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Auto GPS buyers guide

Auto GPS buyers guide

Looking for an auto GPS? Our buyers guide starts below…

Picking GPS for your car depends upon the price you can pay and the features you want. Our auto GPS buyers guide runs the gamut, identifying key features along the way. I’€™ll make a recommendation in each price category, based upon value and feature set. A few notes first:

Budget auto GPS receivers

Our choice:

The Garmin nuvi 40 is a 2012 model with a 4.3″ screen that is loaded with features like lane assist, junction view and speed limit display. Currently available for around $90. Alternative recommendation:

  • The 2013 Garmin nuvi 42LM has a faster processor and an improved mounting system

Mid-range auto GPS receivers

Our choice:

The Garmin nuvi 2455LT is a 2012 4.3″ model, loaded with features including lifetime traffic; at the time of our last update, this unit was running around $130. Alternative recommendations:

  • Get a 5″ screen with the nuvi 2555LMT
  • The TomTom VIA 1505TM gives you a lot of bang for the buck — a 5″ screen and lifetime map updates and traffic

High-end auto GPS receivers

 Our choice:

The 2013 Garmin nuvi 2597LMT 5” widescreen model is loaded with great features like custom avoidances and advanced detours. It also sports lifetime map updates, live traffic and voice commands.

  • If you have a big vehicle stop looking and get the new 7″ Garmin nuvi 2797LMT
  • The 2013 Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD has more eye candy (3D terrain view and 3D buildings) and comes with a magnetic powered mount and an HD traffic receiver

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  1. Tom Tom XL540TM. They are very discounted now and you get lifetime maps, so they are not outdated. Can be customized unlike the newer Tom Toms.

  2. Scott Gordon says:

    I am a delivery driver and have been using an older Garmin nuvi to run my route. I usually deliver to 50 different locations in one day. It can be very frustrating when I make a delivery and the GPS does not recognize that I have reached the destination and keeps trying to route me back to it instead of showing me how to get the next stop. It would be nice to be able to see the route list and tell it to continue to the next stop. Sometimes if I have two stops close together it will skip the second one, which is the opposite of my first problem. Or it just skips stops for no reason at all. What I would like is a way to interact and control it more depending on the issue. What model would you recommend? Thank you.

    • The newer models have a trip planner that allows you to select the next destination manually. I believe this feature is found on all 2xxx and 3xxx models.

  3. I got a 1450LMT- it told me to take a road on the freeway in Dallas that was not there. Then on the way home it told me my house was west not east of where I was! I need help not more confusion. Not a happy camper!

    • Make sure you have the latest maps, but things like the first incident will happen. If you were within a block of your house, I understand why the second incident happened – street addresses are interpolated within a block. So it thinks 150 is halfway between 100 and 200.

  4. nick b says:

    Hi Rich are any of the 2xxx series capable to down load or get maps from europe or any other countries?

  5. nick b says:

    can i load on the 2495 any country

  6. nick b says:

    can you get it in a sd card

  7. Hi Guys & Gals
    I posted a question a few months ago on this site regarding over-speed audio alerts on gps models with bluetooth. I wanted to answer my own question, simply because I looked for the answer on forums and in stores for over a year. I was looking for a gps that offered me the possibility of getting an adjustable over-speed audio alert while driving. The model I ended op buying (after buying a few other models and returning them) is the TomTom via 1505. Although the “adjustable” is no longer offered on any of the newer models, it can be programmed to give me an audio warning when I go over the speed limit. Not all road speed limits are recognized in the system, however most major roads are. Just so you know, as far as I can tell it is pre-programmed to go off at around 6 % over a recognized speed limit.I can also register speed traps in the system on the go. Alot of the speed traps wherein the system already . I believe this is from previous gps users putting them in there devices, and them sending them to tomtom via the internet when updating the unit (I could be wrong but I can’t think of any other way this can be accomplished) If enough people put in the info I believe tomtom will consider it as true and include it in the updates. I can also program the system give me an audio warning when I go over a set speed. I put example 108 km hour. This is a tolerable speed by our law enforcement on 100 kph highways.The Bluetooth works well and it takes all me gmail to phone contacts and updates them every time I get in the car.The sound quality is OK as well. i am a car salesman and all the new cars have Bluetooth inside. The tom tom Bluetooth is close to the same quality as far as when people are listening to you, but a bit less quality as far as when you are listening to them. It is however in my humble opinion OK, and better then getting a ticket for using you’re cell on the road. I hope this answers a few questions that I had a hard time finding out myself.

