Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top posts of 2005

Thanks to everyone for the great reception you’ve given GPS Tracklog since its debut earlier this year.  Before we move on to another year of exciting GPS news, reviews, tips and tricks, let’s take a look at this past year’s most popular posts (in no particular order):

  1. New Garmin receivers with expandable memory and SiRF chipsets. This post continues to bring in 20% of referral traffic. Of course, getting linked to by Engadget, the number one blog on the web, didn’t hurt! Stay tuned, because I hope to have more info on these units in another week or so. Word has it that Garmin is going to announce them at CES.
  2. Converting Google Maps search results to GPS waypoints. What an incredibly awesome tool for road trips. I use it every time I’m preparing for a vacation.
  3. Geocoding photos with TopoFusion. Some of you may be getting tired of me harping on this one, but I just can’t help myself—it is way cool.
  4. Does heavy cloud cover affect GPS reception? A favorite FAQ. The related post on GPS reception indoors was another hit with readers.
  5. My favorite GPS mapping software. As soon as my book came out, this became a constant question.
  6. What kind of maps can I put on my GPS (and what do you mean by raster and vector)? The most common FAQ of all. From what I can see on the message boards, the store sales clerks must not be doing a very good job of explaining this one.
  7. Online sources of GPS waypoints and tracks. Some great trip preparation resources here.
  8. Garmin Nuvi 350 review. I had no idea that reviews of new units would be so popular. Close behind it in traffic are recent reviews of the Magellan eXplorist 210 and RoadMate 360 models. My GPS buyers guide was another popular post.
  9. Free USGS topo maps. Not surprisingly, “free” continues to be one of the most popular words in the English language.
  10. Rechargeable batteries for your GPS receiver. From the looks of things, there are a lot fewer batteries going into landfills these days. And that’s good news.
  11. Creating custom maps for Lowrance receivers. Lowrance users are finally getting the custom map making tools we’ve had for some time now for Garmin and Magellan receivers.
  12. Flying with GPS on commercial airliners. A topic that focuses solely on the joys of having fun with your GPS.

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  2. Thanks Ralph. I’m enjoying doing it. It’s nice to hear that its useful to you.

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