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Auto GPS buyers guide

Auto GPS buyers guide

Looking for an auto GPS? Our buyers guide starts below…

Picking GPS for your car depends upon the price you can pay and the features you want. Our auto GPS buyers guide runs the gamut, identifying key features along the way. I’€™ll make a recommendation in each price category, based upon value and feature set. A few notes first:

Budget auto GPS receivers

Our choice:

The Garmin nuvi 40 is a 2012 model with a 4.3″ screen that is loaded with features like lane assist, junction view and speed limit display. Currently available for around $90. Alternative recommendation:

  • The 2013 Garmin nuvi 42LM has a faster processor and an improved mounting system

Mid-range auto GPS receivers

Our choice:

The Garmin nuvi 2455LT is a 2012 4.3″ model, loaded with features including lifetime traffic; at the time of our last update, this unit was running around $130. Alternative recommendations:

  • Get a 5″ screen with the nuvi 2555LMT
  • The TomTom VIA 1505TM gives you a lot of bang for the buck — a 5″ screen and lifetime map updates and traffic

High-end auto GPS receivers

 Our choice:

The 2013 Garmin nuvi 2597LMT 5” widescreen model is loaded with great features like custom avoidances and advanced detours. It also sports lifetime map updates, live traffic and voice commands.

  • If you have a big vehicle stop looking and get the new 7″ Garmin nuvi 2797LMT
  • The 2013 Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD has more eye candy (3D terrain view and 3D buildings) and comes with a magnetic powered mount and an HD traffic receiver

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  1. Jeffery C says:

    Hello again!

    I ended up with the 2460LMT after your recommendation. I had to call Garmin Tech support right away since there is a glitch with the software updating page. After it updates your software its SUPPOSE to tell you the software successfully updated. It did not for me. I had to check it manually.

    I will say this about local roads and the area I live in, I know the roads better than the GPS and can knock both miles and time off the given routes. They also do not take traffic into consideration during rush hour which DID surprise me a little. Budget was not an issue in my case and if the 3790LMT has been a 5″ screen that would have been the one I would have gone for! Interestingly enough the Garmin Tech told me customers ask for that ALL the time and so far there are no plans to do that! I LOVE the power head it makes life SO much easier! He also told me that when updating maps ALWAYS do a full upgrade which can take to 45 minutes vs. some places that give you an email patch update. He says SOMETIMES there can be corruption with the maps doing that way, its not often but it can still happens. That is why Garmin makes you do a full upgrade.

    One last thing. I LOVED their tech support! I was on hold about 3-4 minutes and the tech guy spent as MUCH time as I wanted going over every little question I had. I am engineer as I said before and I always have VERY Specific question about things that are not easily found in the e-manual. He was quite surprised I found a few weaknesses in it and it may make them update it again!

    So the end result is while I would have loved the 3D eye candy and a few other features of the 379LMT, you simply can NOT go wrong with the 2460LMT I just wish it was smart as me for the local roads but there is nothing perfect about any of them! 🙂

    • Thanks! Good info.

      Generally speaking, a local is often going to be able to route better than a GPS device. This is why myTrends is set up to discover your preferred routes, though it can take several trips to do so (even if your time of day doesn’t vary much).

  2. what is the different between the garmin nuvi 1350lmt & the tom tom xxx540tm & what is a better buy

    • Its almost like comparing apples and oranges. They are two different brands. These are some broad generalizations…

      The TomTom is a bit more customizable. Its routing may be better due to IQ Routes, its historic road speed database. Expect better Advanced Lane Guidance coverage. Many people report problems updating maps on the TomToms due to limited memory. I’m not a fan of the early generation easy port mount, which seems to come apart way too easily.

      The nuvi has (IMHO) a more intuitive and simpler interface. Speed limit coverage is better, in my experience.