  8. I believe Rich creates his own questions and answers here, as proof that he deletes any posts he feels like. Rich is an asshole.

  9. Charlie says:

    Can I load/view Garmin 1:24000 topo maps on these automotive GPS units?
    Also, do I have to be moving to identify position and pan/zoom image? I want to be able to remove from “bag”, turn unit on, see my location, then view/pan image to determine where I want to go.

    • Yes you can use 24K maps on them. No, you don’t have to be moving. It may take it a while to lock onto satellites. And you’ll need to set it to off-road routing so it doesn’t lock to road. And remember, these units aren’t ruggedized or waterproof.

      • Also, I’d suggest the free maps from

        • charlie says:

          Thank you for the quick response!
          The ruggedness/waterproofing is why I originally considered a handheld but the small screen ultimately held me back. Since your answers above (Rich) confirm the auto unit will work as I have envisioned, which is to basically act as an electronic reference map that shows my geographical position. I will purchase the auto variety.

  10. Hi I was wondering if you can help me with the purchase of a GPS unit. I’m looking for a Garmin GPS unit that I’ll be able to take off road (Not handheld, however) The GPS unit should have the following capabilities: Able to Manually enter GPS coordinates & custom Waypoints, Able to Tracklog (bread crumbs), save & navigate the Tracklog, able to download Tracklog & Waypoints to my computer (Mapsource) and from my computer to the unit. Also the ability to load maps (like Topo & City navigator)

    Thank you
    Tuvia P.

  11. Handheld unit have a small screen. Which Nuvi got all this capabilities ?

  12. If screen size is an issue, you might consider the Oregon 450. Otherwise, I like the GPSMAP 62s. These are both covered herre:

  13. Yes I know about BaseCamp I’m not familiar with it yet & familiar with MapSource,
    Can you save data from BaseCamp on Hard disk as MapSource ?

  14. Barrie Hunter says:

    I have just scrapped my second Tomtom Go 730. The first one died during the warranty period so they exchanged it for a factory refurb unit. One year later this began to hiccup – rapid unasked for switching between screens – and finally died. One of their support people told me that I could possibly solve the problem I had by running a business card or something similar around the inside of the bezel that fits over the screen – it didn’t work (what poor design – can you believe they’d design something that allowed this to happen?) When they worked they were fine (although a bit slow to pick up satellite signals) and what I really liked was their ease of use. My question is, has Tomtom solved this “dirt behind the bezel” problem or should I switch to Garmin?

  15. Ike Weatherholtz says:

    I’m torn between the Magellan 5145TLM and Garman NUVI 1450LMT – which would you recommend??

  16. Louie D says:

    Ike, Would stay away from any Magellan, very questionable routing and less often map updates. I vote for Tom Tom, but for your question the Garmin is the only choice.

  17. Hello–
    Which GPS unit would you recommend if I want to save a “custom” route for future use? I understand that all newer units offer Favorite Destinations, but how about a custom route if I deviate from the default routing of the GPS?
    Thanks for the help! What a great site.

    • I just purchased the Garmin Nuvi 2595 to replace my old Tom Tom Go 730. Great GPS – very easy to use and LOVE the voice command capability. Only issues with it todate are a) doesn’t have a powered base (which I can live with) and b) Garmin maps are inferior to Tom Tom in terms of level of detail and errors (in just three days I’ve found misnamed streets and businesses that have closed just in my immediate nieghborhood and Garmin doesn’t give you streets in shopping complexes and other developments, even when they’re named.)

    • A custom route is basically a series of destinations that you want to visit in a particular order. Any of the units listed on my nuvi chart as having multi-destination routing will do this…

  18. Rich Do you still favor Garmin over Tom Tom, and what it the reason for the one you favor…..easiness to set up routes or other functions?

  19. William R says:

    Question – I am trying to see if any (or all or some) of the auto GPS have the ability to import a multi-leg trip. Or, alternatively, import addresses that I could then link together (in an order I choose) for a multi-leg trip.

