Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Geocacher’s review of the Oregon 650

Garmin Oregon 650 geocacher review

Any geocacher will tell you that their most important piece of kit is the GPSr.  Whilst some are happy to casually geocache with a smartphone, those of us who are a little more ‘dedicated’ treat the selection of a new GPSr with the upmost of care. read more

Garmin Oregon 650 review

Garmin Oregon 650 review

Hands on Garmin Oregon 650 review

This guest review was written by Andy Byers, creator of the Garmin Oregon 6xx wikiMontana wiki, and BaseCamp wiki.

On being an early adopter

I am an early adopter. Having owned many Garmin GPS receivers in the past, I find myself eager to experience the new features and functions included with each new hardware release. As many Garmin users are aware, this can mean months of buggy operation while software engineers continue to work out all the kinks in an effort to provide the functionality advertised for each unit. read more

Garmin Oregon 600 series gets GLONASS, customizable buttons, 8MP camera, battery options & multi-touch display

Garmin Oregon 650t

The newly announced Garmin Oregon 650t

UPDATERead our hands on Garmin Oregon 650 review.

As we predicted, Garmin is updating their Oregon handheld line by adding GLONASS capabilities. But they didn’t stop there; the newest Oregons have a bevy of new features and improvements. Read on for the details. read more