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This week in GPS — September 14th, 2013

GPS Oregon truck accident


This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. To get a few of the biggest stories as they break, follow me on Twitter. Today’s lead image is from a story about an Oregon trucker who might want to check his GPS settings.

From GPS Tracklog

Our posts from the past week:



  • Firmware updates this week: DeLorme inReach SE; Garmin aera 5xx, Approach S2, S3, dezl 760, fleet 590

GPS in the news

GPS tracking


Apple’s fitness move

Going mobile

Trimble hunting GPS maps landowner info

Trimble’s hunting maps come with landowner info

The business of GPS


Satellites and such


Just geo

All the news that doesn’t fit

Mio MiVue driving recorder

Mio’s new driving recorder

Updated GPS reviews

I’ve updated these review and resource pages with the following links:

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  1. Give an new gps with buggy software to a person that is just starting out and I guarantee his or her days will be filled with frustration. ALWAYS,ALWAYS,suggest a Time Proven ,Mature software gps .Upgrading does’nt always mean better. This is good advice,but, I have to add that many gps owners are the worst bug a gps has,not all,but, alot.

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