Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin nuLink! 2390 appears US bound

Garmin-nuLink-2390The Garmin nuLink! 2390, announced for Europe last week, has shown up on the FCC website. Now normally that wouldn’t get me too excited, since its fairly common for EU-bound models to run that gauntlet. What did get my attention was the nuLink 2390 showing up on Garmin’s US website, along with a SKU (010-00919-06) for a “nuLink! 2390, GPS, USA, GPRS.”

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Garmin nuLink gets live traffic cams in Europe

Garmin nuLink PhotoLiveLooks like Garmin is pulling a TomTom, rolling out cool new features on the other side of the pond while leaving US commuters stuck in traffic. The nuLink 2300 series, announced today, brings European motorists PhotoLive cameras and 3D traffic.

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