Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lowrance Endura Out&Back review

Lowrance Endura Out&Back

This review was written by Troy Bryan, AKA StarBrand on’s Groundspeak forums. My initial review of the Lowrance Endura Sierra wasn’t exactly glowing, so after seeing positive reports about recent firmware updates, I asked Troy if he’d post a review of his Out&Back.

I got my Lowrance Endura Out&Back just 1 day before my big summer 2009 vacation to Minnesota last August. I had been eagerly awaiting this unit after reading the specs and preordering the unit in Late May. The many delays in shipping were frustrating but I was interested in seeing what this offering could do. After opening the package and briefly reading through the included guide , I was almost immediately disappointed with several aspects of the unit. Dim screen, a bit awkward in size and quirky behavior loading up a few PQs. I dumped it my caching bag with my Oregon 200 and Colorado 300 and took it with me to give it a good workout anyway.

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