Sunday, March 18, 2012

UPDATED: Boston bombers were tracked by GPS

Boston bombers GPS tracking

Location where carjack victim escaped Boston bombers

UPDATE: I’m now seeing multiple reports that authorities used the Mercedes mbrace system to track the vehicle.

Remember the Mercedes that the Boston Marathon bombers carjacked? Turns out that the police tracked it using GPS after the carjacking victim managed to escape and alert authorities. read more

GPS tracking of guns

GPS RFID tracking of guns

Is GPS tracking of guns possible or practical?

Ever since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, I’ve been seeing proposals calling for GPS tracking for guns. I don’t really see how this would work, since GPS tracking systems require a power source and a transmitter. read more

BluTracker – Bluetooth-based GPS tracking device


BluTracker Bluetooth 4.0 GPS tracking app

This is interesting – a GPS tracking device that uses Bluetooth to report it’s location. Surprisingly, it’s got a 1/2 mile range! It uses Bluetooth 4.0 (AKA Bluetooth LE), so it may not be compatible with your current phone, but that’s okay because it isn’t out yet. Still, there’s enough of interest to warrant discussing it, and the company has a good track record of bringing products to market. read more

GPS tracking of… hay bales!

GPS tracking of hay bales

Even bales of hay are being tracked by GPS these days!

It seems like GPS tracking is finding its way into everything these days; even so, I was a bit surprised to see this story about a GPS tracking device being used to nab hay bale thieves. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, what with the US drought spiking hay prices to as much as $250/ton, which a single round bale can weigh. Given that, hay theft is apparently becoming rampant.

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Magellan tackles fleet management

One of the few chances PND manufacturers have of surviving these days to is diversify into the ever-expanding niche of opportunities that GPS continues to bring. Fleet management has long been the domain of small companies, but just like Garmin and TomTom before them, Magellan is now jumping into the game too. read more

Using Garmin nuvis for fleet tracking

Did you know you can use a Garmin nuvi or dezl for fleet tracking? Yes, you can dispatch and message vehicles, track them using a Web interface and more. In order to do this though, you’ll have to turn to one of Garmin’s Mobile Resource Management (MRM) partners. These companies have taken Garmin’s Fleet Management Interface toolkit and built an end to end solution around it. So in addition to the cost of the navigation unit, you’ll also be paying for a transponder, data usage and access to a fleet tracking Web interface.
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How police can track your phone’s location without a search warrant

While the US Supreme Court has ruled against warrantless GPS tracking, they left unresolved a host of issues related to cell phone tracking. So why should law enforcement bother getting a warrant or messing with a GPS tracking device? All they need to do is go to your cellular carrier and pay a fee, and they can get your location history, a record of your calls and other data from your mobile phone. read more

Supreme Court rules against warrantless GPS tracking

The US Supreme Court did right by the fourth amendment today, ruling that GPS tracking requires a search warrant. In a 9-0 decision, the justices ruled against the Obama administration in the case of the US vs. Jones. Nevertheless, four justices differed on the broader issue of such tracking… read more

US Supreme Court hears warrantless GPS tracking arguments

US Supreme CourtThe US Supreme Court today heard oral arguments in a case destined to determine whether police can attach a GPS tracking device to an individual’s vehicle without getting a warrant. Cases such as this have divided various Circuit Courts of Appeal, with most coming down in favor of warrantless tracking.

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Garmin GTU 10 GPS tracker review

Garmin GTU 10 GPS tracker reviewThe Garmin GTU 10 is Garmin’s first significant entry into the live GPS tracking market. The small device pictured above can send its location to your computer or phone on demand. The possibilities are nearly endless. Got a wayward pet that likes to run off? Nervous about taking your young child to a big festival? How about that teenager just learning to drive? Or perhaps you’re a builder leaving expensive equipment on a construction site. I think you get the idea. If it can be moved, you can pretty much track it anywhere.

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