    I use an online trip optimizer for my real estate activities and have been emailing myself the web link that works via my phones Google Maps. It’s fine, but it would be much easier if I could just upload the whole trip (gpx file?) and hit go.

    Most units have the multi-leg feature, but I don’t want to retype 50 addresses. Uploading from the computer seems a tad easier!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  20. Rich: Decision time between the Garmin 2460LMT or the Garmin 2555LMT. Price point for both is equal at $179.00. BTW: Had a TomTom and will never buy one again. WIth your subject matter expertise, can you advise me on which one you would be more likely to purchase and why?
    John H.

    • I prefer the 2555LMT because of exit services and new customization options. But the 2460LMT has a powered mount, so you don’t have to mess with the mini-USB connection each time. Even so, I’ve given up on the 2xx0 series for the new features in the 2xx5 series.

  21. Hi Rich how would you compare 2555 vs 2495

  22. thanks Rich other then that is everything the same?

  23. I have enjoyed my 855 nuvi. Until some one sat on the screen. I should have bought a case. Anyway, I really liked listening to books on it, which I could down load. Which of the newer models have this avaiable. I don’t seem to see it listed much. Have they stopped this feature, and if so, which is the last version that I can still buy with it provided. Thanks

  24. I am looking at Garmin 2555lmt and Tom Tom xx550 Tm….any info you have would be appreciated…..

  25. Bob Perry says:

    My profession is a Pilot Truck Driver. I escort Wide loads to Sites all over Western Canada. My line of work requires I save a lot of Waypoints (bridges, guardrails, etc). I need an auto GPS that can handle at least 2,000 waypoints or more & it MUST refresh “on the fly” just like the Nuvi’s. Anyone know of such a creature?

  26. Hello All, need some help here. I’ve read many reviews and it seems one model is good at traffic and another needs firmware Fix or is better for multi-destination but doesn’t have bluetooth and so on. So please help me to make a decision on next my Gps.
    My wife is a realtor and can show 20+ homes a day between 3 different clients 5-100 miles apart so you can see how important some kind of trip planner might be. Her car doesnt have bluetooth and she is constantly on the phone so Bluetooth is a must along with voice activation features. Would like a 5″ screen but it’s not a must along with addfree traffic (<really?) a built in USB but We are flexible. I guess smartphone link is out since she has iphone 4 ? Will the traffic not work as good on the 3590 if you don't have an android ? At this point I'm so frustrated I don't care about cost I'm tired of looking please help.

    Main questions or goals have to do with imputing several "1-5" destinations. Why do they have multi-destination, trip planner and basecamp ? Why can't you input 5 destinations at 1 time and the let the Gps figure out the shortest and best route to get to them all? I thought a gps would have been capable of this by now? I know nothing about the above mentioned "exporting data from BaseCamp as a .gpx file or using MapSource’s .gdb format"???? Have you done this before and how is this done , can you give a link that goes into detail if this is my Only choice?
    Btw I've spent about 1:15 on the phone with Garmin and I seem to know as much as them. The CS was not so friendly and we had a communication barrier.
    Thanks for your help and any input in advance!

    • Welcome to the confusing world of GPS! You can use the Trip Planner on newer models to enter as many destinations as you like for one trip (well, there is a limit, but I think it’s something like 200) and have it “optimize” them. I put that in quotes because the “traveling salesman problem” continues to befuddle mathematicians and computer scientists. But it does pretty good.

      You can use Garmin’s free BaseCamp program to choose locations and transfer them to the nuvi, if it is more convenient to do it on a computer.

      I would suggest the 2495LMT or 2595LMT over the 3590LMT, which has seen more bugs than the aforementioned models. You can always add a GTM 60 traffic receiver for ad-free and possibly improved traffic later if you want…

      Smartphone Link is currently only for Android. You don’t need it to get traffic and it won’t improve traffic on the 3590LMT, although it would give better coverage at the edges of metropolitan areas without FM traffic coverage.

  27. I can buy a refurbished Garmin 1490LMT for $109,00 or a new 2555LMT for $199.00. is the 2555 a much better unit to be worth the extra $99.00?

  28. Dennis
    Using link from (I hope this is ok), the 2555lmt is $179.99 (free shipping) from Radio Shack. Just enter the model on and choose to sort “by price”.
    Rich will give you his answer about the better Garmin for the price. I tried Garmin and Tom Tom and decided on TT.

