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Garmin nuvi 1450LMT

Garmin nuvi 1450LMTThe Garmin nüvi 1450LMT adds lifetime map updates to the nuvi 1450T (which already includes lifetime traffic). Introduced in 2009 (here is a list of more recent nuvi introductions), the 1450LMT also comes with a 5” wide screen and multi-destination routing, lane assist and junction view (pictured above).

The 1450LMT also includes speed limit and trip log display, and is compatible with the pedestrian navigation features found in Garmin’s new CityXplorer maps.

Similar units

  • Step up to the nuvi 1490LMT to add Bluetooth for hands free cell phone use
  • Going the other direction, the nuvi 1390LMT drops the multi-destination routing and offers a smaller 4.3” screen
  • If you’re not in a big metro area, consider the 1450LM for lifetime map updates but no live traffic
  • To see how the 1450LMT stands up to other models, check out my Garmin nuvi comparison chart

Portion of the following were taken from my hands on review of the Garmin nuvi 1490T.

New Garmin interface

There are several changes to the nuvi interface in the 12xx, 13xx and 14xx series. For one, the menu button is gone, replaced by the arrow in the lower left corner.

Garmin nuvi 1450LMT screen shot


You can now “slide your finger” to move between screens. This comes in handy when panning the map, allowing you to move more than one screen width. But it pretty much falls into the “bells and whistles” category; I certainly don’t give it many points for usefulness.

These new models also allow you to customize the lower left data field on the map screen, a feature we first saw on the nuvi 7×5 series. Press this field to bring up the options listed below. When not navigating, the options are:

  • Direction of travel (default)
  • Elevation
  • Time of day

When navigating, the options are as follows:

  • Distance to destination
  • Estimated time to destination
  • Estimated time of arrival (default)
  • Direction of travel
  • Elevation
  • Time of day

Also new, your speed changes to red if you are exceeding the speed limit (assuming the unit has the speed limit for the road you are on). This is a nice feature, but I wish Garmin would allow you to customize this to changes colors at 5 or 10 MPH over the limit, so it’s not constantly switching back and forth if you drive right at the limit.

Routing information is now presented in a different manner. When you select a POI, address or favorite, it will show up on the map as shown below.

Garmin nuvi 1450LMT POI on map

I use this screen to verify the location of the destination (so I don’t create a route to the wrong place). Several times during my testing, I found that the information balloon obscured too much of the map for me to be able to do so. When you “press for more,” this is what you get…

Garmin nuvi 1450LMT POI details

The most noticeable change is the ability to shift data fields to the right side of the map, as shown below, a feature found only on the 13xx and 14xx series, and not the 12xx series. The top three fields can then be customized with the options discussed previously. This gives you the ability to display two more fields than can be shown in the traditional display mode. Garmin nuvi 1450LMT custom fields

Here’s a video showing some of the new interface changes in action on the closely related Garmin nuvi 1490T:


Lane assist and junction view

I’m a big fan of these features, but there’s good and bad here. Let’s start with the good.

Garmin’s junction view, shown below, is the most realistic of any GPS manufacturer. What you see is pretty much what the sign looks like in real-life.

Garmin nuvi 1450LMT junction view

The lane assist feature is shown in the upper left corner below. I find this feature even more helpful than junction view, showing you exactly what lane to be in. During my testing, this appeared on surface streets all over the metro Atlanta area, not just on freeways.

Garmin nuvi 1450LMT lane assist

While lane assist coverage has expanded significantly since this feature was first introduced, junction view coverage has not. The only place I’ve seen the latter is in the Atlanta area.


I’m a big fan of powered (AKA active) mounts – where the power lead plugs into the mount, so you don’t have to attach it each time you use the unit. Unfortunately, the nuvi 1450LMT does not have this feature, so you need to plug in the cable into the the back of the unit each time you connect it.

Garmin nuvi 1450LMT pros

  • 5” screen
  • Thin design
  • Lifetime traffic
  • Lifetime map updates
  • Multi-destination routing
  • Lane assist with junction view
  • Speed limit display
  • Trip log display
  • Compatible with CityXplorer maps’ enhanced pedestrian navigation features
  • Customizable fields on map screen
  • Quick access to previously entered cities and street names
  • Visually warns when speeding
  • Includes Garmin’s new ecoRoute feature

Garmin nuvi 1450LMT cons

  • POI balloon obscures a significant portion of the map
  • Junction View coverage extremely limited
  • Power lead must be plugged directly into unit (does not power the mount)
  • Lifetime traffic is ad-supported (though they are low key and don’t appear very often)

More Garmin nuvi 1450LMT reviews

I’ll be posting more hands on GPS reviews as they appear, but in the meantime, here are some…

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Compare prices on the Garmin nuvi 1450LMT at these merchants:


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  1. I’m not too sure the red car congestion icon is particularly accurate. On more than one occasion I’ve continued on and never saw a sign of congestion. I generally ignore it.

