Sunday, March 18, 2012

DeLorme InReach SE Saves Climate Scientist

DeLorme inReach SE

It might seem like I’m harping on it a little bit, but personal safety is one of the most important considerations when going on hikes or expeditions to remote locations.

Recently, a climate scientist by the name of Dr. John All had to be airlifted out of the Himalayan ice after falling down a 70 ft. crevice and breaking an arm and a couple ribs in addition to some internal bleeding. All had to climb back to his tent and sent out a text message via his DeLorme InReach SE requesting pickup. The satellite communicator/GPS Navigation device probably saved his life, and All made sure his team has several of them for other trips.

It might seem silly—I mean, how many of us hike through the Himalayan Mountains?—but even in more hospitable locations, the additional security certainly isn’t going to hurt anyone. A satellite beacon or a Satellite communicator might just save your life. And at the least, it will make your loved ones feel more at ease.

If you don’t have one, then check out these reviews to help decide what device is right for you:

And, for those of you who find the costs prohibitive, check out this app designed to use your phone. It isn’t anywhere near as reliable as using an actual satellite communicator, but if you aren’t going to be in quite as removed a location, it will still help.

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