  29. Jim,
    How is it that you do not speak of the other brands like Magellan, Tom tom units,

    when you do have them listed in the directory part.

    I would like to hear more on the Magellan series of GPS.

  30. I am just about to buy a Nuvi 3590 and see my choices as Amazon or GPSCity.
    If there’s any kind of problem with the unit, is one source better than the other?
    Is the warranty the same for both? Does anyone have any comments on treatment if a return was required?

      • Hi Rich
        My apologies, I should have mentioned I am in Canada.
        I did try and read both Amazon Canada and GPSCity Canada’s return policys, but anyone can post a policy. I was hoping someone with actual experience may have an opinion. As in Randy’s post, Randy takes issue with Garmin’s own CSR’s. I am sure Garmin doesn’t post on their pages that they are extreamly slow and unhelpful:)
        Does anyone in Canada reading this post have any bad experiences dealing with either Amazon Canada or GPSCity Canada?

        • Mike Piche says:


          As a Canadian, living near the US border, I’m a long time and very frequent user of Amazon and have nothing but praise for their customer service. Both my wife and myself have purchased everything from laptops to weed killer to shoes, vitamins and whatever else from them over the last 5 years and I’ve always been pleased with the way they’ve dealt with me. I’ve not always been 100% enamored with every product but I’ve never yet had a problem with a return (return shipping is free with most Amazon direct purchases). Even dealing with suppliers who work through Amazon has been a positive experience. I once ordered 4 pairs of binoculars to try them out and sent 3 back, w/o charge.

          Due to cost differences and shipping costs, in most instances, I’ll end up purchasing many products through Amazon .com in lieu of I’ll then have the items shipped to a drop box near Detroit. Both the .com & the .ca businesses though are easy to deal with and will provide great service.

          I always read the customer reviews for the products I’m interested in and I’ve yet to see evidence of tampering with these by Amazon. I always sort them by date to see if the item is trending to more or less complaints and then I observe how the manufacturers respond to issues. e.g. I just purchased a WD Live Hub and spent hours looking through the comments and the manufacturer’s responses to be sure of the quality. (So far I’m really happy with it).

          Andrew, I don’t see any downside by dealing with Amazon. Do your research, read the reviews, trust your instincts and pull the trigger. Enjoy your new Garmin.

  31. Sorry my error on the name.
    Rich Owings,
    I have read your site, your audience may prefer garmin or tom tom,
    but I have call the garmin customer service and had to wait nearly 1hr 30 minute before speaking to a customer service rep who did not know much more than I did.
    that is not professional to me.
    for what garmin charges for there products they should be hugging and thanking people.
    I have call Magellan customer service and got a rep. in less than 5 minute, even though there customer service is out of usa.
    they do have all your answer for the question you may have even on the newest products.
    But they do have the repair plus shipping hear in the usa.
    sorry for my venting but this is what I feel toward garmin very poor service and products.
    That is why I would like to hear more on Magellan products.

    • No problem. Your experience may be atypical though.

      FWIW, I have a review of the Magellan RoadMate 5230T-LM coming in the next week or two.

      • Rich,
        thanks for the reply,
        will be waiting for your review on the 5230t, if you could also post a review on the 5235tlm to me both of these unit seem the same, but have different processor, with different amount of memory for operation of features.

        • Interesting. My understanding was that the only difference was that the 5235T-LM was a Costco exclusive. Can I ask where you learned of the other differences?

          • In reference to your post on the 5235t-lm,
            It does have a faster processor the 500 compare to the 400 as on other models.
            It also has more memory on board 4GB compare to 2GB
            this is use for the extras feature and functions that it does.
            The most recent add on there site, I am looking at price at $161.49 not too bad for
            there nearly top of the line model.
            all of this information was obtain from different customer Service Rep, on various call to them to verify the validity of the information given to me.

  32. @Randy – I went back and looked at my emails and found that the specs weren’t addressed, just the features, which are apparently the same for both models. The Coscto model also includes a protective sleeve.

    • Rich Owings,
      As to your reply Magellan site does not specify the 5235t-lm, as being only for the Coscto brand model,
      I do known that one model does come with the protective sleeve as you had stated.
      As for features they are very close on the spec sheet at the site.
      Only difference is when you download the manuals then go through it.
      is where some of feature are not there in some models or you may have to pay for it.

