Sunday, March 18, 2012

Archived trip logs on Garmin nuvis

Garmin-nuvi-trip-logs Most newer nuvis can record your trip log (AKA tracklog, and yes, that’s where this site’s name comes from). But did you know you can go back and view 200,000 points worth of data? Well, it’s all there, under Garmin/GPX/Archive.

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Dissecting the Garmin nuvi series

nuvi 3790 group It seems that Garmin is trying to create a nuvi for everyone, but with so many models in the marketplace, they’ve also created quite a bit of confusion. So here’s the low down on the various nuvi series available in the US. I’ll go through each series in numerical order; below that is a chart which breaks them down by date of introduction. These are fairly broad strokes — for more details, see my Garmin nuvi comparison chart.

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