Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to transfer Garmin map downloads after your subscription expires

I’ve accumulated quite a few Garmin map downloads over the last few years. Some, like City Navigator or Rails to Trails maps, can be downloaded for a year from the purchase date. Others, like BirdsEye imagery, are offered as an annual subscription. Many of us were reassured about the latter when Garmin told us that “imagery downloaded to your device or a micro-SD card does not expire if your subscription lapses.” Ah, but the devil is in the details.

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European topo maps for Garmin handhelds

Alright intrepid trekkers, the travel and backpacking season has arrived and at least a few of our readers are heading to Europe with backpacks in tow. The good news is that Garmin has topo maps available for most of the continent. What you need to know is how to get them for $30 instead of $300. read more

Garmin BirdsEye Select brings raster topos to Europe; US to follow?

BirdsEye-Select-DeutschlandWell, well. I think I missed the story in Waypoints when I said BirdsEye goes international. What’s new is not the international coverage; it’s the BirdsEye Select products that bring detailed raster topo imagery to Garmin handhelds.

The UK has had such imagery for awhile, and I’m not sure what all the differences are between the Garmin GB Discoverer series (which offers both 1:50K and 1:25K scale maps) and the Garmin Select product at 1:25K. Perhaps some of our friends across the pond can chime in.

What’s interesting to me though, is this bringing us closer to seeing a quality USGS topo product from Garmin. At least I’m hoping that’s the plan.

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