  33. Rich Owings
    Looking for information as to which units have the best Blue tooth operation now.

    • The Garmin nuvi 2495LMT has excellent Bluetooth sound quality for the person on the other end of the line. I assume the 2595LMT does too, given that it is the same platform and firmware, but the hardware is a bit different so perhaps not.

  34. I have the 2595 and unfortunately the Bluetooth volume is extremely low rendering it unusable. I emailed Garmin but they have not been able to solve the problem, ultimately blaming my phone which is kind of odd because other phones also have a very low volume level when using the 2595’s Bluetooth. I am also a little disappointed with the maps. It doesn’t recognize a street in a 30 year old neighborhood, has an old addresses for a library that moved 2 1/2 years ago, told me to turn left on a route number that only went right or straight ahead, along with other route issues, etc. Sometimes it is very slow providing turn announcements and sometimes none at all in a local neighborhood requiring you to look at the screen. I am used to brand x that gave you a 2 mile, 1 mile, and 1/2 mile warning and then finally at the turn. While that may seem like overkill, it comes in very handy on a busy expressway to get to the correct lane. I have had it a week and found all of these problems / annoyances. I am still deciding if I want to keep it.

  35. Steve why would you keep a new GPS which has only made you miserable? What did you have before which gave you much pleasure before you switched to Garmin?

    • Please send your complaint re bad maps to Garmin. I sent them two corrections shortly after i bought my 2595 which they said they sent on to the people who put their maps together but both mistakes are yet to be corrected. Other than that I love the 2595 – I don’t use bluetooth (my car comes with it) so I can’t comment on that. I find voice recognition on the 2595 is better than anything I have experienced so that alone makes this unit worth the money.

    • I had a Magellan and again some things I liked and others not so much. It went the way interoperability. I wanted to upgrade to voice commands, etc. hence the purchase of the 2595. All GPS devices have their individual highs and lows and I am just trying to determine if the pros out weight the cons for the 2595 through more usage. The announcement frequency and problems I found with maps locally are my major gripes with inoperable Bluetooth following. The voice command is a positive. After I put some miles on it in an unfamiliar area I will know if it will work for me. I have traffic enabled but have not had any interaction with it yet, so I am not sure what to expect.

  36. Steve, my Tom Tom announces the traffic via time of delay and asks to reroute or will do it automatically. It says, “17 minute delay on route, reroute?” OR “17 minute delay ahead, still best route.”. Garmin (unless improved which I have not heard) shows you a red line for traffic so you need to look at the screen at all times, or it MAY tell you that there is traffic and you need to view the screen to see where it is. That is the main reason I got the Tom TOm, also because I can correct mispronunciations (I have the 540TM) by going into the files (not difficult, shown on many Tom Tom blogs (not vouched for by TT). Routing is also better than Garmin but my model doea not tell you left or right side of road though I can just slow down and open my eyes and look as I approach my destination. TT does not take you on and off highways and parkways for no reason as Garmin does. That needs to be fixed before I’ll ever use my friend’s Garmin again to test.

  37. If you could buy the TT XXL 540TM or the Garvin 1490LMT for the same price, which is the way to go?

  38. Rich,
    I have only had TomToms and loved them except for one thing. in wisconsin a lot of addresses start with a W or N and then numbers and TomTom’s cannot find any of those addresses. I have waited long enough for them to correct this problem. We did compare a tomtom with a Garmin on a vacation running them both and found Tomtom would give better routes most of the time. But since they have not corrected the address issue I am looking to switch to a Garmin. Features I must have are Lane assist with junciton view, speaks street names, shows speed limit. I have read some reviews that some Garmin units take longer to recalculate and freeze during this process. We did find TomTom’s were much fast at this. I need a model that does not have this issue. Things that might be nice are ability to do routes. I don’t know how well the units are that have voice control or if I need it. Would like maps for us and canada at least and lifetime maps might be nice. There are so many models its very confusing. Your chart is helpful but still not sure which way would be best to go. Advice would be appreciated. Thank you, ann

    • Voice command is generally pretty good, and it works well for me.

      You can speed up route calculation by turning off trafficTrends, their historical road speed database, but you may not get as good of routes then.

      I’d suggest looking at the nuvi 50LM (US+Canada) and the nuvi 2495LMT or 2595LMT.

