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nuvi 310, nuvi 360 introduced by Garmin

Nuvi_310UPDATE: Check out our Garmin nuvi
360 review

Earlier today, Garmin unveiled the nüvi 310™ and nüvi 360™, two new additions to this popular product line. The nüvi™ is described by Garmin as an all-in-one Personal Travel Assistant™.

Both units feature Bluetooth "wireless technology with a microphone and speaker that lets you make hands-free mobile phone calls. Simply dial numbers with the nüvi’s touch screen keypad to make a call on a compatible Bluetooth phone. To answer calls, just tap nüvi’s screen and speak directly into its built in microphone." Both units also feature anti-theft technology; "Garmin Lock™ disables the nüvi from performing any functions until the user types in a specific 4-digit PIN or takes the unit to a predetermined secure location code. If the user does not know the PIN or secure location, the nüvi will be inoperative." Finally, the new nüvi’s have an SD slot that can accommodate options like Language Guides, a Travel Guide for Europe (U.S. coming soon) or a Savers Guide. Both units are expected to be available in June 2006.

Garmin nüvi™ 310

The Garmin nüvi™ 310 (pictured at left above), is the successor to the nüvi™ 300 and is available only in Europe. It comes pre-loaded with City Navigator® NT Europe data for one of the nine regions. Of course, like the 300, the 310 comes with MP3 player, audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, travel alarm, and currency converters. An optional FM traffic receiver provides Nuvi_360real-time traffic information.

Garmin nüvi™ 360

The Garmin nüvi™ 360, pictured at right, updates the incredibly popular nüvi™ 350. Pre-loaded with City Navigator® NT North America or Europe (full coverage), the other main difference between this and the 310 is that the 360 features turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions that speak street names.

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