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This week in GPS — October 5th, 2013

StarChase GPS projectile makes police pursuits safer

StarChase GPS projectile

This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. To get a few of the biggest stories as they break, follow me on Twitter. Ever wonder about what those StarChase GPS projectiles that make for safer police pursuits look like? That’s it in the image above.

From GPS Tracklog

Our posts from the past week:

GPS in the news

Garmin BMW Motorad V motorcycle navigator

Garmin BMW Motorad V motorcycle navigator


  • Garmin Extends Partnership with BMW Motorrad, New Navigator V Available Now (image above)
  • Garmin updates this past week: BaseCamp, eTrex x0, Forerunner 220/620, GPSMAP 62/78, MapInstall and MapManager (for Mac), Oregon 6×0
  • Of note: The change log on the latter includes “Improved GPS performance”
  • Hmm, looks like Garmin may be getting ready too announce a new golf sportswatch
  • SD game, fish and parks map updated (Magellan and Lowrance editions discontinued!)
  • A sneak peek at a forthcoming nuvi hack post from Boyd Ostroff:
nuvi hack

Coming soon!


The business of GPS

Satellites and such


GPS tracking

Imagine a GPS unit small and light enough to fit on the back of a bumblebee. Researchers down at Oregon State University plan to build one.


An Android GEOPDF map app

An Android GEOPDF map app

Going mobile

  • GeoPDF map app for Android (see image above); I tried to test it with free USGS downloads but the government shutdown has taken the map store offline (thanks to Zack for the confirmation)
  • Scout for Android update: Meeting up with friends is easy:

Just geo

Marijuana percentage use by state in the past year; ages 12 and up

Marijuana percentage use by state in the past year; ages 12 and up

All the news that doesn’t fit

Updated GPS reviews

I’ve updated these review and resource pages with the following links:

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