/4 mile, 500 ft, 300 ft, etc. None that I know of are audible only. However, that doesn’t mean you have to look at it all the time. You WILL need to look at it to input commands. Yes, some take VERBAL commands from you, but that can be problematic sometimes.

      To answer you question, there are a bunch of units (I’d bet “all”) that will do what you describe. I don’t have experience with each unit in the chart above, but every unit I’ve had beginning with the original Nuvi 200 to the 2797 will do what you describe. You might consider buying a used unit for cheap, or borrowing one, just to test the waters, see what they do, learn what you can. You will have to USE IT to learn it. It’s really not that bad. CRAIGS LIST usually has a bunch of them starting at $25. Or, Amazon has a new Nuvi 40LM for $76. Read about it here. This site has very reliable information and will tell you the good and bad. Stay with a Garmin. They can be a little quirky sometimes, but they are the leader and a “known quantity”.

      What else?? Let us know what you decide and how it is going!!

  40. I have a NUVI 40 that I purchased for general travel. We are traveling quite frequently now that we are retired and want the NUVI 40 to load pre designated routes, HOT ROD Power Tour routing for example and I can’t load the route to my GPS unit.
    My questions: does a NUVI40 have the ability to load a data file on a mapquest route? The others we travel with have been able to do this to their units but I don’t know their model numbers.
    If not what model would be able to do this, I don’t want to spend a lot of money as all of our vehicles have the manufacturer built in GPS this is solely for loading routes.
    Thank you

  41. I am going have to upgrade my 2730 that I have loved for several years. the internal flash barely holds a regional map and soon will not even hold my state the way it is going. But my car has a solar windshield that requires me to have an external antenna plugged into the GPS. If not the unit cannot find the satellites. Do any of the new units have a jack for an external antenna?


  42. I have a Nuvi 775 that has always had Europe maps on it. I have used them over the years. Recently I was in France and All of a sudden they are gone. It is as if they were deleted. Is that possible? They just don’t show up on the list of countries. Otherwise I am happy with it.
    Any idea what might have happened?

    • I don’t recall whether the 775 has an external memory card but I did have some trouble with another model when the card (containing maps) became disengaged. It didn’t come out completely, just not fully seated in the slot. Could that be your problem?

  43. Kimberly MacDonald says:

    Curious, from the list of different garmin nuvi gos’s, for the lane assist, so say active & other say yes, what does it mean when some are active?

    • Kimberly – Below the COMPARISON CHART is a brief description/explanation of some of these features:

      Garmin nuvi feature descriptions

      *Lane assist – Shows which lane you need to be in for Interstate exits and some surface streets in larger metros. An improved version, active lane guidance, was introduced on the 2013 Advanced and Prestige series.

      Hope this helps. You might google it to read/learn more about it.

  44. Do any of the nuvi models post the current time? I can’t find a setting for this on mine.

    • Bill, I think most will display the time. On your unit, go to SETTINGS – UNITS & TIME – CURRENT TIME – and use AUTOMATIC. Virtually ALL GPS units use the time for the location algorithm from the atomic clock on each satellite, so it is VERY ACCURATE. Some units use cell phone signals for augmented and/or primary location. That TIME is very accurate also.

  45. I have an Acura TL 2010 model and need to update the OEM GPS system but the cost is over a $100. Am I better off buying a freestanding Garmin GPS in the same price range, instlling a Garmin product on my Iphone for $49.00 or updating the Nav device in the car

  46. Gary,

    Just my 2 cents here. I’ve had several Garmins, from the old Nuvi 200 up to the 2797. I also have a Samsung Mega (6.3″ screen = big) cell phone, and I use both a lot. If you use both (gps and cell phone), and sometimes both at the same time, you need two separate machines for several reasons (1 -it’s hard to talk on the phone AND watch the screen at the same time; 2 – limited gps features on a cell phone; 3 -if your cell phone quits, is lost, etc, you are SOL).

    That leaves the OEM and freestanding GPS. I don’t know much about OEM type units except that the ones I’ve seen seem to be kinda clunky in the way they are set up (firmware), and not feature rich. So, ask yourself how well you like YOUR OEM unit, the screen, controls, features, etc. AND if you want to pay another $100+ in a year or two. If you aren’t familiar with newer Garmin, TT, or similar “real GPS” units, you may not know what you are missing!!