  3. Great site, thank you.
    Considering Garmin Nuvi 3790T. I’m in urban area, don’t think lifetime maps important. Agree/disagree?
    Alternatively, also noted your comment concerning 8xx better at voice command allowing more menu items, (such as?) and allowing selection of ‘near’ if I understand correctly, so am alternatively considering 885 T.
    Street lables are important to me, so perhaps this is better on the 3790?Curious how different this function is between the 2 models.
    Also, ability to pan map is critical (tried out a previous garmin 1450 where couldn’t seem to do this) and curious if this feature on the 885 is comparable to the 3790?
    Not concerned about speed limit/speed….want good, accurate routing.
    Curious how models compare in these areas. thank you so much

    • Lifetime maps are nice, especially in urban areas, but you can always add these later. I’ve seen them as low as $70 or so.

      If I recall correctly, the (now discontinued) 8xx series would allow you to say about any command you could see on any screen, including “near.”

      Yes, the 37xx series does a better job with street labels.

      Map panning is at its worst on the 1xxx series. The 37xx models are easier to pan.

      The trafficTrends historical road speed database found on the 37xx series often results in better routing but can occasionally throw in something weird. It can be disabled. I like the 24xx’s routing (advanced detour) options even more.

      • Thanks, Rich. Couple of follow-up questions:
        On the 37xx, if you type in ‘near’ for POI, will it show these spots along w/ route, so you can get to closest?
        Does 8xx have the now almost obsolete MSN traffic?

        • I think all nuvis have the same Near options. Checking a 1xxx series unit, if you tap Where To? and then Near, you see options for Where I am now, My destination, A different city, A recent destination, A favorite destination, and My current route.

          You are correct about the 8xx.

  4. thanks Rich after all pro’s & con’s do you thing its worth to change the 350 to 2350

  5. vikas ahuja says:

    Is there a GPS model which can accept my routes from either bing maps and/or google maps? I would like to make my custom routes and load into GPS – Is there any such model which accepts such input?

    • It is easy to send waypoints from Google Maps to many brands of GPS. I’d suggest doing that, because the GPS is going to use its own routing algorithm anyway.

      Sending routes is harder, and again, the GPS may not follow the specific route anyway, though it should take you by each selected waypoint in the route. I believe you can now use Tyre with Garmin devices, but I’m not sure which TomToms it currently works with…

  6. Grant Croghan says:

    Hi Rich, love all your content, it has really helped. I am in Australia and wonder if you can help with a question re buying a GPS (have chosen the 2350) from the US. Is it easy to load/replace Australian maps on the unit? What comes installed as standard, and how can manage maps (for both on-road & off-road content)? Or should I just pay the extra bucks and get one locally? thanks in advance …

    • nuvi 2350 – $205.00AU

      I don’t know Garmins approach on an end user requesting a map “swap’ from US to AU on a new unit but I’d imagine to protect their dealers from just this sort of thing their answer would be no.

      The link above is a good price for an AU localized 2350 considering almost a dollar for dollar exchange rate between AUD and USD. Factor in an exorbitant shipping charge from US to AU and I’ll bet the $205AU looks great. Plus the 2350 will arrive with AU and NZ maps loaded so no hassles attempting to swap maps.

      Not to mention a “local’ person to contact should things need answered or service need done to the unit.

  7. I sure appreciate your advice on so many subjects but haven’t found any comments on the ability of a GPS to find a lost car in a parking lot. Will any auto units do this or is there some hand held units that would be more appropriate? Also would like something we could bike or hike with and not get lost. And any feedback yet on whether the bluetooth on the nuvi 2360 can equal the quality you found on the 2460?

    • Specific Garmin units provide “Garmin Locate” , which can be used to return you to your parked car.

      Go to:

      and select the option on the left “Finds parked car”. Both the 2360 and 2460 have this feature.

      Sorry. Can’t comment on the BT question you asked.

      • Thanks Rick. Good answer.

        @Stan – Unfortunately I haven’t tested a 2360 model, so I can’t answer the BT question either. Feel free to post a question on the 2360LT and/or 2360LMT pages about it though. Hopefully there are some owners following those comment threads. You might also bring up the Amazon review pages and do a Find search (Ctrl-F) for Bluetooth.