  2. Does the 1450LMT provide identification of lakes, ponds, etc? We have a friend who has an older model (5 years) and it identifies these types of landmarks.

  3. Recently on a trip our 1450 stopped working. We pulled in for gas, shut off the engine and the 1450. When we started up, the 1450 would not come on. It is about 6 months old. Tried on battery, still does not work. Any suggestions?

  4. Press and hold the power button – it might take awhile, like 30 seconds. That usually gets them to start after a crash.

    Otherwise, it should still be under warranty so call Garmin support and arrange for them to exchange.

    • Thanks. we’ll try it as soon as we are back in the country.

    • I recently had the same problem after a 500 mile trip with the unit plugged into the car’s power port. During the trip, when stopping, I continued to keep the unit running rather than turning it off at each rest stop after turning off the car.

      Once I did stop and powered the unit down, it would not restart for me. Tried reconnecting the unit but to no avail. The next morning after I happened to plug the unit in again in the car, it began to work and continue to work during the 500 mile trip home. When I reached home, it was fully charged.

      Happened once before a few months back and I happened to have the ac charger with me. I plugged it in to charge it and everything worked fine again.

      Any other thoughts

      • When we arrived back from our cruise I tried once again in the hotel room to bring it up to no avail. When we got into the car, being persistent, I tried again with the unit plugged into the car. This time it came up. After some investigation I found a loose connection in the car and determined, much like Larry, that I had run the battery down. Had not noticed that the red indicator light on the cord was not on since the plug in is under the dash.

      • Once and a while the GPS will get Hot using it on the dash. After it cools off it comes to life again. I’ve had this problem in Florida where it would get very hot in the car.
        I learned if I would use my Defrost (With AC on to windshield) it would keep it cool enough to keep it working. I think I’d quit working too if I was sitting on the dash at over 110 degrees.

  5. I have a 1450 on a SRX. Since the power socket is ON all the time, ts there a way to have the GPS turn off after a period of not moving so I don’t have to manually turn it off? On my import, it’s so much nicer since the power socket only comes on when the key is on Accs or higher and when I remove the key…the power socket turns off and hence the GPS will turn off.

    I called Cadillac and they say there is no way to have the accs turn off when the key is removed.


  6. I had a trouble downloading a map update. The 1450LMT screen said
    ‘No detail maps, Unit will not work with out them.’ The computer said
    the new updated maps were installed. I called Garmin I was on hold for about 10 Mins after a short menu. Once I got to talk to a Tech. (Robert) He walked me through a process to reload the maps. He had me waiting for
    the downloads to my 1450LMT (IT takes about 40 Mins to download all the
    detailed maps with a fast connection)in about 8 Mins. I’ve had 5 Garmins
    so far. This was the first problem I’ve had. Might have been my couputer
    or the internet connection. Anyway, The tech support at Garmin is GREAT.
    Such a friendly, polite, Tech.

    It pays to go with the BEST. If only for the Tech Support.

    • Glad it worked out. Garmin has had a reputation for good customer support for years, though as they got bigger with the explosion in popularity of GPS devices, it seemed like it was hard to keep CS reps as well trained as they should be. Certainly sounds like you got a good one though.

  7. Hi,
    How often can I, or should I update my map/firmware? I am a truck driver and I have noticed a lot of road construction going on. I have noticed that my gps is not giving me the shorter route any longer. Infact, today as I approached my destination … it attempted to have me make 4 right hand turns which would of had me pass my stop … only to circle me around the block back to were my stop was? It’s a great product and I know it is not a truckers gps. I also realize a gps is not 100% on point each time. But I am noticing a difference daily on my deliveries.
    Thank you in advance.

  8. Thanks …. And I keep it set for fastest route, why?

  9. Does the 1450LMT display advertisements when the vehicle is stopped at a Stopped sign or red light?
    Any specific new Garmin unit which does not have advertisements when the vehicle stops?

    • I’m not in an area with traffic reception, but in my testing in such areas I have mainly seen it when starting up, when I’ve arrived at my destination and when viewing the traffic screens. I don’t recall seeing it at stop signs or stop lights.

      You can buy a premium traffic subscription to eliminate the ads. Also, the 3490LMT has no ads.

  10. if i get the 1490lmt how do i get updates? what else do i have to buy?
    thanks. i love your site.

