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This week in GPS — May 25th, 2013


USGS GeoPDF topos

Check out the newest USGS topo maps!

This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. To get a few of the biggest stories as they break, follow me on Twitter. This week’s lead image is from this article — Revised Kentucky and Tennessee USGS Maps Reveal New Design; via @GPSGIS_Eric. I have to wonder how these might change mapping software and maps on our handheld GPS units.

From GPS Tracklog

Our posts from the past week:

Also of note, Monday is the last day for REI’s $199.99 deal on the Oregon 450t and these other handheld and fitness GPS deals.

Ship dates keep slipping

At least for the DeLorme inReach SE (6/1), Garmin Oregon 650 and 650t (6/3), and SPOT Gen3 (6/16).


If you use Trip Planner on the newer models and add at least three points, the intermediate destinations will have an orange flag beside it.  Press the orange flag.  Not the name of the intermediate destination, the orange flag beside the destination.

If you press the orange flag, a pop up will appear that says, “Duration and arrival times will be removed.  Change to shaping point?”  If you press yes, the nuvi no longer considers the point a destination, instead it uses the point to shape the route and does not require stopping at that point.  This helps solve the problem for people who miss waypoints.

Again, I think this only works on the newer models.

Garmin nuvi MINI Cooper

Garmin hits the MINI Cooper


The business of GPS


GPS in the news

Satellites and such


GPS tracking

This rises to the level of not the most brilliant person



MyNOAA marine charts

MyNOAA marine charts

Just geo

XKCD GeoGuesser


All the news that doesn’t fit

Helios GPS handlebars

Helios GPS handlebars

Updated GPS reviews

I’ve updated these review and resource pages with the following links:

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