Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin nuvi 2495LMT review

Garmin-nuvi-2495LMT-reviewHands on with the Garmin nuvi 2495LMT

The Garmin nüvi 2495LMT is the top of the line 4.3” unit in Garmin’s 2012 nuvi Advanced series line. One of the more significant refreshes in recent years, the Advanced series adds several new customization options, improved search functionality and Exit Services. All models in the Advanced series come with preloaded maps of the US, Canada and Mexico. As the top of the line 4.3” model, the 2495LMT also offers voice command, Bluetooth for hands free calling, as well as lifetime maps and traffic.

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First looks – Garmin nuvi Advanced series


UPDATE: Read my hands on reviews of the Garmin nuvi 2495LMT and nuvi 2555LT.

I’ve received a Garmin nuvi 2495LMT, the newly available top of the line 4.3” model in their 2012 Advanced series, and have been busy delving into it ever since. It’s actually a bit overwhelming; there are quite a few changes in menus, features and appearance. I’ll try to go over some of the more significant ones in this post. Please chime in below, in the comments, with any questions you may have. I’ll try to answer them there or in my full review.

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