  8. Did anyone else get the email about a big Garmin announcement on 08/24/11…… maybe a new unit coming?

  9. Great Site Rich,

    I am buying my first GPS and expect to use it for walking cities as well as traveling. I am looking at the 2460LMT and the 3790T. Would the 3790 screen be harder to see when walking around and is it worth the extra cost. It appears the screen size and resolutions and the main differences.


    • The 3790 series has a much brighter screen than the 24xx series, IMHO. Be aware that the 3790T doesn’t include lifetime map updates, which the 2460LMT does. The 3790LMT has them, but will cost more.

      • Hi Rich,

        Thanks for gettong back so quickly. I have read a couple of reviews that mentioned the screnn cracking on the 3790. Have you had any reports of this problem.


  10. Hi, I’m currently looking to buy a GPS because of the long highway drives I will need for work. I’ve gone through a number of different websites, and I guess I’ve gotten to the point of information overload. While I know the 3790 is the best right now, I can’t justify spending big bucks on something that will likely go out of date soon.

    Right now, I am deciding between three:
    1) Garmin nuvi 1390lmt
    2) Garmin nuvi 1450lmt
    3) Garmin nuvi 2350lmt

    I think the 2 biggest characteristics I am looking for are: can it get to my destination effectively and efficiently and the quickness of the GPS in general in terms of tracking and giving me directions.

    Any suggestions that you may give me or any other models you can suggest that is affordable (~$200) would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • I like the 2350LMT better, but the truth is, any of the Garmins will do a pretty good job of getting you from point A to point B. If you go up to a higher level model, you’re pretty much paying for bells and whistles.

  11. Dan Weatbrook says:

    Hi Rich,
    Very impressed with all your comments. I am going to start doing a lot of business traveling but I also like to hike and geocache. Is there any one super GPS that can do it all. I will be traveling all over the US.
    Thanks for the advice.
    Great Site


    The Montana series is the ideal, but it won’t have all the features or ease of use of one of the nicer nuvis…

  13. Nice detailed column Rich. It helped me a lot in deciding on a Tom Tom. Thank you

  14. Hi Rich,
    I need your advice on purchasing a gps. I am going out of state, have never used or owned a gps, so I definitely need one that is user friendly and easy to set up. I want something that is reliable and accurate. My musts are lifetime maps and traffic, multi-point routing, speaks street names, and lane assist. I would really like (but not a must have) voice command, speed limit display, powered mount, and FM transmitter, but it seems you have to pay a lot more because most models with those features also include bluetooth, which I don’t need. I also don’t care about MP3 player. Please advise, with giving me the pros and cons of your recommendations. Thank you. You have the best site for gps information, but I am still confused. Can you also include what the customization options are for whatever you will be recommending. Money IS an object.

  15. I’ve got a Garmin 2610 (that I love), but it’s very long in the tooth. The new models look very different to me, and I can’t really get a feel for any of them by poking in a store.

    The dash is a long way away, and I love the 2610 remote. Does anything have remotes any more, or does voice control work on these things? Where would I start looking if I really wanted that on a model today? Preferably with a 5″ screen and lifetime maps?


  16. New map update – 2012.30

    If you haven’t yet received the email from Garmin, check in or MapUpdater

  17. Hi there Rich,

    Wow what a great site!
    I have a Navigon 2100MAX and I can no longer get fresh maps to upgrade it so I am looking into a Garmin 3490LMT. I was wondering if this model has verbal warnings to go with the speed limits? How would you compare the 3490LMT to the Navigon? I Love my Navigon!

    • I don’t think so; you just get the speed limit field turning red.

      Some TomTom models offer this. For example, the GO LIVE 1535M I’m currently testing has two options:
      – Warn when driving faster than allowed
      – Warn when driving fast than a set speed

      Note that there is no option for a set number above the limit, like +10MPH.

