Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin GTU 10 GPS tracking device

Garmin GTU 10

UPDATE: Read my hands on review of the Garmin GTU 10.

Well, well, look what showed up on the FCC website this morning. With the GTU 10, Garmin apparently has a GSM/GPRS tracking device up their sleeve. While they’ve offered up commercial fleet tracking solutions in the past, bundled with their navigators, this is the first time they’ve produced a discrete remote GPS tracking device (at least as far as I’m aware).

This doesn’t surprise me at all. GPS tracking is a huge industry and Garmin has shown a tendency to get their fingers into as many pieces of the GPS pie as possible. Their growth these days isn’t coming from auto units, it’s the handheld, fitness and aviation segments that are growing. This is a natural for them, and I expect to see it fully integrated into their commercial solutions.

That’s all I’ve got for now; I’ll keep you posted as more news becomes available. You can hit up the FCC link, but expect an expired security certificate warning. The feds are apparently pretty slack about that stuff.

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  1. It seems quite expensive as it is based on a costly subscription.
    I tested a product called “Icare” from Optimal Tracking, which is simplier and very efficient, with 2 box allowing you to consult the tracked person in real time, wherever you are, with no additional subscription. I ordered 2 of them for my gun dogs. Has anybody ever tried this product for dogs tracking?

    • I’d be interested in hearing about your experience with it. It’s radio-based, not cellular, with a transmitting range of less than two miles in “open terrain.”

  2. I just received the 2 products, not tested yet on my dogs. I had already tested one with my son during a ski session; I was quite surprised of the transmitting range: between 2 and 3 miles, even in the forest; it was quite sufficient to watch my son, and I think it will be OK as well with my dogs. Il is quite sensitive, and once you have lost the signal, it quite easy to catch it again, if you get closer in the last direction. Very handy and easy to use… I strongly recommend it. A very attractive product for such a low price!

  3. Yes, I wasn’t talking about the GTU 10, but about the Icare (from optimalTracking)

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