  11. Ginger Eng says:

    I am trying to decide whether to purchase the 50LM or the older model 1450LMT. It seems like the 50LM does not have as many features on it as the 1450LMT. There is a difference of in cost of about $11 at Walmart. I won’t be using it too much, but I find that a GPS is quite handy when I am traveling to other cities or finding a certain area that I am not accustom to. What do you advise?

    • Probably the 1450LMT, which would get you lifetime traffic and multi-destination routing.

      • Besides the lifetime traffic and multi-destination routing differences, are there other significant differences between 50LM and 1450LMT? Is it true that 50LM is a newer model/generation GPS and therefore, it starts up faster or picks up the satellite signal faster? I am considering purchasing either 50LM or 1450LMT to replace my Garmin 780 (which is quite a few years old and has more bells and whistles than I care to use). Love your web site by the way, lots of great information.

  12. I am thinking of getting the 1450. Does it come with international maps? How about international city maps for pedestrian use? It would be nice to use one a wander around Paris, say.

    • The 1450 doesn’t have European maps. The x7x and xx7x models do. But you can add European maps to any nuvi. If you are only going to be in one metro area, this is a cheaper solution…


      You might want to consider one of these models though…

      “The nuvi 2360 and the nuvi 3400 and 3500 series devices contain a 3-axis electronic compass. This compass assists the device in transitioning the screen between landscape and portrait views. The 3-axis electronic compass is also useful when using the device in pedestrian mode. The electronic compass will rotate the map to match the direction you’re facing.”

      • Rich:

        Thanks for your input. There seem to be a million models and it is hard sorting through features to determine the best match.

  13. Is the 1450lmt compatibile with 2011 Israel maps?

  14. My 1450LMT has a Trip Log feature. Is it possible to download the trip log to my computer and then print a map of the route driven? If so, how?

  15. I bought a nuvi 255w several years ago. Recently the battery wouldn’t hold a charge so I decided to change it myself. Well that didn’t go so good and I had to send it back to get a replacement. I have used it on my motorcycle for years and it has worked great. The screen on the replacement can hardly be seen on the motorcycle but works great inside the car. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Is it connected to a charger? Do you have the display set to 100%?

      • The original one wouldn’t hold the charge. The replacement is the one I’m having trouble seeing the screen outside. Yes the display is set to 100%. I have tried it on daylight only and auto and it makes no difference either way. The display of the screen inside the car or inside the house works perfect. However, it can barely be seen in the daylight. As I said, my original unit worked perfect in the daylight. Garmin keeps telling me that it was never intended to be used on a motorcycle. My point is why did my original work outside whether it was on a motorcycle or not and the replacement won’t. Is there something different in the screens? Should I send it back again for another replacement?

  16. Could you plz help me with a new garmin? I thought that the Verison gps would work, but it is not reliable. It is behind where you are, and this is not working for me. Which Garmin will do Europe, Canada, and Puerto Rico? If you have ever been in Puerto Rico, you will know that the traffic signs are few, and at 5 am you can only rely on the Policia for directions to the airport .

    • You can add European maps to any nuvi, but the current models that have the US, Puerto Rico and Europe preloaded are (newest to oldest) the nuvi 2475LT and 2370LT.

  17. Rick, i have a Garmin Nuvi 1450, and a 1490 as well. When i bought them, they were advertised as having text to speech. All i have is text on both, is there a way to switch them to speech which i would prefer

    • If they aren’t calling out street names at turns, go to Tools > Settings > Language and choose a voice language that says “speaks street names”.

      • Thanks Rick, i was in the area you suggested, but since the text in the language, speak street names option is of a different font, much lighter, i did’t even notice it, but thanks for the help..

  18. Luis Jr. says:

    UPDATE ON 1450LMT …
    (Truck Driver)
    After 5 months of using this GPS, I am pleased to report how satisfied I am with this device.
    And though it is not a Truckers model … I have been utilizing it throughout NY & NJ without any flaws.
    Along with a little common sense, this unit has saved me a lot of time and aggravation getting from point to point. It has withstood numerous hours of use, and has battled the streets of NYC faithfully.
    I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone who is looking to buy one.
    Thanks Garmin!

  19. I have a Garmin 1450lmt with which I am generally well pleased. However – Sometimes when I attempt to program a new address I have a problem. Enter city, enter street numerical address, enter street name – the 1450 comes back with several specific street addresses and will not let me enter the specific street address number I wish. How can I get around this?