      Once you enable one of these options there are various chimes, etc. to choose from.

  18. Kurt, the Tom Toms are the way to go for former Navigon lovers. I have the 7200T and last year got a 540TM. It is much more programmable than any Garmin and the directions seem better (I tested a friend’s Garmin).
    The traffic on mine gives VERBAL notice that there is a (ex:) 20 minute warning of traffic ahead and there is a better route (“would you like to take it?) OR your route is still the quickest. It can also be set to just automatically reroute. The choice of chimes, honks, etc allow you to know when you are over the speed limit OR any other thing, such as School Zone ahead, known Police radar stop ahead (which can be download free from an independent site). You could also wait to see if Garmin incorporates Navigon features into its units now that it bought Navigon.

  19. Which is the best Garmin Nuvi GPS of 2011, which will not distract the driver from their advertisements? Few of the comments and reviews of the Garmin Nuvi latest models I see are “ads are back when you stop” as the vehicle takes a halt at a red light or a stop sign.
    If I hate advertisements on the television, why should I love them on my GPS?

    Which Garmin Nuvi comes close to fulfilling the maps of USA, Canada, Europe?

  20. I forgot in my review of Tom Tom that their traffic has NO ads at any time !!

  21. jerome lurie says:

    will the IPhone 4S work with the Nuvi 2460 LMT bluetooth Thanks

  22. jerome lurie says:

    will the nuvi 2460 LMT bluetooth work with the I-Phone 4S

  23. I just wanted to let everybody know that when I updated my
    2460LMT it changed the Lane Assist to the NEW kind type in the new series.
    I can not afford to upgrade mine the new 2595 but its nice to know
    that Garmin at least upgraded the software as well as the maps to
    the split screen style! It has ALREADY proved VERY useful!

  24. Mike Piche says:

    This is really a great site! Hope you can help me………….
    I’m about to spring for a Garmin 3790LMT to replace my tired 360 Nuvi. That said, I hope that I can use the Bluetooth feature to tie the 3790 to my car radio. Any thoughts on that? My 360 would connect to my Blackberry but would not connect to my car’s BT system.

    Also, have they changed Google maps lately? I don’t see a way to send waypoints to a Garmin GPS any longer. Am I missing something?

    • Only the ones with A2DP Bluetooth do this, which Garmin has given up on for car units. It was found on the 765T, 775T, and 785T.

      Huh, looks like Google has dropped this. I may try to investigate more once we get through the holiday weekend. Thanks for the tip.

    • re: Google Maps and send to GPS

      Upper right hand corner. The little envelope icon, directly across from where you enter addresses/coordinates. Under the “Sign In” button.

      I use FireFox 8.0 here so may be different on your browser

      Clicking on it gives you multiple “Send’ options, including GPS

      • I’m not seeing it in Chrome or Firefox anymore.

        • Odd that you don’t see it. Directly above the map overlays “NEIGHBORHOODS” “LIVE TRAFFIC” and “MAP | SATELLITE” on the upper right hand corner of the displayed map??

          I just tried it(sans GPS connected) and it fired right up in a pop-up and correctly informed me I didn’t have a device connected by stating “Please connect your device, turn it on and try again.”

  25. Hi, I had a question about the live trffic technology and wanted to find out which is more reliable and faster… the digital 3d traffic (which updates over the hd radio system) or is it the 3D Live traffic thats carried over the cellular network. If the latter why is it available on only 2 models and that too not the most recent ones and shouldn’t it be the standard over all the recent models. Thanks.

  26. Hi, I am looking for a GPS (partial to Garmin) that I can use on both my bicycle and car. These are the most important features I am looking for:
    -Fast, Fast, Fast! map drawing while scrolling/zooming through the maps
    -Creating custom routes on the fly (with multiple via points) with ease, by either touch points on the map or searching for them
    -Saving custom routes
    -Ability to make a custom route on a computer and upload it
    -Voice command for inputting addresses would be nice, if it actually works.