    IF you decide to go with a freestanding unit, and considering that you drive a very nice car, treat yourself with a high-end unit. Primary consideration is the screen – DO get the HI-RES screen (the older screens are aggravating and not very touch sensitive). Also, BIGGER is better. Get a LMT (Lifetime Maps & Traffic) model or you will be asking the same thing again. You sound like you are very cost conscious. I’d rather have a USED high-end unit than a NEW mid-range unit, for the same $. Look at ebay and craigslist. There are some very good deals out there.

    GOOD LUCK, and let everyone here know which way you decide to go, AND WHY!!

  47. I had a 2555LM which I needed to replace due to the fact that a memory card had gotten stuck in the SD slot and the unit was not working properly. I purchased a 2597LMT but there is one feature I really miss and that is the “Dashboards”! I like seeing how many miles remaining to my destination along with the arrival time. Are there any of the newer models with the “Dashboard” feature along with Voice Recognition?

    • Amy, The 2797LMT has those DASHBOARD features like remaining time/distance to destination, plus a bunch of others I’m still finding,sometimes by accident!! I’m not sure if they still call it “Dashboard”, mine says “Trip Data”. Click the lower right corner (three bars) and you get a sidebar menu with Stop, Up Ahead, Volume, Traffic, Phone, Weather, Detour, TRIP DATA, and Brightness. Click on Trip Data and you get a sidebar menu with three selectable readouts. Click on any of those and you get a full screen of CUSTOMIZE TRIP DATA, with Trip A, Trip B, Direction, Speed, Arrive In,Destination Distance, Time To Turn, Distance To Turn, Max. Speed, Moving Avg, Overall Avg., Stopped, Moving Time, Total Time, Elevation, Current Time, Time to Via Point, Via Point Arrival Time, Via Point Distance, and a RESET button. You can select any three of these to show on the secondary TRIP DATA sidebar. Check your unit to see if you have something like this. Hope this helps/answers part of your question. The 2797 has VOICE COMMAND also.

  48. I bought a new garmin gps out of town. when I plug it in the only thing that shows up on the screen is the word GARMIN, it does nothing else. I don’t know what to do with it or how to get it started. Also, I’m looking for a garmin that has bread crumbs, any ideas

    • Pam, call Garmin customer service at – 1 (800) 525-6726, or you could read the instruction book that came with it.

  49. Hi. I came to the US couple of months ago. I know nothing about this navigation systems. I am a new driver. I just got my license. I am going to avoid highways for couple of months I think. I just wanted to ask, if these models have the feature to avoid highways and which one is better for a new driver. Please HELP. Thanks.

    • Lucy, your situation scares me!! Please be careful!! And WELCOME to the USA!!

      Yes, you will need help learning your way around and a GPS is a very good way to get the directions you need to navigate. Hopefully you are in a small town or rural area (and NOT a city like NY, LA or Atlanta) learning how to cope with everything!!
      Some Garmin units have “Avoidances” that include “U-Turns, Highways, Tolls and Fees, Ferries, Carpool Lanes, Unpaved Roads”. Some units may call this feature something else, and some units have different sets of avoidable conditions. Most of the units I’ve had, had this. You might call Garmin Customer Service (1 (800) 525-6726) and talk to them about this feature, which units have “Highway” or “Interstate” avoidance. They are VERY helpful and get paid to help people just like yourself with questions just like this. Everyone I have ever talked to there has been SUPER nice. And NO, I don’t work for Garmin or any related business.

      Suggestion: You might want to place the GPS where you CAN’T see the screen, but CAN hear the voice instructions (“Turn left in 200 feet”, or “Stay in the left lane”), until you become proficient/confident in your driving. Looking at the screen can be as distracting as texting sometimes. Learning how to use the GPS is a lot like getting a new smart phone, it’s a pretty good learning curve, as we say.

      GOOD LUCK!!

  50. Nuvi 2798. When the internal memory is filled will it automatically start using the added memory card?

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