Sunday, March 18, 2012

UPDATED: Garmin’s new .ggz geocaching file format

Garmin Oregon 600 series ggz OpenCaching

The Garmin Oregon 600 series uses a new .ggz file type for geocaches

UPDATE: The new format may just be a compressed .gpx file (speculation, but it makes sense). Also,  apparently the new Oregons will support .gpx files:

The Oregon can hold an unlimited number of geocaches and supports GPX files from for downloading geocaches and details straight to the unit.

UPDATE 2Read our hands on Garmin Oregon 650 review.

When Garmin announced the new Oregon 600 series, they mentioned the ability to load a nearly unlimited number of geocaches: read more

Garmin Oregon 600 series gets GLONASS, customizable buttons, 8MP camera, battery options & multi-touch display

Garmin Oregon 650t

The newly announced Garmin Oregon 650t

UPDATERead our hands on Garmin Oregon 650 review.

As we predicted, Garmin is updating their Oregon handheld line by adding GLONASS capabilities. But they didn’t stop there; the newest Oregons have a bevy of new features and improvements. Read on for the details. read more