    I guess this list shows you where my priorities are. Especially on the bike, I want to be able to quickly and easily re-route myself.

    • I’ve noticed occasional lags with all models I’ve tested. Most newer high-end models have multi-destination routing although some folks don’t like the way its set up in recent models.

      For the best custom route capability, I’d go with the 24×5, 25xx or 34xx series.

      Voice command was very good on the 2495LMT and 2595LMT.

      As far as using it on a bike goes, you know these aren’t ruggedized or waterproof, right?

  27. Rich…I need some help! I want a GPS unit to use 85% of the time in the car and 15% of the time in the boat. I don’t need fishing features or anything like that. Just want to navigate the lakes. I live in Kansas and boat in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. I know the nuvi 500 and 550 exist but the screen is too small. Features that I badly want include it being waterproof, tuff, fast (not really a feature but it’s important to me), mac compatible, speaking street names, lifetime map updates, really good bright screen display so I can see it in the sun on the boat, flawless operation (no crashes or glitches), and lane assist. In addition, I would like to have a powered mount, qwerty keyboard, speed limit display and voice command. I know, I know…I want a lot. What’s your thoughts?? And THANK YOU for this site and your input.

    • I’d suggest you either look at getting two separate units or consider the Garmin Montana series (but you would need to add City Navigator maps, lifetime updates and a mount to the purchase cost). It doesn’t offer voice command, though it will call out turns.

  28. Andrew Wilkin says:

    Excellent site. I appreciate the side-by-side comparison, especially. I wonder how hard it would be to have a search by features.

  29. Hi, Rich –

    My husband and I love the mp3 player built into our Garmin – and want to buy our son a unit with the same features. But we want to make sure he has access to updated maps if we buy him a discontinued model. Is this a viable option? Why did Garmin remove the mp3 player from all their units anyway??

    Thanks for your insight.

    • Garmin continues to support older models and make map updates available for them. It’s been a long time since they switched map formats, making older units impossible to update (5 years ago maybe?). But it could happen again.

      I suspect that this just wasn’t that popular of a feature.

  30. Greg Corbin says:

    I used to have a Dash Express and as you know they sold the company and of course no more GPS.I wanted to know if there was a GPS on the market,right now that is the closest thing to the dash express,if so what brand and model?

    • Nothing that works exactly like it in terms of traffic, if that is what you are asking about, but the HD traffic models by Garmin and TomTom should (theoretically) increase the amount of traffic data received.

  31. Hi all,
    I just bought a 2007 Land Cruiser here in HK where I live (its badged as a Lexus in the USA). I wanted to replace the in-console GPS/stereo etc with a more modern all in one unit. Any advice on what to pick-up? GPS is most important, sound is secondary.

    Thanks in advance

  32. Will price shop the 2595LMT. Too bad not carried at Costco or Sams locally.

  33. i have a #200,i am thinking i should buy a new one instead of getting lifetime maps. plus a couple more features. it would cost about $140. i paid about $350 for this one. what do you think?

  34. thank you for your reply.
    i like what i have but it does not find new addresses, or i would not get a new one. on my way to st george our in the middle of no where, my gps all at once told me to turn left. it was a dirt cow trail on someone’s ranch! i put a new address 2 days ago, it was not found. i am thinking i will get a 1450lmt.
    thanks again.

  35. I develop my routes (on and off-road use) on my Mac/Pc and want to transfer them to/from my Garmin units. Works ok with GPSmap 62s, but its screen is too small for automotive use. What other Garmin units allow simple uploadind/downloading? I have researched the Garmin sites and not found an answer on this. I do not need traffic/bluetooth, but do need a micro cad slot.
    Thank you.

  36. Looking for a replacement GPS. Wife has problems with our Tom Tom as audible commands issued for distances to turns, etc. are expressed in yards, ie 400 yards, 800 yards, etc. Wifey doesn’t know a yard from a mile. Do some brands provide better distance commands for upcoming route information? Also, would prefer one with a larger screen, 5″ – 7″. Thanks.