  39. Hi,
    I’m looking at the list of Budget auto GPS receivers.
    What would you recommend if I’m looking for something that includes Canada maps as well? (We visit there several times a year.) Lifetime maps would be a plus.

    • The 4.3″ Garmin nuvi 40LM and 5″ 50LM would be the first ones I would look at. Be aware though that they come in two different series, one with US only, and one with US + Canada, so be sure you get the right one. There are older models you could look at too, but some of the entry-level ones don’t offer speed limit display, lane assist and/or junction view.

  40. Ken Parker says:

    Your suggestions on a new gps.
    I currently have a two TT720 go, and use them on my motorcycle, however
    they are crapping out on me and certain features aren’t working.

    The features I use and want the most:
    1)Turn by turn voice instructions.
    2)Mp3 player, prefer line-out, but will take bluetooth,(I use earbud headphones).
    3)Would love to have anti glare screen I can see in the sunlight.
    4)Lane assist (but not a deal breaker).
    5)Be able to connect to computer and download routes from T.Y.R.E.

    My setup now lets me listen to music and turn by turn instructions so I don’t have to
    take my eyes off the road. It sure helps the miles go by!

    What is out there that will replace my TT720’s ?
    It does not need to be waterproof, I have several mounts that take care of that.

  41. Bob Kotoski says:

    I’ve been considering a Garmin 3490LMT but it’s almost 1 year old. Does anyone have any idea when it’s due for replacement/refresh? I would hate to spend that much and see it replaced in a couple of months with a new and improved version. Thank you.

  42. Bill Browne says:

    Can you input coordinates with the Garmin 50LM?

  43. Anthony Cole says:

    Is it a good idea to buy a remanufactured or refurbished Garmin Nuvi 2955LMT?

  44. Roger Nosworthy says:

    Ok, you’ve heard it before . . . . I need help. Senior / retired. Looking for auto GPS with budget in mind. Would like speech, free lifetime updates, ease of use, and dependability. I probably will not be using it alot, just one major trip in the near future. Just don’t want to waste bucks on features I don’t need, or a unit that will be so outdated it will not work in a couple of years.

  45. Jack Jeannerette says:

    I just purchased a Garmin 3590LMT and wonder if there is any way to change the grey background?

  46. I need a GPS Nuvi with maps of Europe. Is there only one choice, Nuvi 1370t? None of the other mid to high end Nuvis come with maps for Europe?

  47. I recently made a couple trips between Wisconsin and Tennessee. The first trip was with my Garmin 855T and took 10.25 hours. The next trip I forgot the Garmin, so I used my Android phone and it took almost 13 hours. This has me looking for comparisons between GPS units on routing.

    What what I experienced an anomoly? Or is there information somewhere comparing trip routing?

    • You can compare routes ahead of time:

      Garmin – On the device or on your computer using Garmin BaseCamp loaded with City Navigator.

      Android – On your computer using Google Maps.

      Nevertheless, each device will make routing decisions on the fly according to traffic info, etc.

      Did the devices take you different routes?

      • I cannot recall if they took me on different routes. Only the times.

        So, with regard to buying a new GPS the speed of calculated routes is not an issue? Only the features?

        Thanks for the tip on comparing routes. I will give it a try.

  48. ConsumerReport’s, in their November 2012 issue, recommended the Garmin Nuvi 2455LT. Going into the Internet, I found two national sellers have this model as discontinued. Is there a current Garmin model in the $150 range that replaces the2455LT or one that you can recommend? Thank you.

    • It is current. It’s just that you came across some vendors who no longer sell it. New models will probably be announced in January but may not be available til spring.

  49. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I appreciate it. I don’t want to wait till spring for the replacement so I’ll go ahead with the current model. I don’t need all the available bells and whistles just a solid performer with current maps and the Nuvi 2455LT looks like it will fit my needs. Again, thank you for your help. Ken

  50. Sarah Brown says:

    12.03.12 Thanks for this excellent website. I need to install a wired backup camera on my Sprinter van. I have no screen. I am looking for a GPS with the A/V outlet for an RCA link. What I don’t need is an expensive built in unit that plays DVD’s, accomodates iphones or androids (which I don’t have) and changes the kitty litter box. What, please, can you suggest? Sarah

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