Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin rolls out driving recorder in nuvi 2575R

Garmin-nuvi-2575R-driving-recorderThanks to the FCC, we’ve got a sneak peek at the Garmin nuvi 2575R, a forthcoming model that offers a driving recorder, so you can capture the crash on film when you’re watching the big game. Which you can do because the 2575/2575R includes a TV receiver! And of course that means that this device is probably not heading to the US market, especially since the manual says it’s an analog TV receiver and they spell it “analogue.”

For those of you stateside though, I suspect we will see Garmin units with driving recorders a little later this year. If the 2575R model is any indication, we can expect a separate camera (pictured below), and you’ll probably need to pony up for an add-on subscription. You can hit up the FCC link for more info, but the boys in DC don’t keep their security certificates valid, so you can expect a big old warning from your browser.


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  1. I do not see any clamps on the camera or the mount… how will you set it up straight and steady?

    I think I will wait until its all integrated in the unit, I don’t want another wire and accessory.

    But I like the feature very much. If the industry wants to thrive in the coming years, they need to move past talking maps into becoming an enhanced driving experience.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how it will work/attach. I guess one advantage of a separate camera is that you can aim it independent of the GPS, which may not even be mounted on the windshield.

    • The camera have an adjustable hook that attach to the windshield arm, look quite steady and “hiding” behind the GPS unit. Too bad only analogue t.v.

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