  20. i want to buy my first gps unit and i’m doing the research on models and other things. this 1450lmt seems like a good choice. i definitely want a 5 inch model. i’m planning on buying a cupholder mount. when in the cupholder mount, will the unit be connected to my cigarette lighter for power? i think that’s the only power source in my 2004 mercedes. just wondering.
    thank you

  21. Would you please tell me if there is a corresponding Magellen model to the Garmin 1450lmt portable?
    Thank you

  22. Are there any Garmin units that give you a warning for speed and red light cameras?

    • There are third-party add-on solutions or Garmin will sell you a subscription for their own service…


      The latest units apparently aren’t compatible with Garmin’s service though (link).

    • Yes Garmin has a downloadable app for detecting red light cameras and it’s call
      Cyclops. I downloaded it last month and it works great. It cost $25 for a years
      subscription and it’s well worth it. A ticket for going through the light is $100.00
      Don’t believe they have a speed camera but i never checked.

  23. Joseph Chase says:

    Hello,I am thinking of buying the 1450 lmt,My main use for this is for my motorcycle.Will this unit have a speed and mileage display,and be readable in sunlight?Also a trip meter,will this unit keep total mileage and short trips? Thank you.

    • There are not two mileage fields – only one, but it can be reset. And the unit may be brighter if connected to a power source. Otherwise, it should meet your listed needs. Be aware though that it is not waterproof.

  24. I have to replace my nuvi 855 and have decided on a 1450 lm or lmt. What does “lifetime” really mean for the map and traffic updates? Obviously, I don’t rush out and buy the newest model (if the 855 hadn’t been stolen, I wouldn’t be replacing it now) so how long will I be able to get updates?

    Thanks…I sure am glad to have found your website.

  25. Me again…I priced the 1450 lmt at the merchants you suggested. GPS City and J&R both show it to be discontinued. J&R is sold out, and it’s unavailable at BuyDig. Is this a red flag? I’m not sure I want to purchase technology that’s already discontinued. What would be the next best model? (I’m not too interested in Blue Tooth, but it wouldn’t be a show-stopper.)

    • Gamin has not discontinued it, but it looks like those sites are no longer carrying them. Even once Garmin does discontinue it, they will still support it for years. Map or traffic updates would be discontinued if they become incompatible with that model, but I’m betting that would be a good three to five years or so away, if ever.

      The most recent comparable model would be the 2555LMT or going back one generation, the nuvi 2460LMT. The 1450 series is one generation older than that. Hope this helps.

  26. in researching the 1450lmt pricing, i found amazon.com and tigerdirect to be the lowest prices and they have the device in stock. at last check, tigerdirect was $119 and amazon was $124. hope this helps.

  27. Thanks for your comments. I researched the comparable models that Rich mentioned and was about to order the 2450lm when I saw David’s pricing info. The low $$$ won out again, and I ordered the 1450lmt from Tiger Direct. I would have preferred the lm instead of the lmt, but TD only had that in a refurbished item. Also, TD is on ebates so I will get an additional 3% back.

  28. This web site is fantastic, it is the most useful resource of information if you are looking for a GPS unit.

    Great job Rich…!!



  29. Luis Jr. says:

    I have this unit for about a year now and it has been a life saver. I drive a truck for a living and use it every day (except weekends) to get around the NY, NYC, NJ and PA. It has withstood the bumpiest roads NY has to offer and never failed. No GPS is 100% accurate considering all the ongoing construction work out there …. but it has been very reliable and I would definitely recommend it to any who is looking into buying one. NOTE: It is not intended for truckers beings it doesn’t detail truck routes. I personally love it!!

  30. I like the trip log feature of this series. I have saved each of our trips in Mapsouce, by date and destination. ( 2011.12.05.Branson.gdb ) for example.

  31. Rick, when i search for a location using spell postal code, i enter the postal code, then click done, what i get than is a window showing the postal code, but no location, can you help me with that problem

    • After you tap Where To > Address > Spell Postal Code, you can then tap the postal code you entered and you will be prompted for a house number and street. Is this not happening? Or are you looking for a map as soon as you enter the zip code?

      • Yes, i was looking for a map Rick as soon as i put in a zip code, i think Tom Tom has that feature which is kind of neat. Thanks for your help all the same….

  32. I’m looking for a recommendation on either the nuvi 50lm or the 1450 lmt or 1490 lmt. I definately would lose the 5 inch screen. I’m not sure if I want the traffic feature or not. How accurate is it? i do drive a lot for my job. I would like to stay around the $125 amount. The 50 lm seems like a good buy right now $100. Thanks!

    • All those units have a 5″ screen. The 14xx units are older but offer more features.

      Traffic is hit or miss. Lots of false positives and false negatives.

