Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best GPS for pedestrians

This article in covers a lot of ground, focusing mainly on GPS for pedestrians, with a strong emphasis on the Garmin nuvi and its competitors. Here’s the most informative snippet from the piece, comparing Garmin, TomTom and Magellan for those on foot:

"…some devices are more helpful than others for walkers. Garmin says its pedestrian mode negates one-way roads so that walkers can be directed the wrong way. It also allows walkers to go through access roads in parks where cars aren’t allowed.

Similarly, TomTom International BV’s new entry-level $499 TomTom ONE device, 5.5 ounces lighter than TomTom’s next-smallest device, directs walkers in pedestrian mode down the wrong way on one-way streets or along pedestrian bridges or bike paths if those are the fastest routes. And the pedestrian modes on many cellphone services such as Sprint’s MapQuest Navigator enable users to find walking directions and eliminate restrictions such as one-way streets and right-turn-only intersections.

But on the Magellan devices, walkers using the street maps will be directed as if they were a car. Magellan expects pedestrian routing features to be available on its new products early next year."

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  2. It’s interesting there are so various types of gps tracking devices for different kinds of people.I haven’t thought that they’ve developed so rapidly.Luckily I have my personal one and I like it very much.

  3. this doesnt help :L:L

    • Yeah, it’s a pretty old post. Best GPS for peds these days, assuming an urban environment, I’d go with the Garmin nuvi 2360LT or LMT, or the Garmin Montana series. Both will give you an actual compass to follow, instead of just a map. I think the Montana series would be most useful, but it’s more pricey too.

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