  37. You could try a Magellan, though their routing is not as good as Tom Tom or Garmin. With Magellan (they have screens up to 7″) I think you still get the “ding” when your turn comes up, which would be nice if the directions were better. They also have the AAA travel guide but I’m not sure how often the hotel ratings and prices are updated. In the end all GPS should get you where you want to go, just some in a round about longer way sometime.

  38. I work for a city bus company. I want to be able to create a bus route (for example, a one-hour route with about 40 turns around neighborhoods in our town) – and then send a driver out with the GPS unit and tell him to “follow the route I’ve created for you”. I am considering a Garmin 2460LMT. Can I create the route on a PC and then transfer that route to the 2460? Or do I have to create the route on the 2460 (by making 38 intersections “via points”?). If I can do it on a PC, do I need to buy MapSource on DVD to do it? Thanks.

  39. Hoping for a lil help I’m new to gps and have been reading all day. Driving to Florida from eastern Canada soon and I have a route picked out which takes many turns and doesn’t follow the main I95 but rather goes around all the major cities. I want to buy a gps that I can select all these many custom points on my 2000 mile route. Then hoping I can just turn it on when I leave and let it guide me. I don’t want to have to handle it on the road at each point … no time for that on a busy highway. You see I’m not sure of the capabilities of these gps units.

    That is the one thing I can’t figure out is multiple destinations and which gps unit would be the easiest to do it on. I was thinking of the 2555LMT but a fellow discussed in another place here how difficult to add routes .. so I am confused. This 2555LMT has all the other features I want. I really don’t care about ‘traffic’ but do need a 5″ screen.

    If someone can recommend something, then also I’m wondering if I can make up the route on computer with something and xfer it to the gps unit? I’m reading its best to do it on the gps unit instead, as when xfering it … it doesn’t get done properly? Is that the case?

    Appreciate any help, hope my question makes sense … JimB

    • Garmin has recently changed the way it handles multi-destination routing; the newer type is found on the 2555LMT. Some people like it and some don’t.

      Garmin nuvis that support multi-destination routing should allow up to 200 points per route. You should be able create a route on your computer and transfer it to the 2555LMT using Garmin BaseCamp. But once it’s in your device, the nuvi will use its own routing algorithm to plan the route. So it may vary from what you laid out on your computer. Given enough Via points, it should work though, theoretically at least!

      You’ll find some of this discussed under “Trip Planner” in my 2555LMT review…

      You might also want to ask about this at

      • Thank you for the help. I did read your review of 2555LMT but upon re-reading the Trip Planner part, you wrote:

        “… you need to interact with it briefly after each stop, selecting the next destination”.

        If I understand that correctly, I would need to interact with it at each waypoint or VIA point? I only have one destination and that is Florida. Maybe the terminology is confusing me (destination, via point, waypoint). If that is the case, would the pre 2012 Garmin models NOT require interaction at these points? I guess that is what I need to know to choose a model. I can’t be interacting with it on busy highways, is my worry.

        Thank you much for the info and this wonderful site … and also for the links. I realise that forum would be the appropriate place to find out the info I need.


        • Sorry, you’re right. We should have been talking about Via points and not multi-destination routing, which treats the points as stops. If I recall correctly, you would need to interact with it at those points. And unfortunately nuvis only accept a few via points. To complicate things further, I just found this on the Garmin support pages:

          “Up to 200 waypoints can be used when creating a custom route on your nuvi. However, this will depend on the length of the route. If you were to use 200 waypoints and the total distance was a few hundred miles, it is likely that this would be calculated properly.

          Due to memory constraints within the device, you may receive a route calculation error if you attempt to insert 200 waypoints into a route that is more then a few hundred miles. To avoid this possible issue, please break your single custom route into multiple routes.”

          • Thanks for the explanation. I really am disappointed … not in you but rather in the technology. If a GPS unit can’t guide me from point A to point B no matter the distance, with my chosen route instead of its decision in 2012 … than I will have to resort to printing out my customised Google Map route on paper. I need a GPS unit that I can control not visa versa. Maybe I’m missing something … not sure as I’m new to this. Hope I’m wrong.