    • In regards to the 1450 LMT … I have been using this particular GPS for over a year and a half on a daily basis for work. I am a truck driver and I drive throughout NY on some of the bumpiest streets and this unit still works like a charm. It is not a truckers unit, but its on point and I couldn’t do without it. As for the traffic … It’s not 100% accurate, but it does a pretty good job most of the time.
      I believe the only difference between the 1450 LMT and the 1490 LMT is, the 1490 has Bluetooth.
      Hope this helps.

  33. Rick, can you tell me how i can get more data on my screen, i now have a full screen, i would like to get more data listed on the right of the screen, thanks


  34. Michael Dalons says:

    I’ve had my 1450 LMT for about 18 months and have updated maps about 3 times. When I tried to update today it said it did not have enough room, even for Northeastern U.S. Is there a way to remedy this? It would seem that lifetime maps is pretty useless if you can only update 2 or 3 times. Otherwise it’s a pretty decent unit although it often tells you to turn left when you should turn right. Friends who have other Garmin models don’t have this issue. My son in law who also has the 1450 also gets the wrong turns for the same locations as me. Does the 1450 just have map problems generally?

    • I believe that the Garmin Express app (http://software.garmin.com/en-US/express.html) has tools to make room for installing new maps.

      There will always be errors. No map is perfect. The best bet is to keep your maps up to date and report errors.

    • i just updated my maps a couple of weeks ago. i ran into the same storage warning but i clicked on where it said to store previous maps (i don’t remember the exact language) and then it started the downloading of the new maps for 2013 for the u.s. hope this helps.

  35. Ginger Eng says:

    I started my update of maps over 12 hours ago and the menu just sits there saying that it will let me know when the update is done. It has been sitting at the point where it says it is downloading the SE maps and has 1 minute to go, 99%; 0kb/s. What is happening. Do I dare unplug the GPS from the computer. Did it destroy all my maps that were on the GPS originially. Having loads of trouble trying to download. Had the GPS almost a year and this is my first attempt to update the maps.

    • You are probably okay removing it and trying again. If you have had it less than a year, it is still under warranty, in case that becomes an issue. How are you updating it? You might want to try http://software.garmin.com/en-US/express.html

      • Ginger Eng says:

        I went to the website and downloaded the Garmin Express and used it. The first time it just seem to do nothing, then I started it again. After about 30 minutes or so it got to the maps down load option and just sat there. It did do so sort of update, and skipped two options and went to the download.

  36. Rick, under the heading “recently found” is there any way to delete only one address without deleting them all ???

  37. Ginger Eng says:

    Where do all the numbers come from when I select Favorites? The appeared to be dates, etc and when I select one of them, it is a address of on of my favorites. Can and how can they be deleted without affecting the list that is under favorites, or other titles?

  38. Can anyone tell me which microSD™ card is compatible with the 1450LMT. Also, how many gigabytes can it handle?
    Thank you.

  39. Ginger Eng says:

    Is there a special microSDHC card and do you you have to get one with an adapter? I know Garmin has one on their website, but I see one on Amazon that is cheaper.

  40. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
    and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

  41. Hi Rich,
    Thank you for your review of the 1450LMT. I am looking to replace an old TomTom unit (my first and only GPS), and I found a “reconditioned” 1450LMT for $90. I have several questions.
    1) On one question, you responded that there was “nothing else to buy” with this unit, but I’ve seen one review where someone bought “MapSource” software so they could “manage waypoints and routes” via PC. With the TomTom, I was able to “operate” the TomTom on my PC with their HOME software; this allowed me to program routes without having to tap on the TomTom’s touchscreen. Hopefully, this is a standard feature on all GPS units now. Can you confirm?
    2) Googling Garmin 1450LMT brings up a LOT of reconditioned/refurbished units. A cynic would suggest that this indicates a quality problem, but I see that you and others think highly of Garmins. You wrote the review on this unit over two years ago. Based on your experience, what are your thoughts on Garmin reconditioned units?
    3) On June 30, 2012, you wrote that “Even once Garmin does discontinue it (1450LMT), they will still support it for years. Map or traffic updates would be discontinued if they become incompatible with that model, but I’m betting that would be a good three to five years or so away, if ever.” According to Garmin’s website, this model is now discontinued. Does Garmin have a good reputation in this regard?

    • 1. Garmin BaseCamp, which is free, will read the maps from the nuvi and allow you to manage waypoints and routes. It takes awhile for them to load the first time though.

      2. Factory reconditioned units are probably a good bet.

      3. Yes.

      Hope this helps.

  42. Is there any way to sync or transfer my favorites from my old Nuvi to my new one?

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