Sunday, March 18, 2012

nu Feature: Via point data fields

Via-point-dataHey, what do you know! While testing the Garmin nuvi 2350LMT, I found yet another new feature. You know how you can touch the left data field on newer models to change what is displayed? There are now three new options when actively navigating: Via Arrival, Distance to Via and Time to Via. And as with the 13xx and 14xx series, if you go to Tools > Settings > Navigation > Automobile > Map Data Layout > More Data (whew!), you can get more fields to show up on the right, as pictured above. I like the Via Arrival option; quite useful!

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nu Feature: Customize main menu on nuvi 2400 series

customized-main-menuGarmin has found another way to utilize all that real estate on 5” screens, adding customizable main menus to the nuvi 2400 series. I set up an example this morning, pictured above.

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nu Feature: Speed limit adjustment on nuvi 2xxx series

Set-speed-limitNo, you can’t change the legal speed limit, but if your GPS has it wrong, you can now fix it. This is a new feature on the Garmin nuvi 2xxx series. Simply tap the speed limit icon to get the screen above.

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