            You have a great site that has taught me much … thanks!


  40. Not too often you see a nuvi credited for this.

    Garmin 1, Killers 0

    GPS data shows Christopher Perrien at scene of Delta Township homicide at time of crime, detective testifies

  41. @JimB – I believe that the older units with multi-destination routing (like the 1450 and 1490 models) will advance to the next destination point once you pass one, without you having to do anything. But I’m not 100% certain of that.

    • I was just omw out the door to get the 2555LMT but I’ll also keep those in mind and see whats available in the local stores. I’m sure there is a way to use it with multiple routes or favourites or something. I’ll figure out a way. I guess I just can’t have it my way all the time 🙂

      Rich, thanks so much for your help! I really do appreciate your taking the time to help ……….. JimB

      • One week later … I did see a 1490LMT and bought it, tried it, didn’t like the obtrusive icon, returned it and bought a 2555LMT. Couldn’t be happier once I kinda figured it out. I found it difficult to enter a custom route to Florida from New Brunswick Canada. I found I didn’t have to interact with it with many via points on a test run, it would auto switch to the next. It would not show all the points in a line on the map though … just one at a time. Maybe I did it wrong … anyhow …

        I used BaseCamp (little tricky to figure it out at first) but I made the same route but with about 20 points, uploaded it to the 2555LMT … it was there in ‘Settings/Trip Planner’. I followed the route in Mapview and found one mistake where it had me cutting across 2 fields and 8 lanes of traffic … but I found ‘Recalculate Route’ and all is well.

        My first experience with a GPS, a little work and reading, some help from fine folks here … I’m good to go … thanks!

  42. Hello Rich
    I’me from Montreal Quebec and I have been trying to find GPS that will give me hands free bluetooth, and most importantly an adjustable audio overspeed alert. I am pushing 50 and I drive like my grandfather, but the police in our area are looking to finance there early retirement. I just got a ticket for driving 60kl per hour(about 38 mph) on a road that used to be a 90 kl limit. basically I just want to be able to have a audio alert that I can adjust to go off after 7 or 8 miles an hour (or a %) over the speed limit. I know that not all road speed limits are in the gps data, however it is my understanding that I can program limits in POI sectors.This will be my first GPS. Hope you can help.

    • Most newer TomToms will let you set the tone for speed warning, but I’m not sure if you can set the volume for it or customize the amount over the speed limit that triggers it. You definitely can’t do any of that with a Garmin though, so a TomTom may be your best bet.

  43. Thanks Rich, I had seen that garmin did not have that option, but I just can’t find an exact model that has exactly these option indicated in there spec info. I think I will have to visit a store like best buy or future shop and maybe they will let me scroll through the menus to find what I am looking for.

  44. Jim Hanna says:

    Just bought a 2595LMT based on info from this site. Thank you Rich!
    Looking forward to learning all the features.

  45. Which GPS brand & model that has multi-destination capability to search for nearby POI based on an address (or final destination location) and not based on where the GPS is located? For example: to search the nearest Gas Station based on the location of a Car Rental place to re-fill the gas tank before returning the car.

  46. hi rich i looked at the comparison chart at# 2360, 3490, 3790 its seems to me they all are the same can you please tell me the different

  47. thanks Rich for quick respond beside being super-thin is there any other different between the 2360 & 3490, 3790

  48. what meens a capacitive screen & can you please highlite me some of the major differences

    • A capacitive screen is like a smartphone, responding to touch. With the 2360’s resistive screen, you have to press and exert a slight bit of pressure. The 2360 is the oldest unit, then the 3790. The 3490 is the newest. Each review has a section about new features, showing what’s new and not found on previous models. I’m not going to go through those for you.

  49. thanks how is it compared to the 1xxx models

  50. Rick no i just looking to get the best gps for my money worth

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